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August 28, 2019

He is feeling so lost bro!! Actually my friend Agni is going to perform a song I also came with them to enjoy here He is yet to perform But there an incident happened What happened, that there is a man (someone I don’t know) He was cooking something there He was cooking in a kadai It was full of oil However I don’t know if he was trying to lift it up all alone or what That oil fell on him It was a very bad tragedy happened to him however the people presented there applied some ghee or oil on him and transferred him to a hospital immediately Lets get back to the show Right behind me is the Bengali association of Chennai Many performances held here time to Durga puja and all are performed here Accomodation facility is also available here If you come to Chennai you can stay here Search by Bengali Association on the internet and you may find them with details You can stay here if you want to Lets go inside and see whats happening there Behind me you can see many stalls You can see many customers there Lets go check the stalls The artwork you are seeing here is very special These are absolutely organic artwork These are drawn with vegetable juice after extracting them These kind of works are not easy and really time consuming So obviously these comes with a price The drawings you seeing here, the artist is an International award winner Johnny I can do anything to care my hair. I love them that much It seems that in the world only she knows how to hair care and we’re nothing but rubbish You morons just shut up. What people will say? Finally I arrived my home But I’m feeling exhausted I haven’t slept properly for 2 nights Now again I gotta go to a friend’s birthday party I’m really feeling really exhausted But I must attend the party too With that said guys its time to say goodbye And as always be happy, be jolly, be cheerful bye bye

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