Clash of Clans: Come Back Builder!
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Clash of Clans: Come Back Builder!

August 10, 2019

What did you build for the party? I call it “The Goblin Party Cannon”! You stuff 14 to 17 Goblins in a Cannon,
and boom! Hours of enjoyment! Only one man can stop this chaos! – Builder!
– Builder! Fly, Baby Dragon, fly!
Tell the Builder that we are sorry! Time has turned just like the tide, as you search for who you are inside. But they need you back in your hometown, before they blow it to the ground. So go on your way! Get on that Baby Dragon.
Fly on that Baby Dragon. Go on your way! Please fix that Cannon.
That thing is broken. Hog Rider! Welcome back, Builder!

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  1. Am i the only one who every attacks with Hog Rider always says "HOG RAIIIIIDERRRRRRRRRRR!!!"???

  2. I would like that you do the update that how much we would like to take the money from treasury we can take 5hat much

  3. У меня 2 вопроса как на 7тх открылся у чела (на видео) ведьма пекка и дракончик они открываются только на 8 и 9 тх

  4. 0:29 doesn’t everybody notice that the pekka talked

    0:25 the bunny is next to the skeleton

  5. I still wish, as of today and beyond in 2019, for the Goblin Party Cannon to be put in Clash of Clans. Except this time it's better controlled by the Builder. And can be obtained in townhall 8. It better happen Clash! (Just kidding, but I do want it to happen in some update one day)

  6. Baby dragon is not apart of the clash of clans
    But every troop knows HIM
    Even the owner of the base knows him

  7. 0:48 me : thinks it was a inferno tower also me : when I watched this video I’m clearly blind.

  8. At 1:11 I swear i felt bad for the pekka more than anyone else. She looked so damn shocked and sympathetic for the builder at that moment

  9. 0:25

    Archer: only one can fix this


    Barbarian: barbab

    Why just barbarian troop dumb

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