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Chinese Ancient Deadliest Weapons- How to make military bows | More China

August 13, 2019

During the war between the Liao and the Song (979-1004), the place where our Yinan County is located was a battle field. Back then, the transportation was inconvenient. So people made bows locally. This place is also called Langya County. The bows made in the county are named after “Langya bows”. I’m Yu Wanfa. I’m the representative inheritor of Langya ancient military bow. When I was 8 or 9 years old, I started to learn making bows from my fourth granduncle Up till now, it has been thirty years. It is hard to search for materials. Luckily, I met a friend who deals with wood carving. He said he collected one piece (of cudrania wood). It is not cudrania wood, is it? The wood is used to make the limb of bow. To cover it with cattlehide and press forming. What about boxwood? Boxwood is not OK , it is not flexible enough. The number of cudrania trees is small now. Now, all people in our place say that the wood can cure physical injuries. They even use it to make walking stick. Actually, it is a kind of superstition. The plant is wasted. For making bows, there are 12 steps in general. We can observe the annual rings to figure out how old the wood is. If you add such details as a whole, the producing procedure contains about 50 steps. (Making limb) We use cattlehide and cudrania wood in producing. At first, I need to select the material of cattlehide. For this material, we need to pick up the cattlehide aged over two years. You can seize it with your hand. If the cattlehide is too rough, the softness is poor. If too tender, the material is easy to break. After removing the hair of the material, we will soak it in lime water. When the cattlehide is soaked enough, it has flexibility. When it extends, we will steam the cattlehide. When it extends, we will steam the cattlehide. After that, we will cut the moistened cattlehide Into a long strip in line with the width of the bow you want to make and scrape the moistened part off the material. Then we will store the cattlehide right away. Linen is a must in the storing process. The cattlehide and storing sink can be separated so that they won’t stick together. Such cattlehide is easy to obtain, for large production and low cost. It has good flexibility so that the bow made from it has great shooting force. In the middle, we put cudrania wood, then stack up and press it into the sink in order to make it solid gradually. We need to use six bricks in total. After three months, when the cattlehide and cudrania wood are pressed, the bow’s limb is finished Later, we assemble bow tip and grip with strings and cover linen on it. This process is already done. This knife is a special cutting tool, which my granduncle left to me. He passed away quite early and gave me many tools, but some of them can’t be used. To smear evenly a layer of glue made of fish maw and cover linen cloth. This way of bow string is called “leg-bented stringing” Holding your legs: one against and another up the limb and using your hands. You see, the bowstring in this part should be “slanting”. You see, the part of the slanting string and the limb are at the same level, which is an unique feature for military bow. For the string, we should draw it to the red line as the scale. For military bow, it has a different point from ordinary one. We should check it after the production. We call the measure gauge as “jiaoli”, and two “jiaoli” are about 80 kg heavy. The scientific name for cattlehide-made bow should be cattlehide-linen bow. According to “Zi Zhi Tong Jian” ( a Chinese historical recordation), the bow has a history of over 2,000 years. During the Han dynasty, the bow was quite popular. The tool can be used as regular bow or composed into crossbow as well. The way of shooting in ancient times was for sieging castle. (Well, let me demonstrate it to you.) (The hand should be clenched, and hold it.) The cattlehide-made bow can’t bring me enough money to make a living and support my family. The reason why I continue to do it is that I can also produce ceramic products excerpt making bows. I use the money earned from ceramic products to the production of bows. Now, I only make a small number of bows for museums and some bow collectors. Because of my family affairs, I was sent to my granduncle’s home since I was little. So I watched and learnt how to make bows from him. My granduncle didn’t have offspring. Later, he left all things to me. Why I still do it? Because I feel sorry for him He raised me up since I was little. He split a steamed bun for me and my elderly brother, while he didn’t eat instead. I would have thought he could rely on me. However, he passed away very early. What can I do? The only thing I want is to pass down his craftsmanship of making bow.

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  1. Баси като го видох къ дръпа ми се дощя му отплющя един зад врата  😉

  2. 建议二更团队可以在做视频前做些研究。这种玻片弓包皮毛是很不传统的做法。 更别说是什么宋辽弓了。

  3. 古~不是吧,别丢人了!建议再了解下吧。还有,那个射姿,学下射箭吧,蒙古式,地中海,还是反曲,再了解了解在上影片吧!!!!

  4. 现在国内传统弓发展在上升期,这明显不懂弓啊,希望别误导了外行,报道下阿利,阿飞,这些才是真的做弓的

  5. How can anyone take this guy serious. This is actually an insult to the real bow makers. If this is the real bow. I doubt the war with Song went well.

  6. You have my utmost respect. Archery and bows exist in different shapes and forms but the beauty lies in the patience and preseverance in making a bow. All bows are special and so are the skillful makers.

  7. 丢死人了,假货还能上电视,建议二更采访国内真正传统角弓的制作者比如青阳,周晓初等。This is so embarrising, I am a chinese trad bow archer, this is not what it is.

  8. I see many ignorant people here. Just because they never saw a thumb draw. They say it’s wrong. There are more than one draw technique than the westerner has been expose to.

  9. 中国基本没什么传统了,南宋被毁灭了一次,明朝被毁灭了一次,冥国54运动毁灭一次,红色中国又被文革毁了一次,连孔子的坟都给刨了你们敢说中国还有什么传统文化么?我们现在已经不是传统意义上的中国人了。

  10. Nice. So many commentors who know so little.
    Try looking up some of the bows made through history to learn a thing or two before expounding on it.
    He is also limited by the commies on how powerful he can make a bow. All the trad Chinese bows I've seen made were very light draw, and finally someone mentioned it wasn't a true historical bow because they can't by law make them. I'm surprised they allowed the broad head on the arrow, mostly I've seen a pointed blunt that will hardly penetrate because even a field or target point is verboten.

  11. holy shit the tips (forgot actual name for this kind of bow) Look like bloody 2×4's. wth is with the fur? slow slow bow.

  12. I am Chinese n do both target n traditional archery…………just wanna say if this is by any means a faithful attempt of historical reproduction, there is simply no China today, as our ancestors world have been be wiped out clean off the history…if they went to war with this piece of shxt…either on foot on horseback on siege or on marine warfare, this piece of shxt cant throw a 300gr arrows better than a kid made pvc bow.

  13. Is this a joke? That bow is a Disgrace and embarrassment  to the ancient Manchu bowyers!

  14. I don't understand why a lot of people in the comments are saying it's not a real bow it's trash and everything else it doesn't matter if it's the best or worst just enjoy the art (p.s. I had no idea what he was saying but I still injoyed the video

  15. 真的是在瞎JB搞。这个水平也就可以给古装剧提供点道具。




  16. Draw weight aint shit, efficiency of a bow is EVERYTHING. THis bow has heavy limbs and is wrapped in fur…………………extra weight tends to make bows inefficient AND handshock can significantly lower accuracy.

  17. Is this a real traditional bow? The core "wood" is thin like fibreglass strip and why siyahs are this chuky and a fist thick. I'm not expert but this looks weird to me.

  18. I think that all the crap comments about this video and the bow, is shocking this man made a great bow with traditional tools and techniques and it was great to watch this video so the people who have put in bad comments go and have a go at making a bow as good as the one he made

  19. this is the most silly way for some people to comment and I hate the 'hate' comments, this tradition is definitely valueble, and it is one of the most quality bows I have discovered online, so if you do not have anything nice to say, STOP typing!!

  20. this guy makes fake traditional bows and the editor of this video doesn't even know about it. There are many real traditional bow makers in China, and this guy is not one of them.

  21. Well, he shows us how to dress a bow in fur, not a thing about bow making, really. And he does not produce full draw as he is shooting and makes the most elementary fault, moving the body like he wants to help the arrow get a good start! Many people on you tube actually have this problem.

  22. hello, i was wondering if someone could please help me, i have for a while now been checking out my husbands views of videos on the bows he was watching, and by the looks of it he loves bows, i need some help if possible, because please let me explain, my husband has been on dialysis now for about 10 years, and last year his bow broke, or he told me it was weakened to the point he couldn't use it or something along those lines, he is an avid shooter and because he is on dialysis its really all he has to do during the day, hes tried making his own, but its not working out, and because hes sick im the only one working and he only gts a small Canada pension, which barely covers our bills and the needs of our 15 yr old son, im asking for help to try to get him a new bow, something he can use that i know he would love, but we simply cannot afford to straight out buy one, we just don't have the money, i was in hopes someone would be maybe kind enough to send him one for free, a new or used one, it doesn't matter, just something he can use, something to give him something to do that he can ad most likely will cherish forever, i wouldn't ask if i had the money to buy one, but unfortunately i don't have any money extra after bills and rent and whatnot, if someone could please and thank you, by the grace of the Gods help with this i would be forever grateful, and i know he would as well, i know people these days don't much help others, but im hoping someone out there might, so i thought i would ask, my name is Lisa Ferguson, and in case anyone can help, my address is 1365-96 str, north battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, s9a-0h3,,,,,, please know i hate to ask but i don't have any other way of getting him one, if you can please and thank you, i can prove he is sick as well in case anyone thinks im lying, i don't want people to think that im trying to lie or fool anyone, so i can and will prove it if you wish, but believe me when i say im not, and i wouldn't, not about something like that, thank you and the Gods bless.p.s. i could not find an email for you, but if you wish to email me about it my email is [email protected]

  23. That bow probably explains why Chinggis Khan's troops went through you lot like a hot knife through butter.

  24. This is the first bow building video where when their actually drawing the bow so late, the bow is done to completion you can't correct the wood?

  25. 也來噴一下:



  26. 这个制弓人好像不知道
    1.弓梢越大和越宽会令到箭的变慢。一般是用在穿甲的 重箭。但这也太大了。 我真的没有见过这么大和这么宽的弓梢。
    2. 木头弓臂和木头弓梢不能用 螺丝连接 2:58. 在木头弓臂转了两个洞, 这会爆弓的。所以他的弓臂很大可能是树胶的。。。。
    3. 弓臂包的毛皮会令到弓臂回弹回弹更慢和令到箭的变慢。
    4。 4:26 弓把上连弓点都没有, 这个制弓人就不怕箭把弓把的护手材料给磨烂。
    5. 3:06 木头弓臂全部都包那么多布那么多绳, 这个制弓人就不怕下雨或潮湿会影响胶的粘性。 对哦, 他的弓臂很大可能是树胶的。。。。
    6. 这个制弓人连锚点都不知道 4:21 和 4:26 两个锚点都不一样。拉弓是背部发力的, 不是像 4:22 用抖肩。放箭身体不要摆动, 像4:27 身体向前倾是什么意思?? 真不知道这货如何验弓。
    7. 4:52 教人用捏箭式。。。 这个制弓人可能是旁边剧组过来的。。。

  27. Well i have several questions …
    First why the bow doesn't tapper from the handle to the top ?
    Secondly is the fur important for the performance of the bow , or just for decoration ?
    Also , why the tops of the bow need to be that thick ?
    And what's the name of the technique that you're shooting with your legs and what's the purpose of it ?
    And last could somebody be able to perform the fast shooting technique with the arrows that were shown ?
    I am a little sceptical that the gap in which the string of the bow enters is a bit narrow for fast shooting .
    I would l really like to answer me !
    Wishes from Greece !!!

  28. 您爷爷是不是有什么步骤忘了告诉您了?我记得亚洲各地的弓虽然各有特色,但是基本都用到动物的筋腱,您这弓怎么改用牛皮了?

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