Cillian Murphy breaks down the rise of Tommy Shelby | Peaky Blinders – BBC
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Cillian Murphy breaks down the rise of Tommy Shelby | Peaky Blinders – BBC

November 4, 2019

I always use the First World War as the, sort of, you know –
as the sort of line. And there was a Tommy
before the First World War. And then that happened,
and then there’s a Tommy Shelby after the First World War. And he’s the one that we meet
at the beginning of series one. He looked at me the wrong way. It’s not a good idea to look at
Tommy Shelby the wrong way. The men that came back from that
conflict were…just devastated. And so there was this huge societal
change where you had all these men who had witnessed war on a scale
that we’ve never sort of…imagined. It’s all right. It’s all right. And of course, back then, they were
just spat back into society with no help. For Tommy, I think what it did was –
he lost all faith. Religion was just a joke, you know,
authority was just a joke. You know,
the establishment was a joke. Tommy was a clay-kicker in
the First World War, which is basically a tunneller. They tunnelled under enemy lines… ..and set explosives. And so, it was the most
claustrophobic, horrific, dark job you could possibly have. Like, the worst of the worst,
you know? And he seems to turn that trauma into this kind of
relentless ambition, because he could have died at any
point there, he’s not afraid of death. So, every day is just, like,
for free – so why not? He’s a fascinating character, then, because he’s relentless
and fearless. To encounter him as an enemy
is pretty scary because of that lack of fear. There’s no rest for me
in this world. Perhaps in the next. Also, I think he’s burdened with
an intellect and trying to, sort of, move in the world of
mere mortals who process stuff at a much slower pace. I think for Tommy,
it’s very, very frustrating. I think… that you don’t have to. I think the way Tommy operates is,
the smart people make the decisions, and the less smart people
carry them out. And that seems to him to be
the logical way of things. And in his eyes,
Polly and him are the smart ones. They make the strategy, and it’s carried out by the other
members of the family. All right, you stay with us,
but you stay back.
Let’s go! I think the pre-war Tommy used
to smile a lot, he laughed a lot, he wanted to work with horses. He was very romantic. And all of these things,
you see scratches of them, you know, throughout the show and there’s
times when he feels like he’s getting towards some sort
of healing when he’s with Grace. And then it’s taken away again. And then he retreats back into
that kind of shell emotionally. Even though what he does
in all of the series – a lot of the actions are obviously morally and completely at odds with
what any of us would agree with, that’s why people are fascinated
by him, because we see in him a magnified version of what
all humans are like. And his goal, ultimately, you know,
to protect his family – people can identify with that. I feel incredibly privileged to be
a part of a show that has incrementally improved
season upon season. And I’m very proud that
we’ve managed to do that, you know?

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  1. I really really love this show. I play it when I'm working at home, several times over from season 1 to the latest. And cannot wait for the next. Sometimes, I play it to at the end of the day with a glass of whiskey. Aaaah. More more more!!!

  2. Tommy Shelby is such an engaging character. Cillian Murphy completes what the writer wants us to see. I truly like Tommy, because he is no different to me or many other men I know. He protects his family like any Man should…..and if that harms others who get in his way….then so be it.

    Ultimately, he will eventually destruct. Lasts weeks, last scene shows how close to destruction he is.Just like me and like all Men. Thats the genius of this show.

    Set in the 1920s…..but we are still no different in 2019.

    Do you agree or disagree?

  3. Bbc doing what it does best! Ruining a perfectly good show to push their biased opinions on the public …. keep politics out of peaky blinders! It’s the only show that is keeping me paying my licence

  4. I love the peaky blinders. Its such an amazing series, so complex in its own story and so interesting about the culture in the early 20th century and the Roma Families ❤️ much love to the blinders ❤️❤️

  5. Absolutely love how kind he is to his character, I can imagine that after the war it would of been really hard for men with PTSD. Although I don't condone gangsters accept reformed. They have my ultimate respect the ones who change. I love how he says there human thats a really good person!

  6. Whoever cast him on this role is a genius too. They spotted this sharpness and coldness and just let it thrive. Not the most obvious choice but a fantastic one.

  7. I need to see this legend play James Bond or at least see another 28 days later. And why hasn’t this man won an Emmy, oscar, etc?!?!

  8. I can't help to have a major crush with both Tommy and Cillian. Both are diamonds in its own nature. I really like how gentle and warm Cillian is….I want a Peaky Blinders festival in my hometown and we do not even speak English, haha.

  9. I fell in love with him in 28 days later (horror film) first time I had ever seen him was that film.then his role as Thomas just brilliant

  10. sorry but gotta say this… if you can identify yourself with a freaking crime lord maybe you need to start asking yourself some serious questions….?

  11. Une superbe série, jouée par un Cillian Murphy absolument magistral, comme toujours….Très belle analyse du personnage, ??

  12. In case you were looking for this, the song at the start is Mearl – Creases

  13. Bloody genius so glad to have been introduced to this. They still need some more diversity. Not just Benjamin Zephaniah . Even though I love him. There were many blacks back then. Especially in the midlands. Now this is coming from a south london girl who lives in Brooklyn New York ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  14. I’m totally in love with this show. I literately watched the whole thing I need more Shelby. Need more of you. Lol.

  15. Such an amazing show. I watched all of Series 5 in a day. I’m completely captivated by Cillian Murphy in this role. I think it’s the only thing I’ve seen him where his character is the central focus, and goddamn he can carry a narrative. The entire cast is absolutely brilliant—especially Helen McCrory and Paul Anderson— but it’s given me such appreciation for Cillian, whose I only knew through supporting characters. He is outstanding in this show

  16. Emmy al mejor actor cillian Murphy (Tommy shelby)y ala mejor serie del año peaky blinders.emmy,canes,oscar . Se merecen

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