Clash of Clans – Builder Hall 9 Dev Update Video – June 2019 Update
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Clash of Clans – Builder Hall 9 Dev Update Video – June 2019 Update

August 10, 2019

Hey, Clashers!
I’m Community Manager Darian. And I am Game Designer Eino. And we are here with part one
of two dev update videos. This one will cover some updates
from the next content release. – And our part two is going to be…
– The Legend League rework. Exactly. What we’ll be calling
Operation Blue Skies. Since that one
needs to stand on its own, we’ll cover its technical details
in another video. Now, let’s go over
the Builder Hall 9 update, and what players can expect to see
in this content release. Well, as you said,
they can expect Builder Hall 9. – What’s in Builder Hall 9?
– A new troop and a new building and a couple of unique twists. If you remember two years ago,
when we released the Builder Hall, we had a cinematic of the troops jumping
on the boat traveling across the sea. Who was missing after all that concluded? – The Barbarian ran into the ocean.
– Not so smart. – The Hog Rider didn’t return either.
– Yes. We were wondering what to do with him, and we decided to make him into
a new troop for Builder Hall 9. INTRODUCING THE HOG GLIDER! We don’t know where the glider came from.
He’s a flying troop. He’ll head for the defense
and when he hits it, the defense will get stunned for a while. Then, he will jump
and becomes a normal Hog Rider. But if he takes damage
before he reaches the defense, he’ll automatically drop from the glider
and act as a normal Hog Rider. – It’s a kind of pun there: Hog Glider.
– I think it’s obvious. – Does he yell “Hog Glider”?
– Let’s see. Leave that for the update. – We also have a new defense.
– Yes. It is called Lava Launcher. It’s a very long range defense
that hurls slabs of molten rock and it sets some ground on fire. So it’s a patch of damage,
or damage over time, and as troops run over it, they’ll take
damage for a certain length of time. That’s the new troop,
and the new defense. But… We’ve been thinking about
what we can do with Builder Hall 9. Something we want to talk about is how the Master Builder
has developed a sense of wanderlust. He wants to travel the world, doesn’t he? Yes, but there is an obvious problem.
He is the only builder in the Base. So, he’s actually working on something
to alleviate the situation. So we have a new building
called the O.T.T.O Hut. You unlock it in Builder Hall 9. You have to level it up
before you unlock O.T.T.O, the Master Builder’s latest invention. You do so by completing
some requirements. The upgrade system is a bit different
from what we’ve seen before. You don’t use resources,
but you use prerequisites. So a certain number of…
I guess quests have to be fulfilled. Sort of. It includes upgrading
some things to the max level. Once you unlock O.T.T.O, he’ll be
the second builder in the Builder Base. So you’ll have two. The Master Builder can then travel
to the Home Village. And, if you want, you can move him there
to become the sixth builder if you have five builders already. And if you later want to move him back,
you can do that as well. He is the laziest of them all: he can be moved
as long as you have one builder free. So he’s the last builder to get to work. Another thing
that we’re adding to this update is a brand new training mode
for the main village. How does that work? We added a practice mode
into the main attack menu. Once you tap on the attack button,
you see three options instead of two. In addition to the multiplayer
and Goblin map, you have a practice mode. In it, there are levels
for each Town Hall level that will teach you how to do different attack strategies
and troop compositions. The troops are premade, so you don’t need
to spend resources to make them. And there are two different modes
to do the practice mode. So we have a practice mode,
which basically holds your hand, walks you through an attack strategy with the exact deployment timings,
locations and all that jazz. Then we have a free mode where you can
take the army that we’ll give you and do whatever you want. The idea behind this is that when you unlock a troop,
when you upgrade the Town Hall and you don’t know how to use it, this is the perfect opportunity
to practice new attack strategies, even see how some of the heroes
might respond under certain situations. So the final topic that
we want to mention in this update video is some upcoming content
for the main village. We’ve got new Troop levels
for Town Hall 12, new Hero levels for Town Hall 12,
new Building levels for Town Hall 12, and new Spell levels for Town Hall 11
and 12 with a couple of Spell reworks. Yes, the Spell reworks
are Earthquake Spell. Now when you level it up,
you get a bigger radius. And then the other rework
is Skeleton Spell. The skeletons spawned from it have armor.
They are a bit more durable. You have to remove the armor
to kill the skeleton. On top of that, we’re introducing
a new Magic Item. – Lab potion.
– Exactly. – It speeds up your lab by what? 10x?
– Yes. – For up to an hour?
– Yes. Something that the community
has long been asking for. We’re finally adding it to the game. We have some new challenge types
in the Season Challenges. – And then finally…
– This is a good one. We are enabling layout sharing
through a deep link. So if you’re a content creator,
if you want people to use your layouts, you can now generate a link
from a village layout and then share it with anyone. This is great for those
who host websites showing base layouts. Where before, it was
such a manual process to do that. We helped automate and streamline it
to aid people to share their layouts. This still applies
to other use cases as well. If you want
to send your layout to your friend and he’s not in the same clan,
you can now just share a link and they can download the layout. All right, Clashers, that’s all we have for this part one of two
for the June Update Dev videos. Stay tuned for the next one, when we talk
about the Legend League rework. Until then.
See you next time, guys!

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