Citra 3DS Emulator – on LOW end PC, all game fixes and ONLINE!
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Citra 3DS Emulator – on LOW end PC, all game fixes and ONLINE!

October 9, 2019

LETS DO THIIIIS!!! Good day guys Austin here and in this one
today we’re gonna be setting up the Citra emulator now this is an emulator
which brings us that in Tendo 3d s to our PC in this one today we’re not just
gonna be setting up and get our games working we’re gonna be setting up and
pushing it to the absolute maximum so you can get full resolution pushed all
the way to okay 60 frames per second wherever possible and of course we’re
just covering pushing everything for the maximum as always yep it’s gonna be a
lengthy while probably pushing up to about 25 minutes but this one will cover
every game so you can get everything from the 3ds up and running on your PC
of course if it’s compatible with the emulator now this emulator has been
pushed to the limit from the actual developers you don’t need a beast of a
PC to run this anymore in fact you can pretty much run this on
a fiber classify as a potato PC by this kind of standard so I threes you’re all
good internal GPUs you’re all good and we’ll cover that in more in depth
through the emulator I don’t just give you the fish I’d give you the fishing
rod so you can eat as many fish as you want for the rest of your life so by the
end of this tutorial today you will know exactly how to work the 3d s emulator
how to get the absolute maximum out of it so in other words those of you who
want to sit on the couch with a controller on the big screen and see
these games in all the crystal-clear Beauty we’re gonna get doing that today
and to be honest this one is epic so without further ado let’s get stuck in so to get this set up on our pcs the
first thing that we’re gonna need to do is go to the official Citra website to
get this emulator downloaded now there is various other locations such as
unofficial builds and builds that have been made by other people and you may
see some joy and all that kind of stuff but to be honest the official Citra is
the most up to date and for me I get the most performance from it of course there
are ones specific to a certain game this is an open source program so people can
make and do things however they want but for me to get the most performance out
of all the games and that the most stable I use the official build so this
is the website links in description down below it will guide you to here now by
the time you’re watching this video obviously things may have changed maybe
different pictures the layout might be slightly different but the overall vibe
and theme shouldn’t change that much so at the top we’ve got all the tabs peruse
at your leisure but for us we’re gonna get stuck straight in and download this
so for me I’ve got a little tap here saying download for Windows so I’m gonna
click on that it will guide you to this section of the website where I can
actually download it peruse all let’s go fit your own leisure I’m sure it’s very
informative but for us we’re gonna get stuck straight in and download it there
is no 32-bit support for this obviously for those of you on ancient computers or
lower end systems yet it can run on a potato now but we can’t run on that bad
of a potato so once that’s downloaded then go to whatever it’s downloaded to
and run the program this will basically launched the Citra emulates of wizard
which will guide you through everything that is needed to get it up and running
on your system so as you see welcome to the citruses of wizard there is a tap
here called settings but don’t really mess around with anything in here this
is more for advanced users so you don’t need to care about that what we want to
do is click on next then what we want to do is tell it where
we want to install Citra you can put it wherever you want but for me for the
ease of this video I’m going to install it on my desktop so well it’s easy for
me to get amongst and show you guys so I’m gonna click on browse I’m gonna go
to my desktop and then I’m gonna make a folder on my desktop called Citra so I’m
gonna click into here and then I’m gonna put select folder as you can see it’s
now put the location to that and then asana to do it on next now at this stage
there is two versions of sitri that we can download we’ve got one called the
nightly and we’ve got one called canary now I want to highlight them both
nightly is the most stable version of sitri if we hover over it it should give
me a little box as you can see the nightly builds of sitri are the official
tested versions of sitri that are known to work so in other words these are the
most trusted versions of sitri it’s got all the enhancements and everything that
I’ve been around some time everything’s been tested the developers and most of
the people in the community know exactly what’s happening in here and it’s got
the most support however what it’s not got is many of the new features that are
pushed out almost daily and that is in the actual canary build and that’s what
we’re gonna focus on today because yep it’s not a hundred percent I would say
stable but what it has got is often better speed increases it’s got better
enhancements there are options yep from time to time you make it unlucky and
download a bill that isn’t as compatible for the old system or I’ve got a few
bugs in there but to be honest I get the most performance and the most joy using
the canary build it used to be called the bleeding edge I wish to just call it
like the beta and the most stable version then people would know what it
is but let’s focus on these and download them both so make sure they’re both
ticked click on next this bit is for the general public
license so in other words this is an open-source emulator so anybody can work
on it people can do whatever they want except things that aren’t in the license
so peruse this at your own leisure make sure you enroll up to date on it
click on eggs at the license that go next and this bit is just as you would
with any other Windows program it’s asking you do you want to make a start
menu shortcut I’m believe every for the standard click
on next then it’s gonna say well let’s install this puppy so I’m gonna install
and now it’s gonna go to the official citro download location and download it
to your PC so yeah by using Citra again we’re using the canary build today
because I get the most performance out there if there’s something that’s just
been released it’s straight in there and I have not had a problem in a couple of
years of me running this from using those type of builds yeah we may get
unlucky from time to time but 99% of the time we’re good to go so once I stun
then click on finish it will exit out of the energy you see on our desktop we’ve
now got a folder that we just created and have the emulator in there obviously
if you look in a different location travel to whatever it is you installed
it and then get inside the folder and the first thing you greeted with is the
maintenance tool now it used to leave a little shortcut on your desktop to
actually launch all this kind of stuff it doesn’t seem to do that anymore
but we don’t really want a bubble with this it basically takes care of itself
so every time you launch it Citra it will check on the website see if you’re
using the most up-to-date version and if you’re not then it’ll try to to actually
download and well install it it takes care of itself which is absolutely
awesome so as you see we’ve got two folders in a while called canary and got
one called nightly for us like I said we’re going to be focused on canary so
what I go into here now you’ve got three application files one called Citra QT
I’m on old room now for the actual emulator and the one that we want to
make the magic with we want to use Citra QT and to make things easy for herself
longer there is highlighted right click create shortcut
and there we go now I can drag this up to my desktop and so I don’t need to go
through all this gun and all this crap to actually just play Citra so ever do
now is rename it so Citra canary and you can all some it won’t be Knightly you
could have put down that route also but we’re gonna focus on this so I know
exactly what it is that I’m launching each time so first things first what we
want to do is set up everything with the emulator so it’s ready to rhumble to be
honest so you’ve got various tabs along the top I wanna focus on the emulation
tab there’s one on there called configure and it’ll bring you a box
similar if not identical to this one I wanna stretch it up so I can see all the
tabs at once and as you can see we’ve got various tabs we’ll run through now
to get it all set up the first one you don’t really want to mess around with
because it’s all set up as default you won’t get no added performance by
messing around with a little from here in fact by disabling CPU JIT you’ll see
but basically a PowerPoint presentation when you all playing the game cuz it’s
running so slow make sure that is enabled region doesn’t really mess
around with it put it on auto select beam wise if you click on to dark then
it basically makes this darker so it’s not as bright on the screen I’m gonna
keep those default next thing then system got on all your personal details
if you want to in this bit make some difference whatsoever for the actual
game next bit setup your controller now some controllers may need to be turned
on before you actually launch up etc so if your controller isn’t being
recognized when we’re doing this bit now exit out of sitri and turn on your
controller then come back into Citra and your controller should be recognized
controllers that I believe are acceptable from this emulator or
anything that’s X input or direct and put anything along those lines basically
if windows can if windows could use your controller in any of your games or
anything like that you should be good to go
I’m not heard of anybody with any crazy stories of not being able to get this to
be configured so once that’s up running then I’m going to turn my controller now
mine’s pretty compatible I’m using an Xbox one s5 by the way
now thing is controlling your setup your controls if you’re using the Xbox
controller remember that this is the Nintendo layout so the a and the B
buttons and the X and the y buttons are the opposite way around so for me with
my xbox pad I’m gonna put the a button as B I know it sound crazy B button as a
X button as Y and the X button sorry Y button as X next thing there and bumper
buttons I’m going to do the left bumper button right on the button
electrica right trigger C stick this is the stick test to the right of the
screen on the 3ds so I’m going to be using my rightmost analog stick so you
can’t go through it and do it this way however to get the proper sensitivity
with all this click on set a lipstick and it says after pressing okay first
move your joystick horizontally in other words left or right and then use it and
then vertically so up and down so I’m gonna click on okay then I’m going to
press it to the left and then I’m gonna press it up and as you can see it’s been
at all for me directional pad this is just your d-pad on your control and so
left right now see stick or circle pad oh sorry
circle pad this is your analog stick so the leftmost analog stick on your
controller so it should be the exactly same as like we did with the c stick so
click on set analog stick click on ok then do it left and then do it up and as
you can see it’s configured itself next bit thin for me click on start click on
select and once I start then click on graphics so at this stage this is where
things are really gonna impact and to be honest it depends on the PC that you’ll
run into what kind of settings we can put in here and again it depends on the
game that were run in how intensive it is what kind of PC so there’s a lot of
variables so it’s not really worth messing around too much at this stage
until you get it run in a game and then you can kind of see what kind of
performance you get in and as we’ll see in a second how far we can push it
depended on your computer but for now I’m gonna keep everything as standard
there’s nothing else I need to mess around with here except the layout of
the screen default is one big screen at the top the little screen at the bottom
for me I like to have the big screen as big as I can so I’m gonna go in this
default I’m gonna put this on large B so I got a massive main screen and a little
tiny hello screaming the bottom round corner next thing then go into audio
leave this default you don’t really mess around with anything minute otherwise
you may have issues with audio camera this is a new addition you can actually
use your webcam now as it would be on your official 3ds so choose which cover
you want to mess around with me I’m gonna do it with the front camera and
then if you’ve got a webcam it will short here if you’ve not then put it on
blank but you can also end it on what game you’re playing and utilize your the
camera from the 3ds in virtually different ways so if you haven’t got a
webcam and you can upload a picture of yourself and pretend that this is a
picture taken from your webcam or you can actually use your camera itself and
do it that way pens on your setup but I’m gonna leave this as standard as
normal next thing then don’t miss run with anything a debug unless you’re
pretty advanced user or you been doing this for a while
sting then he has got online play and we’ll talk about this more end of the
video too much for now let’s play that way and then click on ok and all those
settings will now be held on your PC so when now should be able to at least run
again so first things first double click on answer add a new folder to the games
list so now what Citra does is instead of just adding a game or looking for you
game you can actually get them all to display in the Emily to itself so double
click on it now what I want to do is go to the location of where my games up so
for me it’s in 3ds games so as you can see on my desktop I’ve got various
different games in here and these are in various different format now for the
games you want to be getting them from your 3ds you can dump them yourself
again in the description down below or per link to this place here which is
frequently asked questions we’ve everything revolved in around such or
how to get things working involving get any games and all that kind of stuff put
in here is a section on dumped in your own games so he can officially download
them from your 3d s again links are in the description I’ll guide you here talk
through it all or you can actually get ones that installed on your 3ds in the
words a shop games and they come in a different format also CX I games are
normally games that I’ve been installed from the eShop and your 3d Dot 3d s
games are ones that are dumped from the carts let’s say now obviously you can
get these on the internet a lot kind of stuff but we won’t cover that because it
depends on what country from legalities all that kind of stuff so it’s something
that I can’t cover that in this video but the official way of doing this is
obviously downloading it three free D s now I’ve got icons on mine that’s
because I’ve got a program that actually recognizes these 3d s files so that’s
reason your Mazal different yours are probably blank or tied to another
application that you’ve got that recognizes don’t worry about the icons
for now and as you can see we’ve gone to the location of where we just put a bit
too if I do select folder it will now import all those games that we just
looked at into the 3d sorry to the Citra and
you can see drawl now here they’re all got the title it tells you the
compatibility where it’s from the file type and of course the size of the game
and you’ve also got some nice little handy icons to keep your eyes happy now
for us we’re all set and ready to rumble now we should be able to launch games
from this moment on but hang on before you start clicking off the video because
there is other stuff that we need to do for certain games but for testing let’s
launch game up just to make sure everything is running now I believe if
you’ve got a pad that has got touch input you can use it to be your actual
touch input on the screen but for me I use my mouse and this acts as on the
right-hand or deep the bottom screen on this 3d S which is emulated on the right
hand side on the emulator if I touch it in a certain location then that’s as if
I’m pressing it on that screen so let’s get into the game it should give me a
screen on the right hand side there we go
so if I were suppressed somewhere on the what would be the bottom screen on the
3ds then I can click on whatever I want to in here as you can see or of course
most games have it so you can use your controller and there we go got the game
up and running and ready to rumble but for us what we want to do is certain
games when you launch let’s say for example Mario Kart 7 as you can see it
needs certain files from your 3ds in other words on your original 3ds you’ve
got a profile that is held in a certain location
obviously the Citra team cannot give you that because first off it’s your file
and your profile so they can’t really mess around with that also many of the
files and folders that are in there are actually copyrighted to Nintendo so it’s
unable for them to actually share it but again legally you want to be dumping
your own and also you want to be using your or anyway because that’s your
profile before your saved games or your profile from your freed yes and you get
an all-round better experience doing it that way so what we need to do now is
exit out of here so exit out and what we want to do is
add that folder to our citrus setup so let’s exit out of the emulator and
I’ve got my user folder here so in here we’ve got all different ones that have
been dumped from my system so it’s exit out now what we want to do is put it in
the location where citric knows where the magics happening so me what I want
to do is little file explorer go into the top tab at the top here and what I
want to put in there is percentage app data app data as you can see that then I
want to do another percentage sign and this will take me to a folder which is
normally hidden by my computer click on there and as we can see is taking me to
my profile on my computer and update a 1 and it take me into Roman this is where
Citra basically stores all your user profile data so as you can see I’ve
already got a folder in there that’s it repaid when we install the emulator
click on there and as you can see we’ve got various little folders that Citra
has made for our profile so far just utilizing the emulator itself well why
would I do is put my profile into there so let’s go click on and as you can see
the files or folders match up with some of the ones that already exist so I’m
gonna copy copy and paste now we’ll ask probably do you want to
overwrite certain files because some of them have already been created by
default sorry came later itself yep I want to replace
them because now that’s gonna up my profile from my 3d s into the emulator
itself which is awesome so let’s exit out of there now we’re launch it up
because I’ve got my profile that I’ve already made Citra may look a little bit
different okay let’s the once all that it’s done then what you want to do is
boot up the game again get into a game and now what we can do is start ramping
this up so as you can see I’ve just booted up Mario Kart 7 and now
everything is more or less set to default as we well set it up a few
seconds ago so yeah everything is playing and it’s pretty playing pretty
damn well but to be honest it doesn’t look as good as what it could so I’m
gonna pause this and now what we can do is go into the emulation tab configure
and now we can start to rump this puppy up now the performance and how far you
can push this again will depend on what kind of system you’re running if you’ve
got more of a high-end PC then you’ll be able to push this a lot further
those of you with AMD graphics cards you may not see as good performance because
of the way that it uses OpenGL that’s the driver that runs this emulator and
OpenGL isn’t supported very well by AMD or at least it’s not compatible through
this emulator using OpenGL so if you have got the opportunity and it’s not up
to its full potential and you have got an Intel based CPU get better
performance from disabling your graphics card through this emulator and utilizing
your onboard one again I’m not gonna go through that in this video because
that’s very troublesome time extensive and that’ll be for the few people out
there I’m sorry if it has happened but I’ll put a link in the description down
below that will aid you to actually doing that be self but for those of you
who are doing pretty well and up to this stage then now I can start to ramp
things up so I’m now gonna go on to 720p which should clear all this pixelated
mess up and get it looking pretty damn good I know I can push my lot further
but for now okay with that as you can see I’ve just
enabled it and now it looks beautiful absolutely beautiful now for those of
you who want to take it further most of you should be able to get up to 720p no
problem even on a very low-end PC even on onboard graphics but for those of you
do you want to take it even further now we can start to push you up even further
now I know for a start then I can go all the way up to 4k now many of you out
there when you say waggle to 4k is just 3ds game and there’s no reason to well
yeah texture wise where you won’t get much
increases by pushing it that far especially from I don’t know 1080 to 4k
but the way that the game is rendered 3d games should I say you will see a lot
crisper detail on the outlines now even if you’re not running a 4k monitor or TV
you will still see better forms because what’s happening is this emulator hasn’t
really got aunt Eliza nyle post-processing going on so even if you
run it at the native resolution of your monitor which is likely 1080p you will
still see a few jaggies from time to time so push this even further so it’s
more or less crystal clear even that running at 1080p then put it on to for
Kate internal resolution as we’re gonna do now will clear up many of those
jaggies so you get the best experience possible so yeah even though you’re not
playing it on a 4k monitor you will get better visuals but obviously some of you
may not be able to push it that far because your system may not be able to
handle it so keep on ramping up one step at a time until you get to a stage where
you get the best experience possible graphically but also of course you’ve
not seen any slowdowns whatsoever something that you want to be looking
out for on here is you’re in the bottom here you’ve got speed 100 percent and
you’ve got the gain 60 frames per second this is a 60 frames per second game that
our games out there that burn at 30 frames per second if you was to turn on
a no something like that that gives you
statistics on your system it may show you there that it’s run in 60 frames per
second burrows down here is showing 30 frames per second that’s because the
game of the emulator should I say is running at 60 but it will only be
outputs in 30 frames per second does that make sense so it’s not into polity
in the paper so that word I can’t say that whatever it’s not basically
rendering every frame of them 60 it’s just rendering 30 of those 60 frames so
that’s why your graphics card or something up the monitor in your
graphics may pick up 60 here even though you’d only get in 30 or in some cases 20
spending on what gaming playing down here so hopefully that’s cleared up a
few of your questions so once you’ve done that then you’re pretty much good
to go your emulator is good you’ve ramped it up as far as you can the only
thing left to do is going back into graphics again now some games you may
get graphical issues you may get slowed down too may get all kinds of errors
going on some games do recommend that you tick these boxes or untick them
basically if you hover over it again you get a little thing saying what it’s
about so this one is correctly handle all edge cases and multiplication
operation is shaders I wish to put there in layman’s terms so in other words some
games require this for a hardware shader surrenders properly so we’re running
this at this moment by ticking this box using our GPU if you uncheck it then
what it’s gonna do is just gonna burn on your seat here so you don’t really want
to be doing that because then it goes back to the old version of sitri which
ran really really slow so you should pretty much always have this tips
however by taking this some games may break so by on ticking and ticking some
of these boxes you will get the best experience depending on that game but to
be honest for the majority of them I’ve more or less put everything off so
everything is handled by the actual GPU itself for those problematic one so you
may have to mess around with a couple of these said
and again depending on whatever layout you want to use change this and it will
do the different layout as you can see depending on whatever game you’re
playing so to get the multiplayer side of it all set up you have to do have to
jump through a few hoops first off click on the furthermost tab in the
configuration menu it will give you a screen like this so it says by providing
your username and token you agreed to Citra to collect additional usage
information sorry usage data which may include user
identifying information in other words you’re gonna be setting up a profile
within that profile will have your information but just warning you that by
doing it you are going to be sharing that with the team but of course it’s
your option if you want to go down that route so first thing to do is click on
signup it will guide you to a section of the website as you can see here and at
this point you put in your Google account or your get help account and
then you can make a profile on the website which will then allow you to
make a token so once you’ve done all that put all information click on login
exit out and go back to the emulator then once all that’s done and you’re
signed into the website you can put what is my token it will guide you through
this portion of the website here and because you’ve already logged in when
you go to this section here of click here it will give you a location on the
internet which will have your token or your cold there I can’t click on it
because then you’ll know mine I’ll probably get bumped from people
doing stuff on the Internet as it does so click on there it will give you a
little code once that’s done then put the code into there but wherever it is
username that you signed up with there click on verify and you’re good to go
the only thing that you need to do we need to go on the online thing and it’s
opened up is keep it active so even though you’re playing in games and stuff
there’s a little chat room that you can see everybody online within your room
and whatever game you’ll choose to play you sort it out with each other and then
you’re good to go that way it’s as if everybody is in the same room as you and
you’re playing multiplayer locally does that make any sense I don’t know if
there is any worries let me know in the comments down below and I’ll do my best
to do an in-depth version of this section obviously I can only do it so
much now because I would be releasing all my information but for those of you
who are struggling I can make I don’t know a burn account and do it that way
so hopefully now you are up and running but everything configured and you should
be good to go if you have got any issues put them in the comments down below I’m
sure people will get involved I’ve also got a discord where you can
you know ask people in the community people who have been along with this
asked about different emulators all kinds of stuff we might discord and of
course Citra has their discord in there also a link in the description that one
and of course the website there’s all kinds of information there there’s a
frequently asked questions as a forum to get involved with so there is lots of
support with this emulator and to be honest the entire scene and community
revolving around cetera has always been awesome
they just nail it every time when it comes to the way of doing things adding
new features and the way they roll stuff out Citra are top-notch people and I tip
my hat to them all so that’s about it for today guys but we’ve covered
everything so far again put in the comments down below what you’d like to
see in the future does any other name ladies like me to cover but I think we
have got everything sorted in this one it has been an absolute pleasure
bringing this one to you today I’ve been meaning to do some time but finally
we’ve got around to it and hopefully that will update a lot of you who’ve
been struggling with the more recent versions and of course those of you who
are new to run in 3d s on the PC also again it’s been an absolute pleasure
please make sure you like please make sure you subscribe do all the things
that you could ever imagine in this wonderful world where we get not
just games working on our PC from the 3ds but we post them to the absolute
maximum all the way to 4k 60 frames per second with whatever enhancements you
desire but most of all most of all you have a good day laters

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  12. Im just tryin to run fantasy life at atleast 720. If not 480 on intel i5 (i cant remember the exact model) and intel hd650 graphics. Full speed as well of course.
    8gb of ram too

  13. can anyone PLEASE tell me how to get majoras mask and orcarina of time working on citra????? they both boot up and run jus fine up until I get to certain parts and than the video freezes but I can still hear the game running……ive already tried matching the regions and it does this on both builds of citra for me

  14. If your pc sucks you can upgrade it a little bit with SSD disk for example, reinstall drivers etc and after that in my laptop citra works very well, 60 fps on native resolution, at least in Mario 2.

  15. Hello ! How add citra in hyperspin on my external drive ? I have two computer where i want to play 3DS 🙂

  16. SUPRISINGLY Got Pokemon Y To Run At Full Speed 30 FPS Locked (Can Get More If I Wanted To) On My $300 Laptop
    Intel i3 4Gb Ram Intel(R) Pentium 5000 Something 64Bit… Im Amazed But Mostly Happy And Blessed.

  17. i cant use citra no website gives me the actual rom i want i own super mario 3d land irl but everysite i put it tin ur file format is not supported :/

  18. I like how he says that any pc can run it but when I play kingdom hearts they talk so slow as if they're drunk and it lags

  19. I Can Run All Pokemon Games For Citra Gamecube And Wii, I Can Run Both Mario Karts For Gamecube And Wii, I Can Run Multiple Game Titles Even On PsP And Ps1 (Havent Tried Ps2) But I Cant Run frickin Mario Kart 7 On Citra LIKE ITS IRRITATING ME TO THE DAMN CORE

  20. i have a gtx 950mx with 16 gb of ram and its 20 fps on native res. is there any way of highering the frames

  21. Dragon quest 8 3ds i play it lagging at cutscene and battle but when enter small house/forest speed is 100 can anyone tell me how to fix it?

  22. There's likely nothing I can do if Citra literally just closes out when I try to start a game? It doesn't show any dialogue or anything. It just goes straight from the main screen where you select your rom to, well, gone.

  23. Mine was a nine hundred dollar windows 10 laptop, the game is shin Megami Tensei apocalypse…

    It's so slow, it's impossible to play. Let alone make a poor man's let's play ( the laptop was a gift.)


  25. I have sd card error in Pokémon ultra moon when I reach hauoli city when it shows the cracked wall I can’t progress because my sd card error makes me not able to work

  26. 1. this video is just clickbait dont be fooled for low end title
    2. if you watch the video for low end configuration hell never discuss it to this video
    3. so as he says your own your own
    4. want to run citra you need a higher specs for emulating the emulator

  27. This emulator helped me save bunch of money on heavy priced Pokemon games. (Don't worry I will still buy some official stuff that is cheaper).

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