Chuck Wicks tags great archery bull in Montana – Worth the Effort
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Chuck Wicks tags great archery bull in Montana – Worth the Effort

August 11, 2019

(audience applause and cheering) – [Announcer] Y’all welcome
Mr. Chuck Wicks right here. – [Chuck] Well, this is
a brand-new one called, “The Whole Damn Thing”. ♪ Everybody says she’s a
wildcard, a heartache ♪ ♪ The kinda girl… ♪ So I’ve been fortunate
enough to have a job I guess, that I don’t consider a job. ♪ Oh now she’s going
out, and making friends ♪ ♪ It never stops, it never ends ♪ Being a songwriter, you know,
I’m trying to find the time to write all the songs that I can and make the best record I can
and then on top of that, you gotta plan out touring,
it’s a lot of time, a lot of devotion, a lot
of hard work, and focus. (guitar solo) To get out here in the elk camp and to get a release from that and enjoy life so to speak,
at a calmer level is awesome. (slow country guitar) (crowd applauding) Yeah! (insects chirping) – [Guide] They’re moving up. – You wanna watch him where he’s going? He’s about to go down in a little gully. Day one, Chuck Wicks, how you doing? We’re in Cascade, Montana,
bunch of elk back there. I already spotted two
bulls, gonna go after them. It’ll definitely be the biggest bull I’ve ever seen with a bow in my hand. (grass crunching underfoot) I absolutely love elk hunting,
I love me some elk meat. If we eat meat, it’s elk meat. First and foremost is to
get the job done there, and then I’ve never killed
an elk with a bow before. So, I wanted to get up close
and personal this time. (acoustic guitar strumming) (“I am a Pilgrim” by Lucio Rubino) Something that I absolutely
love about elk hunting is the chase, it’s about
being up in the mountains, you know, hiking,
getting that exercise in. (“I am a Pilgrim” by Lucio Rubino) I like to take it all
in, experience as much different things as possible,
be the best that I can possibly be in everything that I do, whether it’s washing
dishes or trying to get the biggest elk I’ve ever seen. We’re here, and then we’re gone, you know. He was supposed to come this way. You take life with a smile. (“I am a Pilgrim” by Lucio Rubino) Awesome first day and I’m excited to start again tomorrow, it’s gonna be cool. (wind blowing) (bull elk calls in the distance) – [Guide] Get us back here and set up. (elk calling) (guide calling elk) – They’re all over the top now. – Yeah. (acoustic country guitar) – So elk hunting, I
actually love the work that goes into it, physically,
mentally, it’s all a challenge. These animals, that’s their home. We’re not used to hiking up and down these mountains every single day, I don’t know how the elk
do it and they’re giants. I’ve always had a huge
appreciation, respect for elk and I love to be a conservationist. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,
as conservationists they are bar none, whether
it’s making sure they have a watering hole, or make
sure the herd is flourishing, and just rocking in places
that they never have, I love to see that continue. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation does it. – A lot of times they go across
the top of that hill there and they walk up there and
then get right directly below them and we can decide if we’re gonna move with them or what’s gonna happen. (elk calling) (brush rustling) (elk calls closer) – Don’t move, a cow’s looking right at us. (elk calling) Usually I get nervous, like
usually I get this amped up where I can’t, I’m like,
oh I gotta calm down. (elk calling) I’m not sure why, super calm! (elk calling) Running bulls off his cows. Big bull chased him off. (elk calling) He’s coming back. (elk calls) (arrow zips by) Straight broadside, he’s
a great bull, holy crap! Great bull, oh my God! (guitar strumming) Wow, this is incredible! God, this sounds crazy, but
got a lot of great exercise and got a lot of great encounters. That challenge alone is
worth the elk hunt to me. And on top of that, I
love me some elk meat. I will eat elk meat for the entire year because of that bull,
it’s a bull of a lifetime. ♪ I can get up and face the day ♪ Me, I just love coming out
here, I love to just be with the elk, really, you
know, hike up that mountain and see what’s going on,
be around ’em, be in ’em. ♪ Like nobody else ♪ (guitar strumming and applause) Nice!

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