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CHOCOLATE RAIN! | Muddy Heights 2

August 23, 2019

*HIGH FIVE* Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is JackSepticEye and welcome to Muddy Heights 2! There’s a second one! Now I get to poop all over the heads of people all over again! I played Muddy Heights 1 ages and ages ago and I was just playing it on a whim ’cause I saw it online and I thought it was hilarious looking, and then people really attached themselves to it and it’s like one of the most viewed videos on the channel I have no idea how or why, but it’s AWESOME Thank you so much! So let’s play the second one, hopefully it’s as good as the first one Hopefully it’s even BETTER than the first one and these games are kinda like the Poop In My Soup game I played recently as well Argh, I’m excited, I’m excited to poop all over people Get ready to squat down, get ready to Dookie up! Characters look all crazy as well Poop shirts. NICE! Poo–oop is the– You guys are all like, thematic with poop already You deserve to have shit in your face with a face like that Okay. Skip this, I don’t care Oohhh, WHAT is wrong with my face?! What happened to you? Okay, we have some goals! It’s just like in life, you have goals to do Zero of three toilet papers. Okay, ten times combo, twenty thousand score, ruin five dinners And we have secrets; Re-Tag, Toppled, Hydro Poop is something got to do with the fire hydrants Bombs Away, Fertilizer, Wheelie– How can I do a wheelie with a poop? Can I buy any of these yet? Double Jump? I have no money Wait– Double Jump, Faster Speed, Bigger Splatters, Longer Poop Duration… euughh! Well of course the burrito would let you do that *laughs* Okay Oh yeah! It was all nice and innocent and then as soon as you have to go poop it was just Okay, uhm, can I aim or anything? No just click, uh, space! Oh, good heavens! Run everybody! YEAH! What’s up Tito Quente? (Yay, fourth wall break!) Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit! Oh, literally, shit! Oh no, hit him! Hit him! Hit muscle dude! Hit de muscle guy! In da face! Yes! Oh, let’s crash some cars! Go! *fart noise* *exclaims disappointment* I sharted! So when your poop runs out it just goes “PFFT” It just puffs into dust! That’d be such an easier clean up if I could poop like that in real life! *giggles* Okay! I scored 7600! Not bad! Not bad for my first time poopin’! Uhm… Three More Lives, Longer Poop Duration, Bigger Splatters… Longer Poop Duration, let’s get that. Eat that burrito! Look how harmless he is! Also you might have to excuse my lack of voice for little teeny tiny parts Because I just came back from PAX and I was SCREAMING all weekend HURGGH! He’s got a fucking gameface! WHOOSH! YES, on the bus That didn’t land on that bus Hit people! Hit people! Ruin their dinners! Ruin all the dinners! My poop goes really far *laughs* Look at them run! This is so riddiculous! Okay, my poop has a longer duration now but I’m fucking it up I need to be over here, everyone ran away already! Aw, man… Can I do something with you? Can I do something with the fire hydrant? No? Wait for it, wait for it… POOF! And it’s gone, like a– *smooch* –like an angel’s kiss Right, that didn’t go well. That was a shit one HAA! Four lives? What? Am I gonna mess up if I don’t get the lives? Live from downtown, it’s POOP! YES! Die everybody! Stop fucking playing music. What do you wanna play? The song of our people? Huuergh! Go poop, go poop! Damnit! Everyone runs away so fast! That sucks Dude on a moped. DUDE ON A MOPED! Come here bro! Can I get a wheelie with you? YES! Going Home! That’s not the Wheelie, but whatever Wheelie, I did it! Going Home is you have to land in the trash can… trash compactor I don’t know! All I know is I am a poop soaring through the heavens. I did it, yaay… did I get more moneys? Yes. Okay, I have five lives total it seems, so I have to spend my money wisely Double Jump, Faster Speed, Higher Jump… Explode With “F” I have never wanted poop to explode more in my life Look at his harmless little face And then you’re like– “SHOW ME YOUR GAMEFACE! HURRGGH! YEEEAH!” Whoah, ‘kay, WHOOSH! NICE! We’re gonna explode– explode! BOOM BITCHES! Can I keep exploding? Or can I only do it once? I can only do it once… Dammit– Come on, come here– YES! Smack that bitch outta here! ‘Kay, wheelie bin, wheelie bin (?) Can I not do something with you? Ruin five dinners is another one– AAH! COME ON! Do I actually have to touch the dinners with my poop?! That are bullshit! Actually, it’s human shit, but whatever Here we go(…) Come on, ruin five dinners. Ruin five dinners. Come on, I’m ruining the dinners! *fart noise* That sucked! That sucked a fart outta me arse! Music Mishap… Fertilizer. Bombs Away, Hydro Poop… Hmm… I dunno what to do, I thought I could aim poop before This seems like I can aim it less Can I move at all? Is this- is this the upper–? Oh, I pressed R (?) Did I lose a life?! Oh, you hairy jumbaliah! *yells* MACJESTIC! What’s up fuckers? Fuck you guys! Kill everyone! Kill everyone! Block off the exits! Fuck yo– FUCK IT! Where are you going, bitches?! Where you going?! COME ON! I had that one! Dammit, I messed it up Ruin five dinners… Ruin the five dinners Ruin them all, ruin them all! Can I ruin the five dinners? Aw, that is a lot of splatters, that is a lot of splutter splatters Eww… GROSS! Man, that sucks! I mean, I got a decent combo– I only have one life left, and I have no fucking money Wha- what the fuck? I could’ve done better! I can normally shit a lot better than that Okay, we’re going back in, we’re doing it again, we’re doing it Don’t sniff my finger! That’s weird! We’re doing this, we’re doing this this time Two moneys, two munz… so I want… Uuh.. Higher J– Faster Speed Faster Speed will be good, and Explode With “F” So you can get right in there– Just zip zap, zippidy bap! Get your poop right in there and explode it all over people’s faces *exclaims* Right in the cars(…) Yes… Crashing everybody is a goal that I have in life right now What’s up motherfuckers?! You wanna go?! You wanna go?! BOOM! YES! Aw man, faster speed RULES! YES! YEAH! That was a good start, a good start to my day of poops I’ve got no more money Dat’s cool… What the fuck are these? Bombs Away That’s what you say when you’re poopin’ in a toilet Music Mishap– maybe I have to hit the music dude I dunno *exclaims* I’ve hit the music dude a bunch of times though That’s not a Music Mishap? That are a nothing! Kill all those dudes, I hate them I hate their faces, I wanna poop all over them NO! The trucks are gone! Damnit… Can I do something with this? Hydro Poop? No– *fart noise* There’s birds over there… I wanna hit the birds I wanna hit the birds with my poop That’s all I wanna do *exclaims* Yes! Yes! BOOM! Can I hit the birds? I wanna hit the birds Let me hit the birds– Yes NO! Hit the BIRDS! Son of a bitchtits! Come on Get up there again. GET up there again! GET on up there, poop GET on up there, poop! Yes! Okay now, we only have a little bit of time. Hit the birds You hairy Mary! *fart noise* *Jack makes fart noise* Sounds like someone breathing down a tube AHA! Collected toilet paper! There we go! I had zero of three toilet papers though BOOM! YEAH! Hit the car, hit the car– Fuck! Noo! Okay, combo’s still going, combo’s still going Another one, anotha’ 1 Noo.. okay. *tsk* Maan… One of three toilet papers Where are the rest? This is hard! Almost like poops… *exclaims* Okay, there must be toilet paper somewhere over here There must be, I’m just fucking counting on this shit Toilet paper, toilet paper, where you be Toilet paper, toilet paper, come to me BOOM! Oh, wait! Oh wait! Those have different dinners! There was other guys having dinners! I thought I had to ruin like five plates of dinners but no. I have to ruin five PEOPLE’S dinners Got it! Gohtee! Right, what else can we do? Faster Speed, Higher Jump… Longer Combo Time… Bigger Splatter– Longer Poop Duration. I need that right now Let’s fucking dizzidy do it! Do I have to get up on the rooftops or something to get the other toilet papers? I don’t even know where they’d be Hydro Poop! YEAH! Can I go into the air? Yes, YES! Take me away! There’s a toilet paper up there. I saw it! Yes! Can I actually get up there? Not on this run Not in this run, but I fucking know how to do it now Look at me, I can see myself off up there on the top! After taking this really corny shit *fart noise* Yes! Didn’t get a good combo, but I did learn some things I got a Hydro Poop, and… Bombs Away? How did I get that? Okay… okay… *exclaims* Yes… Yes! Oh god, oh god I need to knock down the hydro thing *exclaims* I need to get a car to crash into it Come on dudes… Come on dudes! I know you can do it, I know you can do it, I know you can do it! Come oonnn! I need you to crash into this! Otherwise I can’t go anywhere! Okay, you know what? Fuck you guys, fuck all of you guys! Playing songs… TOILET ROLL! I see the other one! Oh, man… can I get it? I thought I had a Double Jump Aw man, I almost have it… Damnit! Yes, yes! YES! Flying poop, away! Nice one! Another toilet paper is mine! Another one in the bag! BOOM BITCHES! Argh, I’m SO close to being able to get that one Come on man, come on man! Can I please get it? This is epic! *fart noise* Aah, so close! Can I have–? I need another munz! I need another munz to get Double Jump! Munz, munz, munz! *tsk* Damnit… Okay, here we go, here we go… WOOSHER! All the way… All the way We’re landing on this, and then– Wooh! I can’t fucking do it man OOH! We unlocked a new level, ’cause we’re at 72% I don’t even need to go back and get the other toilet paper I will later, and I will in my own time Oh, it’s like the Bahamas! Never have I wanted to shit on a beach so much in my entire life Here we go! Yeah, it’s all about them poopers Nice! Now I’m topless! Sweet! Dive-Bomb, Hole In One, Sunscreened, Preworkout Okay, so these are pretty much the same– Be the DJ? The fuck? Can I get a Hole In One? A hole in the donut Right in the floatie YEAH! Hole In One! I didn’t even see that, but I had a feeling as soon as I saw that, I would be able to get it What the fuck is going on over here? *in a probably Russian accent* Hello muscle man! Fuck you! In your face! Aw man… That didn’t last very long… ‘Kay, here we go, I’m gonna Be the DJ this time WOOSH! Niiice! HUARGH! Aw, I thought that’d be Preworkout, dammit Be the DJ, Be the DJ, Bee the DJ! YEEES! Now we have the fucking poop music! All music is shit anyway… ahahaha… Not really, I love music. Music is the best type of– Music is the BEST type of music! COME HERE! *fart noise* *grunts* You may have outrun my shit today with your floppy weirdo arms, but I’ll be back! With vengeance. Wanna play volleyball Billy? Wanna play volleyball? Not today! You’re gonna die! By the poop The PooperTron is here Sunscreened, yeah! Poop is the greatest kind of sunscreen, who will block out everything What’s up, lady? *russian accent* You are very muscly But now you’re DEAD Can I get on the surfboard and go into the– Aw… I wanted to get on the surfboard and go in the water… I’m getting a lot of these, but they’re not giving me money I need to get combos *russian accent* ??? is de carnival! Nice, ’cause they had a bunch of secrets in the last one, so now I’m able to do this one Coolio! Okay, what have we gotta do? Twenty Times Combo, Derail the Coaster I can Derail the Coaster with my shit, no problem Pooping again– you know what? You just get in It’s not about what you should be doing, it’s about fffeEEELINNG! Damnit, I could’ve Derailed the Coaster But I- I took too long Aw man, I’m not even near anything! Come on! Carousel, carousel, I see toilet paper I see toilet paper! Get it, get the toilet paper! NOOO! Don’t take this away from me! Fuck that little kid! Fuck him in the face! With the POOP! GIMME THE TOILET ROLL! I got a score of a hundred.. So high score, man Man, I wish I got upgrades for stuff Get the– get the coaster, get the coaster, get the coaster… YES! Let that destroy everybody! Land on their fa– POOPMAGEDDON! Fuck you, dude! Aand FUCK you, fuck everyone! What is this, Katamari Damacy? Nuh-UH! Aw man, everyone’s running away, I’m not fast enough! *fart noise* *Jack makes yet another fart noise* Sounds disgusting! I’ll get you, I’ll get you yes, what do we need? We need uhmm.. Oooh, what do I need? Longer Poop Duration, there we go I need to be faster as well though.. Okay, we’ll get the coaster again There we go ‘Cause that has a good combo- Nice, nice… nice! Kill everyone! I need to keep– AW man… I need longer combo duration I need to keep that combo rolling, bro YEAH! Get ’em, get ’em, get ’em! Get ’em! Everybody run away! Everybody run away! Yes! Over here, you go! SHIT! LITERALLY! Fucking COMBO FOR DAYS! *yells* Duck hunt! *fart noise* Gonna be preemptive. Gonna be preemptive and stay over here So then when people start running, they all run to the exit over here and I get them I get them all. I get everyone. THERE WE GO! YES! Combo, combo, combo! I need the Twenty Times Combo! This is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Everybody come here! COME HERE! DAMNIT! Sixteen is not twenty! Last life… This is the last chance I’m ever gonna get to do anything with my time here on this planet Good god, I just fucked everything up That was AWESOME! *exclaims* Fuck you guys, fuck you guys! Who wants to go?! Who wants to go? Can we play duck hunt together?! I can do it, I can do it, hit the targets. Damnit! Aw MAN! I wanna be cool with the balloons… YEAH, gas leak! I dunno what half of these are, but I’m just delighted Aw, I could’ve made poo ice cream! Pooscream! This is a BAD round Well, I’m gonna leave this episode of Muddy Heights 2 here REALLY fun game, it’s so simple just filling your poop with stuff and it’s so silly and riddiculous But I like it! I like being able to get the combos and everything It seems a bit harder than the first one, the poop is harder in this one It’s harder to rack up combos, but the levels are more diverse and I really like that It’s a lot like Poop In My Soup The way you have like the different levels and then you get in and there’s different ways of doing stuff But I REALLY like it! Anyway THANK you guys so much for watching this episode, if you liked it PUNCH the like button in the face LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all around *high fives* But thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEO! *outro music plays* *clears throat* IN THE NEXT VIDEO! Fuck!

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  1. Funny pepole moments Part 2:
    7:17 (everything breaks)
    9:28 (cars crash)
    (LOL) 12:46
    (Now just for revenge on billy) 13:28

    The end (for real this time)

  2. Did you notice in the carnival when you derailed it made the Ferris wheel break and your guy was on there your poop killed yourself poop revenge also that's how you got poopmageddon

  3. Game: This is a game are you poop on people from a high rooftop

    Me:Hmmm interesting

    3 days later

    News: Attention citizens there is been poop raining from the rooftops

    Me: ?

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  6. when he pointed at the camera i did the thing you do when youre sick and have boogers then he said "dont sniff my finger"

  7. Can you imagine having to be any of those people and having to explain your injuries to an insuance company or a doctor?

  8. I had a nosebleed during this and that gave me an idea of a new food and the description for it…

    “Razor Blade”
    “Makes Your Poop Red”
    “Your Poop Can Slide Better”


  10. What the actual fuck I go to watch this video and I get an ad about condoms what do you do take the poop from this game and put a condom on it? Thanks YouTube

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