Clash-A-Rama! The Series: University of Goblin
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Clash-A-Rama! The Series: University of Goblin

August 12, 2019

Looks like the Clash Village
is testing their Spring Traps. If you ever steal my lunch money again,
I’ll kick you three villages over! Too much downtime makes
the whole village soft. I know. We haven’t had
a massive battle in at least two hours. All right. Shooting contest.
Loser has to fill the Miner holes. See the smallest mushroom in that patch? Mom! Pfftt… Child’s play. Off the Elixir Collector, off the Bomb,
then roast the Giant’s marshmallow. Hey, perfectly done! Carnival trick. Off the Level 12 Cannon,
through the Hidden Tesla, off the Mighty Statue
and bullseye on the Weather Vane. Oopsy. I don’t know why you waste
your time with Goblins. The only language
they’re ever going to speak is stealing. But they don’t have to do that. If they could just speak our language,
they could get real jobs. I see potential, not problems. Yeah, well, I see someone
who stole some flags. Sorry about the pants.
Knock yourself out, Eartha. This is so exciting.
I’ll be teaching you, but you know what? I may end up learning more
than you do. Boom. Win win. Can you say “hello”? It’s okay. Let’s start
with something you can relate to. How about the word “gold”? No, no, there is no gold! I just said it!
It’s only an example! A word! Maybe this is a good place
to stop for now. We’ve all been practicing very hard
and we’re ready to order our lunch. Crug? Sawducket meana
globble of macabaca-ilk. Was that sawdust in a glass of milk? No, of course not.
We’re still working on articulation. Sorry, I guess that was what he wanted. One number four! I’m so proud of you all. You’ve all graduated
and found meaningful jobs, so that you won’t ever
have to steal again. Grud, you’re working in a Spell Factory. Muck, you’ve got
a fine job in the Town Hall. And Crug, I hear you have a new job too? Yes, I’ll be teaching
my own English language course. I only hope to be able
to do it as well as you have. Looks like you have
a full class. So happy for you. Welcome. I’ll be teaching you,
but you know what? I may end up learning more
than you do. Boom! Win win. Well, only one thing I can do now. Off the big rock at the beach.
Off the P.E.K.K.A.’s left horn. Off the three Seeking Air Mines… Then open the lock on the Gold Storage. Off the Ancient Skull,
reset the Spring Traps, stop the Villager from clapping
and put out the third torch. Rocket, slop’s on! Come on, old man.
You can do it. I believe in you. Hello, handsome!
What kind of hog are we buying? Uh, I’m just looking. Of course. Everyone who comes here
with their old hog is “just looking.” Well, let’s take a look-see.
Okay, that can be rebuilt… We’ll buff that out… Guys in the shop can do
a re-curl on that, no problemo. Enough about this trade-in. Let’s get you on the hog
a rider like you deserves. How do I get out? I can’t breathe! I think all I want is just
a plain old regular hog. Of course.
You should have said that to begin with. That’s the one! Let’s talk about an extended warranty,
and mudproofing, snout ornament… So, that’s the house,
and that’s where you sleep and… Rocket?
Welcome home. Into the X-Bow, starting it up, and firing a hundred Arrows
into the Builder’s Hut, causing… Hey, I like wrecking stuff.
Can I play too? We’re not wrecking stuff. We’re competing
to make the village safer! Cool!
Check this out. Off the Spell Factory roof,
off the Town Hall, and into the Coffin. Hot, hot, hot! What? Who puts a river
in a stadium anyway? Welcome to TV Royale Live! – I’m Eldin.
– And I’m Maren.Today, we get to watch
the powerful CruSSSher145.
He won’t be so powerful
when he goes up against NoMercy17.
Please, Maren. You should be unbiased.
Try to be professional. The battle begins.CruSSSher wisely starts out
with a full horde of Minions.
Boo-ya!That’s how I like my Minions served:
well done, a little grey on the inside. A bad joke, poorly told.Oh, Barbarians!
No shirts, no shoes, no surrender!
Now it’s a good time
to go down to Ana, our side line reporter. –What’s it like down there?
– Unsafe. Definitely unsafe. Huh. Okay. Excuse me?
How’s the battle going so far? Uh, just trying to give it a 110%, and… Sorry, I should go.
I should just be punching stuff. Coming to you live
from the side lines. This is… She got Freeze-spelled! The blue team is putting on
a great spectacle for the fans. – Bleh!
– Ew! Last minute,
and NoMercy is on the ropes as CruSSSher sends in
wave after wave of Minions. Isn’t it relaxing watching waves roll in?And they were taken out
by the Princesses. Nice job, Princesses.
Those weren’t fired by Princesses, but flew from over their heads!
Let’s see a replay.See? Arrows, Princesses. Unrelated!Why are you like this?Because you’re not reporting anything!
You’re just rooting for the red team. Oh, and you’re saying
you’re not rooting for the blue team? Before you answer,
let’s show our audience this. – That is a birthmark!
– Of course it is. Well, we saw a terrific battle. Action, drama, music,
even two different size P.E.K.K.A.s! You know what? Forget this! I shouldn’t have to work with a…
a red announcer! Good news. You don’t have to!
You’re being replaced. That is my eyeliner! I think this Minion’s gonna be good.
Seems like a lot of energy. Fireball off the Gold Mine,
and then two Cannons. Flame the Barracks,
swirl around the Laboratory… What do you know? Three stars.
I guess those drills paid off.

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  1. Wait they sold him back his how meaning they take a riders old hog then put it in the used section without approval.then again I am probably looking into an animation too hard right now

  2. 7:19
    The barbarians were planted opposite of the giant, and when the reporter is there, they are on the same lane

  3. When she was picking up those gold bags gruds was not their but when she was talking they wherent

  4. In the clash Royale the guy had so many chances to defend themselves and take out the giant and they did not ever place a card to defend that giant…..

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  6. Did anyone else notice that they have a skeleton trap at town hall 7 and it supposed unlock it town hall 8

  7. Villager: “If they could speak our language they could gat REAL jobs.”
    10 years later
    The goblins work at McClashs.

  8. And then the village owner (player) enters to the game and sees his destroyed village but no one attacked it

    Directed be Robert Wied

  9. Man I want to see the Chiefs Reaction to his Base and just sees that his own Troops destroyed his Base and no one attacked it

  10. Goblin translator:

    Sawdust in a glass of milk:suwducket meana globble of macabaka ilk
    Time for school:yaahayyaya
    Gold: guaqaq!!!

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