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August 23, 2019

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina!>>It’s Ronald and we are from! Sis versus Bro!>>And today, we’re doing
Chocolate versus Real Challenge! So one person gets the chocolate…
>>… and one person gets the real. And whoever gets
the chocolate gets a point. And if you have the most points,>>you win!
>>You win! Or should we change it to lose?>>No. No, no. I want more chocolates.>>So, where are the items? I am hungry!>>And you’ll always be
cause I’ll get all the chocolate! [Dad] Dish number one.>>Nice.>>Alright.>>I wanna to pick first.>>Okay.
>>Okay. I. Wanna. Keep…>>Okay. Three, two, one…!>>Yay!
>>Oh!>>I got the chocolate mouse!>>I got a mouse?!>>Squeak, squeak! Look! I have white chocolate here
for the buttons and then I have a scroller. Oh! Let’s see if they work the same. No, I can’t click anything on this one. So that means I got a point!>>So, I guess I’m gonna
have to try this mouse.>>No, you don’t. No, don’t try this, please don’t. You don’t want to know what will
happen after but I’m gonna try this. [Buzzing]>>Aw, it looks so good.>>You want a bite?
>>Yeah!>>So, ready for dish number two! [Dad] Dish number two.>>I am gonna keep mine.>>Alright. Three, two, one!>>Yes!
>>Whoa! I got cars!>>But I got chocolate cars.>>[inaudible] The wheels don’t even move!>>Isn’t that the point? Get you car out, we’re gonna try it.>>Three, two, one. Mine doesn’t taste good. Can I have a bite of yours?>>Hmm, yeah.>>Alright.
>>They’re all different cars though.>>Check out this car, it looks cool!>>I’m gonna crack
this, and try the wheel. Decent. So, ready for dish number three! [Dad] Dish number three.>>Yeah, let’s dance!
>>I’m gonna switch!>>Yay!>>I got a good vibe on this one. Three, two, one!>>Yay!
>>What?! Wait.
>>Look! I got these thingies.>>Wait, that’s chocolate?!>>Yeah, it’s chocolate! Look!
It has like, little bits of powder, look. It’s so cool!
>>Wait, is that fully chocolate or just…>>It’s all made out of chocolate, yeah! Look at this! Guys, this is so cool. And look at the lines
on this one, it looks so neat. And then, these ball thingies.>>My goodness I just got regular things.>>Try it, I bet it’s good.>>Okay. Three, two, one. It taste like–
>>Mmm! This one’s good!>>It taste like kind of that meats
that you cannot chew.>>Alright, have some. Tastes the same, but delicious. I wanted to try some of that!>>Sorry.>>2 points for me,
and 1 point for Ronald.>>Oh yeah. Three, two, one! Ooh yeah!
>>Dish number four! [Dad] Dish number four.>>Okay.>>Is that coming from mine, or yours?>>It’s just the plate.
>>Oh yeah.>>I’m gonna keep mine.
>>I think the plate was just wobbling. Alright, you’re gonna keep?>>Three, two, one!>>Yay!>>No!
>>Chocolate balls! That’s why it was moving. Look, it’s white chocolate. I think there is um,
dark chocolate in the inside. Look at this!
Look, they look so similar.>>Which one is real.
>>Imagine you play–>>No one will know!
>>Imagine you play baseball with that.>>Not baseball, it’s um, golf! And it’s like, chocolate in the hole! Alright, I want to try this.
Wait, split it. Here, Ronald, have some.
It’s chocolate soup. Three, two, one. The chocolate’s so soft in the inside. Delicious! Now, we have to try this one.>>Taste like that kind
of meats that you cannot chew.>>You always say that, Ronald. So, I got three points,
and Ronald, is stuck at one point. Don’t worry, Ronald.
You’ll lose. Alright, but we’re
ready for dish number five. Everybody loves chocolate, chocolate,
>>chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Everybody loves chocolate with sprinkles! Melty chocolate! [Dad] Dish number five.>>Oh my god!
>>Alright. What you gonna do
with that big fat butt?>>I’m gonna switch switch
switch switch switch switch. I’m gonna wiggle, wiggle, wiggle too. Three, two, one!>>Yay! I got a chocolate camera, look! I got a chocolate camera.>>Oh my goodness, Karina
got another point!>>Look at my camera.
Chk, chk.chk! Let me take a selfie! So, this means I’m in the lead
with four points, and Ronald, is stuck at 1 point. Did someone say something? Okay.>>Alright. Let me try my chocolate now!>>So good! Ready for dish number six!>>[Dad] Dish number six.>>Awesome.
>>Oh yeah.>>Oh, so it’s your turn to pick!>>My turn to pick. I’m gonna…>>Just saying I have
more vibes on this one.>>I feel like this one.
>>Okay! Three, two, one!>>No!
>>Yes! I thought for a second and then
I didn’t have– I had the real.>>I got playing cards.>>Oh yes!
>>And Ronald got chocolate ones.>>Look at it! It’s different cards!
>>Yeah. It is different cards.>>Here is the joker,
here’s the nine–>>I’m gonna joke on you!>>Of spades… Why don’t you open yours?>>They don’t have no way to open.>>Look. Oh. It’s just like a plain–
>>Golden wrapping.>>I had to get it when
it’s the most plain one.>>Oh, it’s quite plain, actually. Just a little kind
of cool design in it.>>Okay, so you want to try
and taste this?>>I’ll taste both. Three, two, one!>>Oh, it actually isn’t bad.
>>It’s good. Decent.>>Alright. No, doesn’t taste good.>>So that means I got 2
points and Karina got 4.>>Alright guys.
Ready for dish number seven!>>Ow! [Dad] Dish number seven. Look at my poo.>>I don’t want to look at your poo.
Alright.>>Um… I don;t know, I’m gonna keep mine. Three, two, one!>>Yay! I got accessories! I got sunglasses… Ooh, these are mine, give me these.>>Swag–
>>These are mine too, and this is mine.>>What about this?>>Oh, this is mine too.>>Ooh, what’s this?
>>No. These are my shoes. My sunglasses, I mean. These are my shoes,
and this is my potion. A potion glass. Look at these accessories,
it’s so cute! Wait… Am I correct now? There we go That’s good. Alright, I’m gonna try all of them. And um… There’s food over there. So that means, I got five
points and Ronald is at 2. Three points behind. I gotta try this.
Mmm, pretty good.>>Decent.>>Try this.
>>Tasting same–>>Ooh! There’s white chocolate, I want to try.>>You took all the white chocolate!
>>Delicious!>>Fine, I’m gonna eat a shoe. For views, for views.>>I’ll eat this shoe. I think it’d make a bit
more views with that.>>I don’t like this one. It isn’t very tasty.>>That was good.>>So, we’re ready for dish number eight!
E-e-eight!>>[Dad] Dish number eight.>>I am ready for action.>>I’m gonna switch this time.
>>No, no, no. It’s my turn.>>Isn’t it?>>Oh yeah.
>>It’s my turn. So I’m gonna… Switch.>>Yes! Every time you switch,
you still get it though– Okay, let’s open. Three, two, one!>>Yay! Check me out! I got a…
>>What?! On…>>Tablet.>>This is a tablet.>>And! There’s Brutus.>>Where did he come from?
He’s wanting to say hello!>>I got the chocolate tablet, so cool.>>Do you think the screen is edible?>>Probably. Just like, frosting. Ronald, you are so left behind!
You only have 2 points, and I got 6.>>Don’t worry, I’m gonna catch you! It’s gonna be all fine.>>But this, is the coolest thing I ever
seen other than the camera, but, I never knew something like this
ever existed. There’s even a little play button. I’m gonna eat this.>>Oh, no. Eat that–
Try the screen.>>Okay.>>Is it edible?>>I think it is. Tastes like chocolate.
It doesn’t taste like paper or something. It’s pretty good chocolate if you ask me.>>Decent.>>Mhm. Alright!
Ready for dish number nine! [Dad] Dish number nine.>>I always make the wrong decision. If this is the wrong
decision, I’m gonna cry.>>Alright.>>Switch.>>Alright.>>Do you have the vibes with it? Oh, I have the vibes on this one.
>>Oh! I got the vibes on this one! Three, two, one! Yay! I’m gonna… open caps with this thingy! Ooh, yeah! This is so cool! There’s like little bottle caps
and this thing like opens them.>>It’s a wine bottle thingy,
or is it beer? I don’t know.>>It could be– I think it’s beer
cause of these like, little dents in here. Here you can have some of this.
>>You always get points.>>I don’t think this is gonna taste
very good if you ask me. So three, two, one! Chocolate’s really hard.>>Doesn’t taste edible.>>Doesn’t taste good, either. Wait, does this taste the same? No, it tastes the same. Ew. I don’t like this chocolate.>>Yeah. It tastes… Ew. Ew!>>It’s like dark chocolate
like, really really really dark. I think I’m gonna like this better. No. I don’t– I know, I don’t like that. This dish is not good,
but at least I got 7 points. I mean, 7 points! So, we’re ready for dish number 10! [Dad] Dish number 10.>>Oh my goodness
>>I’m gonna… Hmm… Switch.>>Oh, no.>>Wiggle [inaudible], alright.>>If this is the chocolate one,
I’m gonna– yes. Three, two, one!>>Yes! Yes!
>>What?! What?!>>Karina got the real.
I got the fake! Yes! Finally! I got the chocolate one.>>But, I’m still 4 points ahead of you.>>Meh. I have a feeling there’s like,
caramel in here.>>Break it! Break it! Break it!
Here, we can smack it with this.>>No. It’s not– It’s unbreakable.>>I am gonna try it. And Karina, you might as well try yours.>>It looks pretty good if you ask me,
alright.>>It looks pretty chocolaty.
>>Mm-hm. Three, two, one.>>Uh, doesn’t taste very good.>>There’s nothing in here.
>>What? Is it hollow? Wow, that’s one good ball.>>Guys, look at this big, giant hole!>>I I’m just sad that it’s hollow. I wish there was like
caramel on the inside.>>Yeah. Ready for dish number 11! [Dad] Dish number 11.>>I am so excited.>>Alright.
So, what are you gonna pick?>>I’m gonna keep cause
I’m swag, bruh.>>Alright. Three, two, one! Oh!>>Video game controller.>>Ooh! I got a video game controller.>>I– whoa! This looks so Cool!
>>Wait! Wait! Wait! Look at those buttons!
It looks so cool. Check me out! Check me out!
Playing minecraft.>>But, I’m gonna eat. Guys, I’m going to try this part
because it looks like white chocolate.>>It probably is.
Wait. Wait. Smell test. Yeah, probably is.>>Three, two… Why don’t you try yours?>>Alright. Yeah, I’ll try. I’ll try.
It’s probably amazing.>>Three, two, one!>>Best controller I’ve ever tasted!>>This is even better, I guarantee.>>Wait, wanna try this one?
I’ll try this one.>>Yeah.>>Alright.
Three, two, one. The white chocolate’s good! Try it, Ronald.>>Oh, it tastes like that meat
that you can’t chew. Yeah, it tastes like it.>>No, I think it’s pretty good.
Almost like this chocolate. So that means I got 8 points!
The win! Ooh yeah!
Winner, winner, chicken dinner! And Ronald, is a loser. And that means he’s gonna have
to post something on his Instagram. And you guys, get to decide
what is he gonna post.>>I’m not excited for this. So guys, we hope you liked this video! If you did, smash that like button
and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye! I think I got diabetes.

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