Clash-A-Rama: Clone Alone (Clash of Clans)
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Clash-A-Rama: Clone Alone (Clash of Clans)

August 17, 2019

Okay, okay, I’m awake. Jeez. You’re listening to K.L.S.H. your number one source
for alternative music with long clarinet interludes. Support for K.L.S.H.
comes from pillagers like you. Yup, it’s a perfect day to be alone. So that’s who never tips at Clashmas. Hello! Never mind me.
Sorry to have bothered you. Hi! Let’s make you into someone… Who… is… a person… I feel comfortable around. I got me a new pal! A new pal for all of us. So much emotion and soul.
It’s just beautiful. Yes, it’s my family. Interesting. I see your Mom, you… Why isn’t your sister, Brianna,
the Night Witch, in the painting? My sister, Brianna, was always too good
to play with Skeletons because… You’ve told us. She’s all about bats.
Bats and Skeletons. Total opposites. I would never paint someone like her! Is this Elixir delicious today, or what? Hey, Edward! What’s up? If I can’t see him, he can’t see me. I see you!
You do know I can see you, right? Oh, hello. Good to see you out.
Wanna have a cold one? It’s prime vintage, eight hours ago. Oh, uh, normally I would,
but today is busy. Oh, man. Battle time. But good news:
you don’t have to make up an excuse. – Hey, Derrick.
– Hey, Jimmy. Show time! Yeah, take this! There. Clone Spell! – Hey.
– Morning. – Duck!
– Duck! – Just one more shot to finish him.
– Yeah, do it. No thanks necessary. Personal space.
Let’s all celebrate privately. This is weird. Clones don’t usually
stick around after a battle. Yeah, why is this one still here? Hey, don’t look at me. I’m the new guy! No offense, but you’re the King.
Shouldn’t you know? Well, obviously, it’s because he was holding a real weapon
when the battle ended. I mean you learn that
in King School. First day. He always has to mention
he went to King School. Excuse me, what do we do now? He’s your Clone. Do whatever you want! No one else ask me things.
I’m tired from answering things. – I’d vote for him if we had a choice.
– Very kingly! – I’m Eddie.
– I’m Edward. May I please have my axe back? Oh, sure, of course. Well, I guess I should head home. Uh, excuse me. Oh, still this. Why, okay,
I’ll go the other way. – Great minds.
– Excuse me. I need a nap. Okay, this is ridiculous.
It’s been like an hour. You know, what if we just
walk away from each other? Yeah, great idea. Miss you already! Oh, hey! That was
an amazing battle today. I hope I have enough onions
at home to make a tuna salad. Coming through! Gonna get me an apple,
gonna eat it good. Careful! You’re a Clone.
You’re very fragile. If you fall, you’re done! Yeah, but if I don’t… free apple! So good. Fiber! Well, this is me. Well, it doesn’t say “No Clones.” After a battle I like to unwind
with some tea and… without anyone else. Oh, no problem.
I want to check out the neighborhood, meet some people,
chit chat, chew the fat, etcetera. Hi, stranger!
Wanna have a conversation? Dumb art teacher.
Like I’d ever paint my stupid sister. Oh, I forgot about this. Why did I get a new slab
when I didn’t even need one? Never trust a slab salesman. Is everything okay? One of my bats is being difficult.
He’s my little rebel. Let’s try bribery. Oh, thank you so much! Your eyes are beautiful.
How do you get them that shade of red? Ugh, lack of sleep. You must be Brianna. I know your sister, Brenna. I see. Yeah, well we take an art class together. Eh, more Elixir than art.
You should come along sometime. My sister and I
never do anything together. We had a falling out a long time ago. She’s a different Witch now. Having more Skeleton kids
changes a person. I swear, I’m just going
to put them all on a leash. Great. More interaction. Hey, you can’t stay out here.
If Clones even sneeze wrong, poof! You’re gone.
Come on, come inside. Really? Oh, wow, thanks! But you don’t have to worry about me.
I find worrying is a waste of time. Really? It’s how I fill my time.
Worrying is pretty much my hobby. Isn’t that negative? Great, now you’ve given me
something else to worry about. I have a surprise for you! If it’s a gift certificate
for more art classes, I’m going to be very upset. Brenna? Oh, no way! What’s she doing here?
And she brought the bats? I should’ve known
this was going to be a waste of time. I thought if you just spend
some time together you’ll see what lovely people
you both are. Put the past behind you. You know who I’d love to ask about it? My old best friend, but I can’t,
because she stole her from me! If they refuse to be together,
I’m going to have to get them together. Yeah, just like I have to get
a new model. That’s why there’s Elixir, people. – Good morning.
– Afternoon. Whatever. What are we doing tonight? Staying in. I have a smaller axe and I was gonna use
a very small sharpener to sharpen it. Nope, not happening.
We are going to check out Club Royale! A P.E.K.K.A DJ will play
music off another P.E.K.K.A! Isn’t that messed up? Club Royale? Music? Crowds?
No, thank you. I’ll just stay home and wash my mask. You just, you go on without me. Look, as a Clone I know life is short. Sometimes super short. A battle goes wrong,
you could go at any moment. You’ve gotta live life,
not lock yourself away. Well, if I may be honest, sometimes cutting topiaries
can get lonely. Nooo. Yes. I’d like to try having fun,
but I don’t even know how. Well, lucky for you,
you have a teacher right here. First, we spruce up. Okay, I’m ready! Wait, what?
But we’re wearing the same outfit! Two-drink minimum is per person,
not per Goblin Gang! Fellas. I don’t think I… I’m not comfortable… – I’ll leave.
– Hey, ladies. Wow, this is a very, social situation. Just relax, and follow the guy
who’s only been alive for one day. My rider! The squeal deal. Made it. I don’t fit in here. Listen, I’m a Clone of you.
So if I can do it, you can do it. Maybe you’re right. Watch me hit the dart board! – Oops. Sorry. This is yours.
– You think!? Salute! The last time I busted a move,
it didn’t heal properly. No, don’t make me dance. Could you please not… Oh, I can see what you had for lunch. I like that. No secrets, you know? I’ve never been spun like that before. I mean, at one point,
I was spinning backward in time. Oh, hey, where’s Eddie?
Have you seen Eddie? He looks like me, but paler. Well, I’m not looking for him.
I’m looking at you. I have so much laundry to do! What is wrong with me? Why can’t I enjoy life like my Clone? Maybe it’s because you talk to shrubs. You know, I was hanging with Eddie today.
Great guy. Crazy guy. He inspired me to light these things.
Really gives the work out some stakes. Yeah, I used to be more like him. Oh yeah, what happened? Well, you know, I got this house
and my axe collection and all these guys, you start to realize
you don’t want to lose that stuff. And you get scared of,
well, of everything. Well, why not go back to what you were? Start enjoying life again.
It’s just a choice. Just a choice. Maybe you’re right!
Why shouldn’t I live? That’s what I’ll do.
I choose to live! – Thanks, Derrick!
– You’re wel… – Hey, mister!
– Hello. I never get a chance to see you,
but your bushes are awesome! Rock on, weird nervous guy! – Hello!
– Hello. Hello, hello, hello!
You know, I’ve made a decision. I’m gonna start living. Every day I’ll come home and, for hours,
I’ll tell you about my adventures. Every wonderful detail! Goodbye! Would you say you have a life philosophy? I guess it would be
“Look before you shoot.” How about you? “Life is short. Take the plunge.” Oh, Eddie! That’s so right.
Life is short. Let’s do it! – Uh, “it?”
– Yes! Spend our short time on Earth together! Two is always better than one!
I love you so much! Right! Right. Love. We’re getting married!
I’ll go arrange the ceremony now. I am so excited! You’ve made me
the happiest Archer in the world! I’m getting married tomorrow.
I guess it makes this my bachelor party. Not as wild as I would have thought. I now pronounce you Clone and Archer. You may kiss the bride. – Sorry.
– Sorry. – Sorry.
– My bad. – You!
– You! Get in there, go on! – Let me out!
– Let me out first! No one gets out
until you agree to talk to each other! Occupied! So how much will our house cost? Well, the base model is 500 gems, but you’re adding two extra bedrooms,
that makes the price go up. Do we really need all those bedrooms? Of course, honey. The Healer did a scan
and told me we were having twins. So soon?!
And is the Healer all that reliable? No offense,
but she can’t even see very well. Hi! I’m a healer too! Okay,
let’s hear some sisterly conversation! None of this would have happened
if you didn’t steal my friend! I was a kid! But I’m sorry. She dumped me for a Musketeer
the next day if it makes you feel better. Oh. It sort of does. Well, I guess now
the Archer Queen is both our new friend. Really? What kind of friend
locks you in a Skeleton Trap? Let’s exclude her! Hey, what if we just became
each other’s best friend? You’re right.
What do we need the Archer Queen for? Maybe it’s time to come out now. Why did I put so many nails in this? Executioner coming in! Eddie, we won! Whoa! Be careful.
Don’t you know how fragile I am? Sorry. Hey, you want to go out tonight? Two Boxer Giants are fighting.
We should bet on the one with no teeth. I’ll pass. Builder’s Base is dangerous
for me and I can’t be around crowds. Be careful leaving the field. You may trip on a Skeleton arm,
or an arrow with the pointy end up. Honestly, it’s like a battlefield
out here. Oh! Watch yourself. Sorry. Edward, thanks for coming. – What’s going on?
– It’s Eddie. All he wants to do is stay at home
and work on his macrame. Macrame, huh? That’s even more solitary
than my topiaries. Alright, I’ll talk to him. – Hey, we need to talk.
– About what? I know exactly what you’re going through. You’re worried. Life is short.
Sometimes super short. That’s why you’ve gotta live,
not lock yourself away. You know who told me that? – You did.
– You sure? That doesn’t sound like me. It was you. No, it was definitely you. Well it’s different for me. I’m a Clone. I thought you might say that.
That’s why I brought Jaakko. That’s why you brought me? I thought
we were getting something to eat. First can you do what we talked about? Clone Spell! Meet… you. Hey, guys.
What do you do for fun around here? Please tell me it’s not that. There, you see how eager that guy is?
And he is a Clone of a Clone. Even more fragile than you. He reminds us
that we all have to live in the moment. Clashe diem! I still don’t think he’s convinced.
Would you mind? Alright, but I’ll tell you that
when I don’t eat, I get cranky. But still. Whoa. Pretty good looking group. What are we?
Some kind of boy band, or what? I’m glad you came out. Me too.
Clone Number Eight really got to me. If he’s not afraid to live life,
then no one should be. Life is short, right? Let’s live bravely, fear nothing,
and… Uh oh. To the memory of Clone Eight!
His death reminds us to live. What?
That’s not enough for a hungry Wizard. Yes, magic is pretty cool.

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  1. best combination for skeletons
    1 spawn skeletons
    2 clone with mirror
    3 spell a clone spell on the mirror
    4 have fun

  2. Valkyrie trying to impress the executioner
    People who like me try to impress me
    Some sort of connection going on here

  3. I would rather see what the witches doing now that the are locked in a Skeleton Trap in the credits, instead of the DJ Mini Pekka trying to sqaush a butterfly.

  4. I think it will be a really good episode idea whit an electro dragon which is new in the village and all the dragons are ignoring him

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