Clash-A-Rama: Archer Departure (Season Finale) Clash of Clans
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Clash-A-Rama: Archer Departure (Season Finale) Clash of Clans

August 10, 2019

Hog Rider! Don’t hurt me!
I’m a skeleton on the inside! – I got this!
– What are you doing? We’re way out of range! Maybe you are. Whoa! I know, right?
Now, to receive my compliment. Keep at it, Mary! You almost got him!
Remember to keep that elbow tucked! – I did it!
– You sure did! Let her have this. And still, I go unnoticed. This day could not get worse. Uh-oh. The Magic Archer! To find the path to victory,
become the path. Then walk yourself. He is pure magic! Mary, did you see that? Ugh, that was my tower to hit! Hey, do you mind? What? Okay. Where did they go? Did they… Uh, okay. The Magic Archer?
He’s all anyone’s talking about. I hear he has a secret base,
deep in the woods. A highball for Your Highness. Elli! Just who I was looking for! Really? Yes! So that was you
next to the Magic Archer, right? Yeah, that was me. The one
who fire-arrowed a bunch of Skeletons. Yes, yes, yes. Anyway, did he say anything to you? Yeah. Something about becoming a path
and walking on myself? It was weird. It’s king-level profound, Elli. He is the best Archer I’ve ever seen! Yeah, about that. So,
my archery skills have really improved and I was just wondering if you foresaw
any openings in the Princess Towers? Well, Mary and Georgina pretty much
have the tower gigs locked down. Oh, hey, look at that, someone else! Yeah, but sir, I…
Excuse me. Just in terms of my own long-term…
Coming through… Career plan… I think… Oh, nope,
you didn’t lose me… I could really excel in a Tower, sir. To be honest,
the only thing I saw you do today, – was have the Magic Archer save you!
– What? When you can show me
you can survive on your own, maybe I’ll consider you for the Tower. Mary! Don’t point your arrow
at the bartender, honey! We’ve already paid him. CLASH ACRES
NO VACANCY (CHECK AFTER NEXT BATTLE) Oh, Elli, hey. Just a heads-up, we’re having a party, like, right now.
So, consider yourself notified. – Good neighbor bump.
– Bump. No honey, a bow is a bow
and an arrow is an arrow. You can tell by their names. The bullseye
is only the center of itself. The arrow is the target. WINNER Do not fear the bomb,
for the bomb does not fear you. What does that mean? That you’re welcome. I run like the wind, so I am wind. Did he say anything about me?! No. He probably doesn’t even know
I exist. But maybe… TOMORROW’S BATTLE DECKS No. No. What the…?
Deck four?! I got demoted?! DECK 1 DECK 2 DECK 3 DECK 4
NO PLEADING LOOKS… IT’S PATHETIC This guy is messing up my whole plan! How am I supposed to prove
I’m tower material if I can’t even clash? Why do you want to be in a tower? The towers are the highest honor. I’m this close to being moved
to that deck the King never uses. DECK 5
(AND OVERFLOW PARKING) I’ve got to get some kind of edge
on this Magic Archer guy. If I only knew where he lived.
But how? How? WINNER Only deck one troops on the battlefield! Okay. All right. Chill. I have no skin! All I do is chill! I am going to track down
the Magic Archer and convince him to give others
a chance to shine. You’re not planning on just talking,
are you, Elli? If words won’t move him, actions will. Come on, boy. Get his scent. RAUL’S
BURRITO HUT Burritos? That was the scent
you were following? Okay, that was a good burrito, Now we need to find the Magic Archer. “Those who seek the path to magic
must first dispose of their burdens.” Wait a second. “Path to magic”. It’s a magic path! To the Magic Archer! That’s how the mice get in… The Magic Archer’s camp! Looks like the arrow’s
in the other bow, as they say. Wait, what? No one says that.
Sorry, who are you? The Princess? From the blue team?
I shoot flaming arrows? Your flaming arrows ring no bells. Blowing up the pass was plan B,
you dumb Goblin! I was talking to him: plan A. But now you’ve trapped us here. The bombs blew up. I don’t know anything about bombs.
Or letters. What if I told you I was trying to trap
you so you’d never fight again? The pass would let us pass
if we were meant to pass. Wait, you’re not mad? Anger is “danger” without the “D”. It’s a shame
that we can’t get to the burrito hut. BURRITO! Hog Rider! Sir, shouldn’t we send in a troop? No need. The Magic Archer will appear. He always does.
And then he’ll say something super cool. Keep the faith! He is coming! Wait for him. Wait. WINNER Wait. Wow, I heard Bandits were fast,
but this is unbelievable. You only see the outcome
but keep ignoring the process. Right, I forgot you only speak nonsense. I’ve been practicing a little. Minions fly like bowling balls roll. Spears are arrows
that have reached their potential. Stop it!
I just made up a bunch of garbage! Look, the Magic Archer and I
really showed you up in that battle. Maybe it’s possible we know
what we’re doing? Yeah, well, I know what I’m doing too… Just nobody watched me
because you two stole all the attention. Right, of course.
But you’re stuck here anyhow, why not give our training a chance? Here, you can enjoy the process. There is no red team, or blue team.
Only purple team. I’m a size two. And now your training can begin. I shoot flaming arrows. How will wrecking my back
help me in a battle? Sometimes the answer
is wrapped right around you. Do you understand?
Am I missing something? I dunno… A burden is less a burden when shared. Hey, that one made sense. Logic is the mind’s pie of thoughts. And… back to nonsense. This is the tenth match in a row
where the Magic Archer has not arrived. I guess he really has moved on.
Probably to a cooler King, who wears his crown
all backwards and stuff. This place is cold. And cruel. And cold. I know
I already said that, but it is. Warmth is a blanket on its own. It’s not from the Magic Archer.
It was on the package for this blanket. Either way, thank you. You’ll grow to like this place.
It’ll make you better. Before I came here, ooh, I was a wreck. Lashing out,
punching my own team’s Towers. I’ve learned to channel that anger
into positive activities. Like making wind chimes. Yeah! I get to make another one! I was so protective of my Skeletons, I wouldn’t summon them
during battle. I’m learning to let go. Yeah, it’s a work in progress. Maybe you had issues, but my only issue
is with the Magic Archer. Is that really why you came up here? The Magic Archer!
He was keeping me from being recognized. From getting into a tower. And this is not about him.
It’s about me. I really positioned myself well
in the mirror that time. Now your training can truly begin. I see your progress has progressed. You are free to choose to leave. How?
We’re trapped here, remember? Are we? You and your friends
moved the stones one at a time. The journey was the destination. We did that? And now your training can truly begin. I thought it already had truly began.
You just told me I could leave. Truly. And what’s more,
I will make you a promise. I will never again appear in your army. You will be seen for what you do. Thank you! No. Thank you. And now your training can truly begin. I had no mysterious smoke
to mask my exit. I would’ve gotten some,
but we were trapped here and everything. Hey! Elli! Where have you been? Um, hi.
I took a little trip to… Great, great.
Did you happen to find the Magic Archer? Yeah, actually I did. When is he coming back? He’s never coming back. Never… coming… back? No! So, I really want to get back
on the battlefield. King, I bleed blue.
If you just give me… Did the Magic Archer
say anything to you? Oh, he said a lot of things. Good, good!
Okay Elli, start talking. We need to get down
every pearl of wisdom. Well, I remember him saying
something profound, like: “The oatmeal is best at the solstice.” – Fascinating!
– No it’s not! It’s kind of gibberish. You just don’t understand. I could see
why it would sound that way to you. I learned at that dumb Magic Archer camp
to be part of a team. How do I do that if my team always sits
in the nosebleed seats? Weird. Have you noticed
that the red team is barely fighting? They either want to lose… or they know something big is coming. Like him! Fighting for Red? Oh, no! How could he? He was mine! What about the oatmeal at solstice? What about that? You don’t care about the team
or making others better… Just you! You’re all about you! Come on deck four,
we’re going in! And now, your training can begin. Elli, going toe to toe with the Bandit? I’ve never seen her fight like that! – Fireball.
– She is a fireball, yes! No, that. Crap.
I’ll be back for you. No, guys,
the right tower is undefended! The bullseye is only
the center of itself. The arrow is the target. Something the Magic Archer
said helped me. Maybe there was some sense
in his nonsense. A burden is less a burden when shared. Goblin, the Bandit has ten burritos! The teacher has become…
the teacher still. I don’t remember that. No. I’m coming at you live now. – How do you get your voice so echo-y?
– Magic. And now, your training can begin. Maybe so. But don’t forget, sometimes the answer
is wrapped right around you. Hey, that’s my wisdom. Even still, I don’t understand it. Hey! Elli.  That was amazing! You are officially Tower material. Yeah. I learned a few things
from the Magic Archer. A lot of it sounds like a dizzy Goblin,
but there are some gems. Now I see sitting all alone way up high
in a tower isn’t nearly as great as being side by side with your team.
So, I’m good down here. Say, maybe I can join you. See, I’m strong.
I can be part of the team too. Where is my team? Now your training can begin. The Magic Archer?
In the rubble with me? – Finally some one-on-one time.
– One-on-one makes… three. Your words speak volumes,
but your math not so much. There is no math.
Just give me a minute. Can I get back to you? Find a mission
or a mission will find you. All of Clash-kind is one…
fighting itself. To live… is to clash. – More, more!
– I’m getting a glass of milk. Your truths are setting me free!

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  1. Wait a sec blue plus red is purple purpule is the colour of elixer elixer spawns troops troops needs elixer so why they are enemy blue red

  2. This is random but legendaries seem to have drastically different drop rates
    Like magic archer is 5 times harder to find then mega knight

  3. If you guys were in the clash royale universe what troop would you be? I’d want to be a magic archer, prince, wizard or mega minion

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