Clash-A-Rama: The Fourth Musketeer (Clash of Clans)
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Clash-A-Rama: The Fourth Musketeer (Clash of Clans)

August 19, 2019

A mysterious line of turkey legs! Guess some birthday wishes do come true. – You’re evil.
– No, I’m testing one of my traps before the Clan War.
That’s not evil. It’s science. Yes! Well, at least he ate
before his flight. Uh oh, I think he’s going to hit
the Spell Factory. Not us, which is very lucky. Hey, we’re fine. Lucky again. Maybe we should bet
on the Minion races today! Lucky again. Lightning and still fine. Uh oh. I think I’m inside your body. Are you inside mine? Ooh, crazy!
I finally got rock hard abs. You might have got
the worse part of this deal. Hey, Frank, can I get my usual? Thrown on my face!
Just how I like it. Thanks, Frank! Aw man. Can I have
some of your marshmallow? – Mm, sure.
– Really? Yeah, when Golems talk! Oh, yummy! Got any extra? Talking Golem! I’m a freak. A talking,
rock-hard-abs-having freak. Battle!
This Hog Rider can fight again! But I think I’ll have to walk. Let’s get ready to rubble! And Saul the Builder,
who’s back with Jenny, don’t tell anybody I told you that, he said we could have the old crossed swords
from the roof for over the fireplace. I know! But Saul said
they’d cost five Gems. Five Gems! That’s too much, right? I think it’ll be worth it too! Thank you!
Such a good listener! I love you! Ladies, allow me. What? Whoa, what happened?
I thought I was invincible. Nope. Guess we’re “vincible.” Okay, still sweet.
We are battling for two now. What’s happening?! Uh oh. I think the Spell wore off. – Now what?
– I guess we go back to the bar. Yeah. Or at least one of us should.
Rock paper scissors? – Rock.
– Rock. Quick! Give me that apron
before my wife sees you. Thanks again
for being such a good listener. I’m so glad you agreed to have
my parents come for all of December. And I love that you like the new hats
I ordered for all of the staff. You’re the first! You have to find Ryan the Giant
before the Clan War! Get volunteers and spring-trap them
in the direction he went! Starting with you! Sometimes this job is really fun. Hope this takes me back to my village. This place is amazing! So… upgraded. What are you doing here?
You’re like a Level One! Are you a spy? No! I just took a quick dip in the ocean. I left my jewelry over there. It’s not jewelry!
It’s battle accessories! Get dressed! You look ridiculous. Something about this guy
doesn’t sit right. I got that funny feeling in my knee. Yeah,
but I was talking about the other knee. Something’s fishy. Look, I’m a Giant, just like you. Let’s stop worrying about
what level we are on the outside and upgrade who we are on the inside. Thank you for this gift. The gift of your words. – Intruder!
– Get him. – He used our grass for a beard!
– Peter’s knee is never wrong. Man, they even stand cool. They’re just standing regular.
You are so obsessed. No, I’m not.
I don’t even care that much about… Oh hey, Mandy, Missy and Monica. I just want you to know that I’m ready
if you ever need a fourth Musketeer. That’s sweet, but we don’t want to mess
with our team chemistry. Keep practicing though, and one day
you could be part of the Three M’s. I’ve been practicing. I can assemble my musket blindfolded,
with my feet, in a Tornado. Good to know, but we never
have to do that. Let’s clash, ladies! They bumped me!
I hope it bruises! Hey look, there’s that fangirl
who wanted to join us. It was such an honor
to battle alongside you guys. Would you sign my poster? How’d she spin her gun like that? Is it possible she’s better than us? So, tell me about your mothers. Who cares about our mothers? We’re the Musketeers, and we were outshined
by a solo Musketeer! Can’t you just zap our brains
and make us sharpshooters again? I could, but you would grow tentacles in places you don’t want tentacles. Nothing’s going to work.
I think maybe it’s time to quit. We’ll tell the King
after the next battle. Do they let sword polishers
work in groups of three? No, they can’t quit!
They’re my role models. I have all their action figures,
mint, in box! Holy crap! We hit something! Maybe we’re not washed up yet! Huh, like shooting
Barrel Goblins in a barrel. – Musketeers are back!
– Yes! Hey, fangirl.
Hope you saw us out there today. Maybe one day
you’ll be able to deal damage like us nine Elixir style! – Aren’t you going to tell them?
– No way! Talk to them? Again? I could never. They’re my heroes! Let’s hope this one finds Ryan. Darn! Eddie,
0.5 degrees to the North! We’re lucky so many volunteered. Right, “volunteered.” You guys have upgraded pitchforks too? Time for this bird
to fly back to his nest. Nothing weird about a village
that spent its Elixir on Goblins. Not gonna judge. Well, I guess it’s up to me to find Ryan. – Doris?
– Ryan! You’re back! And I’m gone! Everyone’s gone? They all went looking for you.
But you spring-trapped back. I hope they all do too. I’m sure they will eventually. A chair should last
more than two years, right? Builders aren’t doing great work.
I grew up near the Builder Hut, so Frank’s mom doesn’t think I’m good
and blames me for him buying the bar. She’d rather have him out
battling horrible Giants and Golems? No offense.

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