China cables: ‘Don’t listen to fake news’ about Xinjiang camps, says Chinese ambassador
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China cables: ‘Don’t listen to fake news’ about Xinjiang camps, says Chinese ambassador

November 29, 2019

My name is Richard Bilton,
I’m a reporter for BBC Panorama. I wrote to you this week, sir,
about the reports in Xinjang. I know that they are prison camps. Why won’t you tell me the truth
about those camps? First of all, I have to say, there’s no so-called
labour camps as you describe. There’s what you call vocational, education
and training centres. They are there for the prevention of terrorists. With respect sir, I’m sorry to interrupt you
but I have seen the orders that are sent – to the prison camps and they are prisons.
– What order do you have? You mean the order that this is a prison camp? They are orders for the people who run
the camps and they are quite clear that this is a prison camp. – No I think that this is a pure fabrication.
– It’s true. They’re brainwashing camps.
– Let me tell you what’s happening. They change the way people behave,
what they believe, even the language they speak, so they are brainwashing camps, aren’t they? I think there’s no such order for prison camps. You know, in Xinjang, religious freedom
is fully respected. Just to be clear, the documents I’ve seen make it quite
clear that people are held there, hundreds of thousands of people are held
in these camps in Xinjang. What you’re telling me, there’s no relation
to what I’ve seen? – I’m telling you that the so called document
that you’re talking about is a pure fabrication, sir. Don’t listen to fake news.
Don’t listen to fabrications.

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  1. 'Allow no escapes': leak exposes reality of China's vast prison camp network

  2. I guess there are actors and actresses in news videos…. getting paid to do the work… over and over again.. lies.. lies.. lies..

  3. I'd love to see the BBC ask the British Government the truth about why it's keeping Julien Assange as a political prisoner in a supermax.

  4. I love the way the world's media marches in lockstep with Trump's anti-China policy. These kinds of issues have been present for decades with nary a whimper from the press.

  5. The camps are run by the Butcher of Beijing, Xi Jinping

    China is coming for all of western civilization, the butcher is in a chopping mood!

  6. Every world leader non elect or blood line privilege need removing by democratic vote. Powers behind these people are what we need to stamp out. Snowdon did not risk his life to lie

  7. hhhh i hope the BBC reporter can show us the documentaries, it is very easy to upload a video to criticize China but why not upload one more video to prove it?

  8. Very powerful questioning, outstanding to the standard these days. Wht can't anyone put this kind of pressure on Farage?

    he must've used to be on RTÉ.

  9. ah yes I remember the documents – the ones that told that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

    or are we talking of those documents there showed that Libya also had weapons of mass destruction?

    is that the one we are talking about?

  10. I know what is coming next – USA will try to sanction China and China will sanction USA and down goes the dollar into the drain

  11. China will tighten the screws on Trump in the lead-up to his re-election, so if he is smart he will back down from the limb he has climbed on.

  12. There are credible news that CCP transferring camp detainees to prisons without any legal process. The can be the worst thing the government is doing and must be noted.

  13. The British reporter should pronounce Xinjiang correctly. It's not "Shin-JANG" with a twang, it's pronounced "Sin-Jee-ONG". You sound like a hillbilly if you say Shin-JANG!

  14. I haven't seen the documents yet but this journalist was clearly asking loaded questions. How can you interview someone by asking "I just want to know why you're not telling the truth" ?

  15. How deliciously ironic that the Guardian, a nest of deluded postmodernists and Marxists bent on doing to the people in the West what their compatriots are doing to the people in China now claim indignation that their compatriots have been exposed. Look who's calling the kettle black! Sweet indeed.

  16. The BBC trying to say that China is a corrupt country, when they are the biggest corrupt corporations in the world ??? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Simple.

  17. Those concentration camps don't happen without the complicity of the middle class.
    In the one party state the party is the middle class.

  18. look at austrailia and know that any words spoken by china are lies. no humanity, no morals. slowly taking over free nations. time to push china back to the dark ages where it belongs at the very least

  19. China & Chairman Mao MURDERED over 60,000,000 innocent Chinese people!
    Hitler + Stalin + Pol Pot murdered FEWER people than Chairman Mao's China!
    Think on that! THIS China of 2019 is no different than Mao's China, except that the New World Order now openly support THIS China!

  20. the US uses guns to kill people in Middle East countries, which is called promoting democracy; China provides vocational education and training for its own citizens, which is called no human rights!What logic is it??

  21. China has 1,000,000 Xinjiang detained? But Xinjiang has only 11,000,000 Weirs. Can you believe that so many people in an area can be so peaceful under oppression? So let's put our heads to thinking! Who is lying?

  22. Sometimes you would rather believe in Falun Gong than believe the truth spoken by mainland Chinese! Because the media is controlled. If it were not against China, no one would listen at all!

  23. Have you been to Xinjiang? Han people on the mainland are envious of ethnic minorities, because they only need fewer points to join college! My classmate works in Xinjiang and is a teacher. Very happy in Xinjiang!

  24. Why should a country allow the ignorance of religion to grow within its borders? Zealots should take the hint and leave.

  25. The so called 1million Uyghurs were put into a concentration camp is a claim that barely has a single evidence to back it up.

    IT's a lie spreaded by WUC which's funded by CIA ,NED

  26. What is this Chinese joker trying to prove….China is nothing but lies
    Capture land of mangolia,Tibet,Nepal and other countries in the name of some stupid history and treat their people in camps inhumanly…..

  27. Well, China is building the third gen unclear power station in the UK to benefits the people. Maybe the UK government can ban on these projects and go back to stone age!

  28. “It would be a pity if these Chinese supplant all other races. For the likes of us, the mere thought is unspeakably dreary.” Albert Einstein

  29. Do you even understand the credit of so called “mainstream” is broken not for westerners but also for Chinese.we see this kind of news as the jokes….try harder

  30. You should try to listen to voice from China. If you don’t fairly listen to voice from both sides, there will be meaningless to the freedom of speech. When you have subjectively determined China tells all lies, how can you even use brain to think the whole thing. What I saw is full of political correctness here.

  31. I don't understand how force-feeding pork to uyghar will help in preventing terrorism? It is a concentration camp.

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