Clash-A-Rama: The Clashmaker (Clash of Clans)
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Clash-A-Rama: The Clashmaker (Clash of Clans)

August 20, 2019

Look at this place.
We haven’t been attacked in weeks. I keep looking for the clouds that appear
before an attack, but nothing. Bruce! Any weather at all? It’s a balmy, sunny day… again! No clouds or invaders on the horizon. Could this be a battle cloud? Another false alarm. Wanna play? Best of fifty-five? Sure, we’re never attacked,
what else do I have to do? Uh, hey Barry? You were supposed
to upgrade my Archer Tower yesterday! To be fair, yesterday,
I was supposed to do many things and I didn’t do any. I figured out
how we can upgrade our Town Hall! First, we sell some things, like the weird flag
with the arrow that points up. Not the “up” flag!
That tells us where up is. Then we boost the Mines and Collectors
to get as much Gold and Elixir as we can. But with all those resources,
we’ll be a huge target! We won’t, because I purchased
a Seven-Day Shield! Oh, no! My lucky hammer! Barry! The shield! Get back here! We’re stranded! This isn’t even my lucky hammer.
It’s just my regular hammer. Stuck out here with you? For seven days? Okay, if we’re doing this, let’s do it. We need shelter, food, water. Don’t forget rest. We’re both gonna be goners
unless we get to work. Shelter, done. Barry, how’s that fire coming along? Barry! Keeping our creative minds sharp
will keep the rest of us sharp. Right, Mud Barry? Wow. How do I tell his family? Looks like they already know. I’m exhausted, working like crazy and I’m stuck with the laziest man alive. – Wait.
– There’s no way I’m sharing with you. No! Those mushrooms are poisonous. Looks like
you might be allergic to poison. – Cold water will stop that swelling.
– I don’t need help from you! Something touched my leg!
Oh wait, it’s just your gross hand. Whoa, what is this place? Forgive me if this is rude,
but what are you? I’m a Builder. Also a dreamer and part-time poet.
Mostly Builder. I see. You bash enemies with your hammer, then build their tombstone
with their bones. No, actually I don’t… You and your Archer friend, fight! Sure.
But I wouldn’t exactly call us friends. Co-villagers maybe? My mushroom hand!
I can’t pull the string back! – Barry! You did something!
– Yeah, I did. And I’d better do something else! Huh? X-Bows can’t be set
for air defense here?! This place is pretty backward. Barry, you’re not totally useless. Oh, you. Hey, mind if I sit? Doing stuff is even more tiring
than sleeping all the time. I’m a Grand Warden
and I’m reduced to taking out the trash. Wait, the shield has a door? It would a be a fire hazard
if it didn’t. Listen. I’d appreciate it
if we didn’t tell anyone what you did. And what I didn’t. Oh, totally! I don’t want anyone
to know I did anything. They’ll expect me
to do stuff all the time. Actually, if you don’t mind…? – Can you get the door?
– I can, but I won’t. She’s the best matchmaker there is. If she can’t find an opponent
to attack us, no one can. You want to be attacked?
You need to look vulnerable. This Village is just like my sister
with the mustache. It needs a total makeover! No. No. That’s just stupid. Better,
but it looks a little desperate. Like my other sister.
I told her that, now we don’t talk. Perfect! Not too much,
but also, not too much. Soon you’ll meet the Clan of your dreams
to attack and rob you. Every troop hopes to be picked
for one of the King’s decks. Then they dream
of being in the Battle Deck, not the one the King puts together
and never looks at again. Getting there is a long tough road, and for these rookies,
that road begins right here. Some Kings… Red…
pick a Deck and stick with it. Not me. I’m always making changes, looking for that one dynamic troop
that makes a difference. That’s why we’re the best.
Unlike… Red. You heard me say Red, right? I was worried the cough covered it. Yeah, I’m in the King’s Battle Deck
but it comes with a lot of stress. Every day some new hotshot
is trying to take my spot. You not only have to maintain,
you have to improve. Then maintain that improvement.
Then improve the maintainment. I’m new, so I worry no one knows me,
or what I can do. This mask doesn’t help, but… Funny,
I’ve never tried to take it off before. It doesn’t come off! I’m really out here for my kids. I’ve got Jeremy, he’s a Skeleton.
Marcus, a Skeleton. Warland, he’s my youngest,
also a Skeleton. Melanie and James,
they’re twins and Skeletons. Why don’t I just bring them out? With only eight spots in a Battle Deck,
tough decisions need to be made, and dreams get shattered. You wanted to see me, Sire? There’s no easy way to say this.
I’m cutting you from the Battle Deck. What? But I’m working on some new moves. Not just fireballs,
but also fire squares. I need your playbook. This is really the best thing for me. It’s a chance for my hands to heal.
Throwing fire, I get blisters and… I made the Battle Deck! I’ve dreamed about it
since I was found in that Gold Chest! What, she steals my spot
and now she steals my interview time too? Training over and the deck set,
all that’s left is the test of battle. However, even for those
at the peak of success, Clash Royale can prove cruel. We interrupt whatever you were
or were not watching with breaking news: balance changes
have just been announced. Bowler’s hitpoints increase by 4%. Skeletons go from 3 to 2. And there’ll be a 5% decrease
in speed for the Bandit. Wait! No! It can’t be. Did that seem slower to you?
Like, maybe 5%? Sorry Brandy, but a slow Bandit
is no Bandit. You’re out. Yup, back in the Battle Deck.
I knew they’d come begging. Through the fire of battle,
one lesson remains clear. Be good, but not so good that people notice
and make you less good. Good news people.
Battle clouds are forming. Ha, ha!
We’re being attacked! We’re being attacked! Wow. Brutal. Nothing left. Three star defeat. They even got the Builder’s Hut
in the corner. Oh, wasn’t it great?
Don’t you all feel alive again? I told you I would do it and I did it. Another perfect match! I can’t… Marcus!

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  1. How did berry’s village have hero’s if there are no slabs and u cant get a hero at town hall 7

  2. Archer Queen – Ugh… Another false alarm!!!
    Giant – Huh!!!
    Me – What is wrong with you guys?!?!

  3. 1st Xbox’s now can’t shoot air 2nd archer shot one arrow just to kill baby dragon even though he was placed early

  4. Since when do bandits avoid troops and completely one shot towers and as soon at eliminating the left tower goes straight to the right tower completely out of its dashing range

  5. Let’s play a game!
    Each last like is what troop you are.
    4.barbarian queen
    5.archer queen
    6.eletro dragon
    Which troop are you?

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