Clash-A-Rama: Every Hog Has Its Day (Clash of Clans)
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Clash-A-Rama: Every Hog Has Its Day (Clash of Clans)

August 14, 2019

Of all the things I get to pick,
my guitar, my clothes, this is my favorite!
Time to pick troops for battle. This is exciting,
first battle of the season! I’m going for a three-crown take-down! You gotta get picked first. Then make sure
you don’t trip over your mustache, Gary. First in my deck… Let’s go, Big Bald. Come on. Starting offense, baby! Woohoo! Gary down! Okay, two of you battle axes, come on! Gotta get you in
before you become a Slush Golem. Let’s make this easy. Everybody but you! Sorry, Gary, but you gotta be
this tall to clash. Someday I’ll show them all. Aw, come on. Stupid mustache! Ah, I love the beach. The sun, the sea breeze… the smell of bacon… Smell of bacon? Hey, come on, a little respect.
That may be a relative. Hey, if it bothers him, he can leave. Fetch! Somebody help! Hogs can’t swim! Whoa! But they can back-float! We could’ve been hanging out
in the water this whole time! Yeah! Where are we? Did we wash up on a deserted island? Not too deserted, I’m afraid… You can stay on Hay Day farm
as long as you like. I just got one rule: keep your hands off of my daughter! Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem. No training? No battles?
What are we gonna do? Corn chopper! It’s no hammer, but it gets the job done! Hogby, quick, there’s a battle. We’ve gotta get back
and I’ve just built us a way! Why don’t you
just take our fishing boat? Uh, that’s okay. We’re good with ours. Hogby, let’s go. No? But you’re not
a gettin’ married kind of Hog. You’re a battle Hog! Fine. I’ll go it alone. Nothing-Rider! You have a plan that solves the problem
and makes everybody happy? Okay, that’s enough.
It’s starting to get annoying. Please stop! Hogs Rider! Because there’s two of ’em. What better way to celebrate a victory
than with a double date? Hey, King! I’m gonna prove to you
that I’m a warrior! How do you like me now? He’s got a good work ethic. A horrible everything else,
but a good work ethic. Dad, will you use him in the next battle? Absolutely. He can be
a horn blower in the stands. Maybe a back-up horn blower. Mail day! Good luck, boys. Well, this is it. The moment we’ve been waiting for
our whole lives. I’m too scared to look. Sorry, buddy, rejected. Yeah, me too. – I’m in! Awesome!
– Holy cow bones! Wow, I bet that feels weird, huh? You getting in and us not. I’m sure you’re feeling
many mixed emotions now and it’s okay. Hallelujah! Bomb Academy!
Whoo! Life changer! Yeah. See? Mixed emotions. Listen up!
Look at the guy to your right, look at the guy to your left, then take your head off
and look at yourself. Two of those three
will not make it to a Balloon. First up: balloon obstacle course! If I wanted a balloon on the ground,
I’d call a rock a balloon! You’re out. Expelled! Expelled! You! You are not fit to wear this shirt. You should wear this instead.
Because today you are a Bomber! But now, take it off! Because it’s time to do
what fly-boys do best. Play volleyball. Yeah! – Yours. Mine.
– That’s Mine. You guys have good aim.
You should fly by our tower sometime. Deion! Mario! What’s up, guys? You know, same old stuff.
Nothing exciting like you, Fly Boy. Hey Kaboom,
you’re friends with these guys? Nah, they’re just a couple of groundlings
I’ve seen from the balloon. Good times…
Deion and Mario. It’s time to clash! This is not a drill. This is a drill. But this is not! Let’s get us a tower! He’s shooting at me! At me! Sorry to reign fire on your parade! I guess this is it, but at least
I got to wear a cool jacket… Looked like you needed
a little ground support, Fly Boy! I can’t believe you guys saved me
after I was such a jerk. Ground troops gotta stick together,
even when one of them is in the sky. How can I make it up to you? Well, could you help us talk to girls? You really get a new perspective
when you fly as high as we do. You should come up and see sometime. – Wow. Cool story.
– I think we’ll stick to the ground. I said something.
Then she said something. Wow! You made it all happen, Pete. I can’t believe a Valkyrie talked to me!
Thanks, Pete! Sure. Any time! Yeah! Yeah! Two down, one to go.
Only a minute left! Get in there and finish ’em off! No King, we talked about it.
I want Gary to go in my place. He worked hard and he’s earned it. Gary! Gary! Gary! – Gary, you’re in.
– Thank you. I know just what I have to do. I wonder
what that crafty little dude’s plan is. Yeah, I… don’t think he’s coming back. Whoa! The only survivor.
My training paid off! Gary! Gary! Gary!
Come on, everybody! Gary! Gary! Hey!

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  1. Who here plays Hay Day too?! 😄😄😄 If you want to be like the Hog Rider and his Hog and experience that farm life, we know just the place for you 😜 —->

  2. 5:32 rare footage of waluigi, sora, and banjo kazooie receiving their invitations from Sakurai to see if they’re in smash

  3. Of all things I get to pick: my guitar , my clothes… this one is my favourite … my favourite video game!!!!

  4. So that is what happened to my hay-day farm, when I haven't been on it for two years I think!

  5. Wait a sec the balloon whenever the hog was getting launched was the one when the balloon was trying to find treasure

  6. What was the point of Hog Rider building the raft, when clearly they took a boat that appeared outta nowhere at 4:09 ??

  7. 0:38 I was going to point out that he can’t pick them all cause u can only have 8 troops then realized that these guys paid attention 2 detail

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