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Clash Explained | Clash – League of Legends

October 8, 2019

Welcome to Clash: League’s new
tournament mode for teams. This high-stakes tournament series lets you
play competitively no matter your skill level. You can be the SKT of bronze or take on the
best teams in your region, earning Clash exclusive rewards along the way. Each tournament lasts for three days
and runs every two weeks. Your team remains with you throughout the
entire tournament. Start by creating a team in the Clash tab. There, you can choose a team name and logo,
and invite your friends. Everyone must have a rank in Summoner’s Rift
and be at least Honor level 2 to play Clash. Your team’s combined skill level
places you into a Tier, but higher ranked players pull your Tier up. If you’re a party of four bronzies and one plat,
you’ll face opponents in the big leagues. Speaking of the big leagues, we’ve got a
few ways to avoid smurfing, so a Challenger Tahm Kench doesn’t eat your team. Before a tournament starts,
your team has thirty minutes to lock in. If one of you snoozes during that window,
your team loses its slot in the tournament. Don’t be that afk. The scouting phase starts after lock in. You can see opponent’s stats and top picks,
but they can see yours too. So your one-trick Draven could get axed. All champs are unlocked in Clash so you can
better coordinate in the pick phase. On day one, you’ll place into a 4-team bracket
with opponents in the same Tier. If you win both games in that bracket, you’ll
advance to the next day’s 8-team bracket. Winners of day two will compete in
the last day’s 16-team bracket for the Championship Trophy. You can enter a 4-team bracket
on any day, but only teams that compete from Day-1 can reach a 16-team bracket. Brackets in Clash are single elimination:
If you lose a game, you’re out of the running for the Championship Trophy. But, if you’re defeated in your very first
match, the prizes don’t end. Your team still earns rewards in Consolation brackets, and you can re-enter the next day
for a strong come back. To keep Clash a high-stakes tournament, you’ll
need a ticket to enter. One ticket lets you participate, but if you’re
confident, like level 2 tower dive confident,
a premium entry is available for five tickets. A one ticket entry gets you basic rewards
and a premium entry upgrades your prizes. You can earn tickets from missions,
as a gift from teammates, or purchase them with Blue Essence or RP. Clash has entirely new prizes
that get better as you win. You’ll get Victory Points for winning matches,
and they’ll add up over two full tournaments to unlock unique Clash rewards
like new logos and banners. Clash Capsules are awarded at the end
of your tournament run and the best rewards, Trophies, are for winning brackets. Clash conquerors will see
their trophies at the Nexus of their Summoners Rift games
for two weeks after a tournament. And that’s a basic overview of Clash. For a deeper dive, find more information
in our Clash hub. Build your team, Clash as one,
and create a legacy.

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  1. A premade of 5 kids banned me 6 motnhs ago and i 1 week ago i resched the honor 1
    I cant play chlash ;c
    At least i have no honor like yasuo :v

  2. riot wanted me to confirme with my fone that tikanrato is tikanrato
    and it didnt work
    i cant play clash
    its so sasd

  3. The only relationship this broke was my relationship with with riot my team got stuck in loading and could play out first 2 clash games 🙁 im really sad about that and also upset that we waited like 40 minites on the champion select because we didnt want to dodge

  4. It was smart of them to put Teamfight Tactics in order to draw in more attention from people and now they're saying, "now play real league"

  5. Yeah, played clash… Lost all my friends 5 min ago guys (not really lolz)…

    So we won the first 8 team bracket…. then we came to the final at day 2 (today)… We lost in the final match… I played illaoi and went 12/2/9 with around 50k dmg (my adc had 7k dmg) at the end of the game…. SO after the game it kinda went out like this on a discord call…

    Me: dont blame me i carried (i often use sarcasm so i wasn't serous).

    "the Gamer girl(she dealt 5k dmg)": Dont blame me they banned my first pick! (cmon we cant blame her)

    jungle: uhm… I didnt get any help when i ganked! (i didnt get any ganks + i 1v2'd at lvl 6) you should also keep in mind that we went 0/8/5

    Adc: My support feeded, im gonna kill you (the support) tommorow at school!

    Support: I main mid… Sorry my fault that we lost the game…

    Keep in mind that this guy mains mid and this is his first time blitz… He still went 19k dmg and had better stats than the whole team exept me.

    Yeah we are all just joking around. We are pretty proud that we won 5 games in a row without flaming eachother. Hope your upcoming games will go well!

    Btw if my teammates sees this. You're the best, they are great at the game and we hope to get some good flex queue games soon!

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