Chibi is in LOVE!!!!!
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Chibi is in LOVE!!!!!

August 22, 2019

Hey guys it’s karina and ronald and we are from!!!! sis Vs. Bro, and I got some bad news for us, this is the last day of Thailand We are gonna be leading Thailand today, I’m very sad because I really love Thailand Thailand I think it’s SuperDuper awesome, but today. It’s packing day, so We were packing it looks very messy, but really it’s really neat Really trust me on that’s neat. It’s really neat. It’s especially my luggage. Yeah especially Ronalds luggage So yeah we already packed and we have to pack a couple more things, so we’re just gonna meet you in the airplane (tongue roll) Okay, that’s good. *onboard the airplane* See You in the next plane. not in the lounge in the next plane. Hi guys we are on the second plane and i did my hair because, like i wanted to so. i’m playing video games ronald is umm Enjoying his apple juice Ronald was sleeping for like a third of the flight. He was barely awake. no like 2/3 of the plane And I was awake like all the time It’s sunny outside ohh its bright its hurting my eyes Yeah We are like ahh its to bright. Yeah we are like vampires Ronald. Dun Dun Dun We’re gonna see you when we get home So guys we came back home, we’re finally home two days ago, and we just came back from school and Not right now. We’re gonna go pick up Chibi I’m so excited. I haven’t seen Chibi in like forever. He’s gonna be that excited about that whoo cuz Chibi, has a boyfriend She fell in love with the biggest cat ever he is massive she’s so tiny compared to him, but their such a cute couple Guys so this guy literally looks like a lion, he is massive Chibi is so tiny compared to hime but they are the cutest couple ever, and guys just look at these pictures with these two together their pretty cute (Music) Hey guys, we’re not sure if she’s gonna be happy to leave this line behind her, but she’s gonna remember us I hope she’s gonna remember us, but we’re gonna take you guys on our journey of taking Chibi back home So let’s pick up a four million people let’s go. Oh it’s kind of heavy Guys check out this cool diamond play button. I have God check it out. It looks deep but a cool compared to the Sis vs. Bro one Yeah, that’s yeah. Yeah, this one’s pretty cool So this is the newest design for the golden play button and I really liked what about the diamond, Play Button? Next month You guys presented to gamer girl Karina Omg for passing one million subscribers Subscriblers, I just subscrible to Karina hmm good because like I am absolutely amazing Guys let’s go to the cat hotel So guys we are on the way, I hope Chibi is missing us and waiting for us, but most likely she is not So we’ll see you when we get there So guys we are finally here with Chibi Chibi stop no stop Chibi stop, stop. Oh, No where did you go? Where did her boyfriend go? Oh Chibi the Chibi sad look what Chibi did to me, she scratched me that just proves. He doesn’t love me anymore Chibi are you ready to go home? Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi maybe it not the real Yeah, maybe you’re not the real Chibi So guys, I think chibi is ready to go home now Chibi honey awhile I really not going to give up anyway That’s good. She’s ready Alright, Chibi go inside your cage Say bye-bye to later today, Oh chibi wait wait wait How do I close this she bites agree put like that Check his date So Chibi is coming home with us I think she’s gonna be um wandering around a house like she did when we first got her. It’s like like what is this place? This is brand new I’ve never been here before I Think she’s forgotten her name Chibi are you gonna miss your boyfriend probably not. It’s probably just even remember him anymore Guys I’m really happy that Chibi actually recognized us at least a little bit, but I’m not that happy cuz she scratched me But still she Chibi is Coming home with us, and we gonna be a big happy family again with Chibi right Chibi right so Guyswe will see you guys at home to see how she will react at home. This will be interesting Guys we are home, I’m just gonna grab Chibi be out of the car oh gosh Ronald’s come and help I can’t do this with one hand Does she remember Chibi you remember that, thats your favorite toy So guys it looks like Chibi is happy to come home Maybe not just because she’s boyfriend went home yesterday, and she was like there is no boys in here Imma leave she went over there now Chibi and she’s happy again, and on the couch. Of course like usual So guys. We hope you liked this video if you did smash that like button and you we’ll see you all next time good Bye

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