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Christmas BOX OF LIES / JustJordan33

August 12, 2019

(jazzy Christmas music) – Hi guys! It’s Jordan and I’m here with my sister! – Audrey from AllAroundAudrey! – Woo! And today we’re going to be doing Box of Lies: Christmas Edition! So we have our Christmas presents here, we’re going to open
them, look what’s inside, look at each other, and
say what is in our box. Now the other person has to guess if we’re telling the truth,
or if we’re lying. Let’s get started! One, two, three, go! – I choose you, Pikachu! Okay, I’m choosing the
first box, opening it up. This is what is in the box. Okay, you ready? – What is in your box, Audrey? – In my box, there is a stocking with a candy cane hanging out of it. – You lie! You lie. – It was socks. – Boom! – These socks were sent to
me from from Sock It To Me It’s a monthly subscription
box to get socks every month. I really like these
socks because they have really cute patterns on them. They’re just so fun. – This one has like
little lollipops on them with like unicorn lollipops it’s so cute. – This one has unicorn, or are these cats? These ones have unicorn cats on them. – Really? Let me see. (screams) Or it could be a narwhal. Depends on how you interpret it. – Well I’m pretty sure
the orange thing is a cat. And it comes with a cute Einstein pin. – Ooh! Okay, next round! (groans) That is so heavy, wow. This is what is in my box everybody. In my box. In my box, is a batch of cookies. And they’re chocolate chip! – Are they real or fake? – Real cookies. – Lies! (screams) – (laughs) They’re sugar cookies! – I was like we didn’t bake any chocolate chip cookies recently. – Yeah.
– If you said fake I would have been like okay hmm. – Man…. Next round! – All right here’s my next one. Ta-da! – [Jordan] Audrey what’s in your box? – In my box is a bird. – A bird?
– A bird. – Is it an ornament? – Umm, no. – What is it? – A bird, with a little
red ribbon around its neck. – A real live bird? – No, are you serious? – Well you’re not describing it, what type bird, what is it? – Um, I would say, I
don’t know the bird type. – Don’t know the bird type? What’s it made out of? – It’s made out of felt. It’s not a real bird. – You lie, we don’t have any of those. – Yes we do! – What!? What! What in the world? Oh my, I was thinking
of like a little bird ornament that goes on a tree.
– Yeah that goes on the trees. – I was like no, that’s not right. – I think it’s made out of felt, and stuffing and stuff. – Looks like it. – I get the points, I
have two points, woo! – And I have one. Next round! (grunts) – Wow. – It’s a struggle. – Your boxes are extremely
heavy compared to mine. – Oh yeah. – This is what’s in my box. Let me investigate first.
– Investigate? – (laughs) What is this? What is this? (laughs) – I’m intrigued. What’s in your box, Jordan? – Okay. (laughs) Okay I can’t get it back in. That’s what it is. In my box, I have a little Santy, – Santa Claus? – Yeah, Santa Claus. With a long scraggly beard. And you can open up his hat, and inside is a can of umm… cranberry sauce. (laughs) – Cranberry sauce? Like real cranberry
sauce, that will spill? – Jelly. – So like a Jell-O form
of cranberry sauce? – Jelly cranberry sauce. – So it’s Santa Claus
with a long fuzzy beard, and a hat that opens up to–
– Not fuzzy, but stringy. – And his hat opens up to jelly? – A can of.. – A can? There’s a can in his hat? – Yes! A can of jellied cranberries! – I’m so confused. How big is this can of
jellied cranberries? – A normal can! (laughs) – Like this big? His hat is like this big? – No it goes in! (laughs) – I’m so confused. It goes in? – Okay, what’s your guess? – It’s like a little
pointy pointy, like this? The can, how’s the can fit? Okay I heard like sand noises, so. – What’s your guess? – I don’t think it’s cranberry. I think there’s a Santa, but I think there’s something else in the hat. – Okay, what’s your guess? Truth or lie. – Partially lie. – Lie? (sings) (screams) – Wait what was that sand noise? – Look! Open up his hat! – Wait you didn’t say it goes in the body! You said–
– I said it goes in! – I thought you meant that, oh my gosh how do you take this out? I thought you meant that the can was sitting up here and
the hat came to a point I was like, that doesn’t make any sense. – It was jellied cranberry sauce. Next round! Go ahead Audrey, open up your last box! – This is what’s inside my box. – Dun-dun-dun.
– Dun-dun-dun! – What is in your box? – In my box are… – Are? – (laughs) Two Squishies. – Describe it more. – One Squishy is a candy cane. Do you want me to describe
the other one? (laughs) – Yes! – And the other Squishy is a cake. – A cake? – Yes. – You’re acting too
weird, so you’re lying! Let’s see it. – No! (laughs) – I got it! I was like wait, where’s the candy cane? (laughs) I was looking
for it like, what is this? – I couldn’t think of
what the other Squishy would be, so I was like,
the other Squishy is. – I know that’s why I was like, she had a real long pause there. Aww it’s a can of chocolate milk! And some bread with strawberry jam on it. Woo, and woo! Look at that. It’s Squishies! (cheers) I got it, I got the point! So the score is three to two! So this is the very
last round, Audrey, you can tie things up here,
otherwise I’ll win! So let’s see what’s
inside my box. (grunts) – Actually that sounded heavy. – Okay then… This is what’s in my box. Don’t listen. – Oh I’m listening! – And this is what else is in my box! (sand moving) – I hear that. – We’ll just dump some out for you guys. Ta-dah! Okay, what is in my box? – I don’t know, what is in your box? – What is in my box! Okay, what is in my box, are these little styrofoam
beads, that you add to like slime, you know, – Your favorite.
– Yes. They always fall out of my
slime, I don’t know why. And there’s also a can of shaving cream. – That’s it, that’s
all that’s in your box? – That’s all that’s in my box. – Any more specifics you want to tell me? – No, I mean, the little styrofoam beads look like snow, kind of. – Truth! – (screams) I got the point! – Wait that’s all that was in the box? – Nope, there was also this. – Oh okay yeah, let’s just not. – A lot of styrofoam
beads, but it’s like snow, it’s like a can of snow, and then snow. That’s foam beads! – I was wondering why there’d
be shaving cream with. – True. This feels so nice. Do it. – Wow, this actually does feel nice. Okay I’m just gonna do the
rest of this video like this. – Are you kidding me? (laughs) – I lost! – I won! So Audrey got two points and I got four points and
that means I won (cheers). Box of Lies for the win! Thank you guys so much
for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up, subscribe, turn it from
red to gray, and I almost hit myself in the eye. The shout-out of the week goes to… Ta-dah! Thank you! If you want to know how to get a shout-out in one of my next week’s videos, check the description box down below. Click the notification bell, so you can get your notifications! (laughs) We’ll see you all next time! – Bye!
– Bye! (instrumental Christmas music)

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