Clash-A-Rama! The Series: A Knight To Remember
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Clash-A-Rama! The Series: A Knight To Remember

August 16, 2019

– Alright, have we got?
– Jumper. He won’t talk to anyone. Do not jump. You have people here
who love you. You have incendiary devices here
who love you. Sparky?! Yeah, sure… It’s Sparky. He loves you.
I can see it in his fuse. Sparky, I’m coming down! You did the right thing.
You have a lotta wall to break. No, no, no! Stop, stop! I was at the Barracks,
and they’re making a troop. A brand new kind of troop! Why didn’t you say so?
That’s huge! Stupid good-for-nothing traps! C’mon! Most people look out at the sea,
and see nothing but emptiness. Me? I see untold treasures.
Vast stores of gold and elixirs. In the future,
when people hear ‘Christo’ they’ll think… There’s nothing out there. No one is crazy to believe you!
That’s the dealio. Chet’s always right. I believe him. Christo, our clan
is in desperate need of resources. I’m willing to gamble on a dreamer. One dreamer at your service, your grace. Your Village is counting on you! Go forth in your mighty chariot! – Yay! Stay safe!
– Have fun! Ah, the open sea!
What adventures await? Ah, the open sea!
What a horrible adventure. Day one… Day 27. I’d turn back if I knew
how to steer this thing. Oh, is that land? How’s it that I’m going so fast and… A seagull? You wish to join me
on my path to riches and fame. Sorry, but the adventurer’s journey
is a lonely one. Farewell! I take it back,
I don’t want to be alone! Land! No gold, no elixir, just hay and… Ew, is that manure? Let’s take a pass, okay? Look! All manner of things
we’ve never seen before. Imagine the riches that’ll be ours
when we conquer their primitive… – Maybe the next island.
– Yeah! Yes… Yes, I agree! A land of riches.
Our long wait’s been rewarded! In the name of the Queen Archer,
I claim this land for… Insane Clan Posse 11273! Christo? What are you doing?
This is our Village. But… how? Since you left,
Chet upgraded everything. Don’t feel bad,
you did something too. You brought back a seagull! My life’s work. Worthless.
Completely worthless. What have I been eating? That’s the dealio.
Chet’s always right. So, who’s the new guy
being created? Or girl? Still can’t see anything. Would someone call me
when something cool happens? Look at this Village. So neglected. Slayer32 hasn’t looked at it in weeks.
He should be ashamed. Other Clans won’t even raid it. There’s no gold to mine… No elixir to store… No bombs to light or walls
to destroy for this Wall Breaker. Wall Breaker? I’m a Barbarian. I just haven’t eaten in a year. All that’s left is
the white flag of hopelessness. Won’t you open your heart, Slayer32? What do we need to do
for you to care again? The old saying goes That it takes a village But that’s darn tough When all you get is pillaged We were abandoned And maybe it was wrong But we took our broken hearts And turned out this song We have no gold And no elixir She’s so broken down And we have no one to fix her Have no one to fix her Wait! Stop singing!
We’re being paid attention to. Loot carts are being collected,
bombs are being reset… Goblins are being washed. Thanks to Slayer32 for caring again.
Things are different now. This Village isn’t neglected.
It has hope, and cannons… It may have been better before. So lucky.
They get to go into battle. And you. And you.
And you. And you. All done. It’s almost too easy. Arrogant Princess!
You’ll be a fair-miss-kebabbed! I believe this belongs to you, m’lady. Oh, keep it. I have plenty more
to shoot you with. To remember me. Julia loves me…
She loves me not… She loves me…
She… MEET ME BY THE RIVER Have at thee varlot… What? Julia?! I’ll teach that red rapscallion
to corrupt my daughter! CANNON – JUICER – FIREBALL You know what happens
when red and blue mix: purple! I don’t want to live
in a world without you. But your father won’t let you
live in a world with me. Then let’s not live. Huh? What’s going on? You’re both so brave. I was wrong.
Clearly you two belong together. You have my blessing. So, I guess we’re a thing now, hm? Yeah, no obstacles in our way,
no one trying to keep us apart… – So, uh, what are you into?
– I love drawing. Do you draw? No, I’m mostly into jousting. I should go back to my Tower now.
I’ve got some things… Uh, yeah, yeah, me too. Ow! What the? Something to remember me by. It’s coming! It’s coming!
Our new troop is coming! Oh boy, oh boy… Welcome! I guess our new troop
doesn’t like surprises. THE END

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  2. احب الامير اررررررييييد التكملة????????????????? وسيم اني اسمي امير مو لين على اسمي امير سيف نبيل اسمي

  3. "Yeah… Sure.. It's sparky… He loves you… I can see it in his fuse"

    Poor him!!
    No troop interested ?

  4. Lv 2 town hall 1:16


  5. 4:52 I was offline for a year and a half on COC (App Uninstalled) and this opened my eyes on how much my village suffered when I wasn't there.

  6. Th 7 and they have a archer queen and how did they upgrade everything in 27 or 28 days? If it took me 2 months to get to th6
    .the user is a rich hacker

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