Clash-A-Rama! The Series: Giant vs. Giant Problem
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Clash-A-Rama! The Series: Giant vs. Giant Problem

August 9, 2019

Alright, which one of these guys stole your hog? Uhhh… Number… four…? Yeah! definitely number four! That’s a definitive ID. It matches a sketch we got from the witness too. Take him away! [grunting] [straining, grunting] Uhh… Yeah, so uh… Turns out my hog wasn’t… “stolen.” I–just forgot where I parked it. [gulp] No hard feelings? [affirmative grunts] [loud sneeze] Ivan, the doctor will see you now. [Ivan humming] [ahem] Oh, um… sorry, Doc. Ooh, that voice of yours sounds awful! Let’s take a look, shall we? Aaa… [coughing] Just as I thought. [cough] You’ve got Ashthroat. You’ve got to let your throat heal for a week or, well, You may not live the full Dragon’s life of 800 years. But Doc, I’m just starting out, I’m only Level 1! And you’ll never see Level 2 if you don’t lay off flaming for one week. But, Doc, I’m only– [cough] I’ll be back, I’m gonna take lunch. Okay, Carl, enjoy. I know what you did, and you know what you did. [humming] waitwhat? [boom] Aw, rats! Bullseye! Gotta stay sharp. Ground Archer Molly, ready to join you on Team Tower. Flags? You brought FLAGS? You know what MY favorite decoration is? Winning. I thought they might help us judge the wind. Look, you just stay on that side, and I’ll stay on this side. Just keep an eye out for EVERYTHING. Goblins, Wall Breakers… Massive horde of Minions? …Five more minutes, Mom… [gasp] Shoot? Of course. [arrow sounds] [Balloon noises] Balloon! Can I borrow some more arrows? I’m out! Guess I used more arrows than I thought! What do we do now? Accept death, like the proud Archers we are. That’s a little dramatic. I SHOULD’VE BEEN A DENTISTTTTT!! You shot something that’s… not an arrow. Seemed to work. Your turn! WE ALL SHOULD HAVE BEEN DENTISTS!! WE DID IT!! Of course we did! We’re Tower Archers. Both of us. Did you just smile? I don’t do that. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it the whole week. I just gotta keep my mind off fire… Anyone have a light? NAH! Argh! [cheering] [HOW TO BUILD A HIDDEN TESLA] My my. That’s a beautiful village! And you’ve just upgraded to a Level 7 Town Hall! You’re everything a builder should be, Do-Right! Everyone is proud of you! But where’s Do-Wrong? Oh, there he is. Let’s get to work! Where’s your hammer, Do-Wrong? Not there, not the– No, that’s a sandwich. No thank you. The first things to consider when building your Tesla are… Location, location… [ahem] Uh… Location. Now that you’ve picked out the perfect spot, building your Hidden Tesla is a cinch. Start by building out a 90-degree easement, making sure to dig deep enough for a solid foundation and a stack full of boxes straight and true. Hohoho, oh brother, Do-Wrong. We can always count on YOU to do right, Do-Right! Now now, no one likes a thin-skinned Builder! [zap] DEDICATED TO DO-WRONG
HE DIED WRONG. I’ve got to get away from flames! Ivan! Where ya been, dude? We gon’ torch some geese behind the Laboratory. You in? I really shouldn’t, but… You know what? Yeah, I’m in! YEAH! You’ve got to let your throat heal for a week! Or, you may not life a full dragon’s life– Eh, y-you guys go without me… You’re lost. Flame out, dude! [snoring] [loud banging] Who’s that pounding on my door WAKIN’ ME UP? What the… WHY ARE YOU SHAKIN’ MY HOUSE, YA BIG BRUTE? If you’re selling somethin’, I’M NOT BUYIN’! Well, uh, I-I was hoping you could…train me… …to fight the Champ. Heh heh… You, fight the Champ? That’s suicide, kid. I know, I know, so… its better to train to me to the Wall Breaker that trained the Boomer. Why would a guy like you wanna be a fighter? (Sighs) You know because of what happened at the last battle, We were winning. I just needed to destroy the Town Hall. He’s gonna do it! What are you doing? The Town Hall is right there, its at one percent! We lost. All fists, and no brains. I figured that if I beat the Champ, I’ll get back some respect. Anybody who goes after a Wall, has got my respect. (Golem speaking) Oh, you’re ready kid.
I’m coming for you Champ!!! (Audience speaking) Ladies and gentleman, all I want to know is, are you ready to clash?!! Introducing the contender standing as tall as an Archer Tower, and weighs three times as much, The Prince of Pound, the Bishop of Bash The King of Clobber, the Jester of Jabs, Lou the Giant!!! (Audience screaming and cheering) You can do it kid. the Champ maybe an unstoppable machine, but you got something he don’t. Heart! And with this corner with an undefeated record of 51 and 0, The Champ, a Level 10 Cannon!!! (Audience screaming and cheering) (Gasps) As I was saying kid, you got a heart. Don’t let him shoot you there! The Champ has come out firing! Well that’s no surprise to anyone, because he’s a Cannon. I can’t stand that anymore kid, I’m throwing in the towel. No, I can take him! oof!! Ow! A devastating blow!
Stay down kid. We get paid either way. (Goblin counts) He’s getting up, the giant, RISES!!! (Audience screaming and cheering) (explosion) Whoa! Down Goes Cannon! Down Goes Cannon! He did it! We have a new champion! You got a bright future ahead of you, the sky’s the limit Lo- Lou? Some guys just got a thing for punching Walls. Have at it kid! Jab, jab, uppercut! Ivan, the doctor will see you now. Looking great Ivan, and only 1 more hour left till you complete your flame-free week. Once I got over the first day or so it really wasn’t hard. Who knows? I might quit for good. Ivan, help! Flame this guys! I’d love to, but I still have an hour left. I could uh, lick ’em though! One hour, ten seconds. It doesn’t matter, its all guesswork. Flame them! Thanks for Watching! Subscribe to Clash of Clans! Click the Bell for new updates Clash on, Chief! Clash of Clans and Clash Royale is avaliable in Google Play Store of the App Store! Download it! And play now! All Rights Reserved 2016 Supercell Oy 2018 201 123 345876543245678987654324567 12345 123456789 123456789 1234567890 1234567890-0987654321 987654345678654e 345678567865435675435 98765467898765435678 7654678654676545654 65456754675467546754356435643245 65675465435643567545676543 5555555555555 32 23 32 555 55 34

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  1. Wait why did the goblins lie to the wizard that they can't swim? They were swimming in the ocean and climbed on the boat

  2. 6:37 ITS the giants foult the AI makes Giant attack defenses if der no defenses the Giant attack the town hall
    And all so is dat a level 1 town hall

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  4. It said tou just upgraded to level 7 town hall but you are already th7 ang have 2 teslas look at 3:52

  5. in the film how to build a hidden tesla, the town hall was already on level seven, then showed as level 6. wait. thats illegal

  6. Good luck to the boys tomorrow morning and I’ll let ya guys out and let ya guys out there for dinner and dinner tonight and I can come over tomorrow night if I wanna I want you to know I wanna is a way you can make me wanna is your birthday beautiful girl I wanna was the night you had dinner with your family I wanna is your day

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