Clash-A-Rama: Go Sparky Go! (Clash of Clans)
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Clash-A-Rama: Go Sparky Go! (Clash of Clans)

August 14, 2019

I don’t know if he’s going to make it. It was the strangest thing ever.
A Hog about to do in his Rider. Well, let me tell you how we got here. It wasn’t always like this. They’d been getting along
like a Hog and his Hog Rider. So, we jump over a Level 3 wall, right? Then out of nowhere,
a Level 7 Tesla pops up, and I say, “Who’d put these weak walls
around such a powerful weapon?” And Squealer says, “Can we solve this mystery
after it stops frying my bacon?” You know, I’ve only ridden Squealer
into battle a few times, but I feel like
we’ve really made a connection. Hm, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, when you were riding
Hammy Davis Junior! – And Lard Bomb.
– Don’t forget Spamela Anderson! Come on fellas, I’m serious.
This feels different. Squealer and I communicate
without even using words… It feels like we’re one…
A single, unstoppable fighting unit. I’m not joking! I’m thinking about
making our relationship… permanent. Squealer… may I ask you a question? These last few battles
have been the best, and I don’t see myself
three-starring an enemy Village with any Hog other than you ever again… And so, Squealer, will you accept this nose ring
as a formal token of our partnership? Oh, so nervous. Great idea. Let’s tell your parents! Yep, they were meant to be together. But then time started to take its toll. Oh yeah. Hey, isn’t that Squealer? Yeah, think we should tell Bamma? How do you tell a guy
his Hog’s makin’ bacon with another Rider right after he put a ring on it? Hey fellas, I… huh? And to think I let you hold my hammer! Why can’t I find a Hog that’s not a pig? What you’re going through
is completely normal. You can get through it
if you’re willing to do the work. Let’s play a little game. I’ll say a word and each of you
say the first thing that comes to mind. – “Love.”
– A joke? – “Partner.”
– Pfft. I wouldn’t know. A battle! What should we do? You have to go. And, I have to bill you
for the whole hour. Gotta go! I scored nine minutes! Hey! You did that on purpose! Next time, read the sign. All right, that is it! You wouldn’t! Oh? Oh man! You saved my life. Right after you almost took my life.
But still, thank you. That’s exactly how I feel! Should we give it another shot? Yeah! Reconciled! Yeah! I think those two are going to make it. They’re as happy as me
and my Hog, Hogby. Hogby? Okay Hogby, you and me.
Into battle. Hit it! I don’t understand why
we need to find this particular arrow. It’s my lucky arrow. It hit the seat next to me
during the first battle I ever watched. Back when the Blue Team knew how to win. – I found it!
– Whoa! That Sparky is the most awesome thing
I’ve ever accidentally shot. Aside from you, of course. How cool would it be
to get it working again? How cool would it be
to win a battle for once? – Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
– How would I know? Yeah! I was! We got thousand-watt zappers
and some galvanized wheel hubs. Go Sparky! Go Sparky, go! Triple-coated wiring
and extra-sharp bumper studs. Go Sparky! Go Sparky, go! Uh oh, now the radio’s broken. No, that’s just how the song ends. It’s working. We did it! Yeah, YOU did it. Yup, definitely working. Welcome to the jungle.
The Jungle Arena, that is. I’m here with two Blue Team members,
who are on a humiliating losing streak. Ladies, what makes you think
today will be any different? Well, Maren, you might say we have
a surprise in store for the Red Team. A shocking surprise. Is it a Sparky? I bet it’s a Sparky. You said “shocking”.
That makes me think Sparky. This interview is over. With only thirty seconds left,
the Red Team leads two Towers to one. It looks like the Blue Team
is headed for yet another loss. Polly, it’s time. The Blue Team does have a Sparky. I knew them saying “shocking”
was a giveaway. That ties the score! The Sparky is headed
for the Red King’s Tower. The Blue Team wins!
The losing streak is over! And I reported the whole thing.
So in a lot of ways, this is about me. Giant News Syndicate. Your team has never won
a Clash Royale Challenge battle. How do you feel
about your chances tomorrow? I think we might shock the world. Shock. Because of the Sparky, right? Barbarian Bugle.
Your Sparky is an older model. Are you worried about overworking her? No, we’re worried about
where to put our next trophy. Miner Daily News.
This question is for Sparky. Do you have a message
to the Red Team before the battle? I don’t get it. Here we are at the Challenge battle
and Sparky is on fire. Not literally. Just metaphorically. Sparky! Sparky! Sparky! Uh oh. It looks like
the Blue Team’s M.V.P. may be D.O.A. Now’s our chance, attack! Attack! Come on, baby. Don’t quit on us now.
We’re so close to winning it all! Electrify! Polly, I’ve got an idea.
Get away from Sparky. Hey, electro baby, over here! “Baby”?! This “baby” will make you cry! I guess it’s time for my last words.
Uh… Oh no, I’ve got nothing. We’ll win! – Sparky!
– Sparky! So, the Blue Team wins the Crown,
but loses their Sparky! But I still have my job!
But no feeling in my toes. But my feet are never on camera.
But… Good night, everybody. We’ll never forget you, old friend. Hog Rider! Whoa. Hold up there for a second, buddy.
Nature calls. I don’t know if he’s going to make it. Whoa, looks bad.
So… I guess you’re single now? Wait! I made it! I’m okay! Really? You’re just going to leave?
That’s cold, Hog. Really cold…

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  1. Each Clash-A-Rama episode is subtitled in 20 different languages! Make sure to click the "Captions" button to select your language preference! 🙂

  2. Animation error starts at 5:28 the arrows feathers are red then ends at 5:35 (they turn blue again)

  3. Y is it the only reason y they made this episode about sparky is because oj said she is a trash can on wheels

  4. 5:27 the blue archers arrows turned red but we still fought for team blue man she must be a very good secret agent

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