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Chelsea’s Asmir Begović | Taxi To Training

October 10, 2019

Today’s passenger is
a bit of a big dog. Not just cos he plays for Chelsea but also cos
he is literally massive. It’s Asmir Begovic. This is nice and snug, isn’t it? It is nice and snug.
How tall are you? 6’7″. 6’7″? Yup. Wow. What was your first car? My first car was
a Seat Ibiza, actually. No way! Yeah, one of these bad boys.
This car? Yeah. Woohoo! What car do you drive now? So, now I drive a Range Rover. Yup.
So have you just got the one car? Well, no, I’ve got a couple cars. Oh, here we go. Yeah. Come on. But I didn’t…
What are they? Erm… I think you’re allowed to
show off, you play for Chelsea. OK. What have you got? Well, funnily enough,
I do fit into a Maserati, so… that’s my other car I get to
drive and… OK. ..then a little
whizz-around Mercedes, so… Little whizz-around Mercedes! Hey, you’ve got to have a city car
when you live in London. Yeah. I’ve got a city car, but it’s also
the same as me sports car, it’s also the same as me family car.
Yeah, but you’re lucky, you’ve found it all in one.
Yeah, fair enough. So… I think one of my greatest memories
of you is seeing that clip on Sky Sports of you scoring
the goal after 13 seconds. ASMIR LAUGHS
And you have the record for the longest goal ever scored. Yup. Can you remember
how many yards it was? 92. 97.5. 9…? Oh, jeez. Which sounds like
a radio station. OK. 97.5… Very good. ..Begovic FM. Yeah. When it went in and you could
see it and you obviously could see all the Stoke fans going crazy…
Yeah? ..obviously it’s hard to celebrate but what was going through
your mind, through your body? Well, I was kind of thinking,
“What just happened?” to be honest. I couldn’t believe…
It’s not the way I scripted it, I thought
if I was ever going to score, it’s going to be
a last-minute header or something or scramble in the box,
but to score right at the beginning of a game like that, it’s not
something you ever prepare for and I was just surprised and I’m not a hugely emotional guy
the best of times, so I didn’t really know what to do with myself.
LLOYD LAUGHS The goal you scored, world record
for the longest goal ever, but the person that holds
the shortest record, AKA the greatest poacher
of all time, Mr Gary Lineker… Yeah, right. ..has done us a quiz…
OK. ..called Taxi Trivia. Questions all about Chelsea.
Oh, jeez. No, not, “Oh, jeez,”
you play for them. Yeah. I should know these things, right?
You should know these things. Yeah. It’s currently 4-1 to the players,
I’ve got to make it 4-2. Welcome to Taxi Trivia.
Asmir, Lloyd, get ready to buzz. Question one – which goalkeeper is
the oldest player ever to play for Chelsea? Mark Schwarzer. Question two –
to the nearest thousand, what is the capacity
of Stamford Bridge? 42,000. More than that, innit? The answer, 42,000. Ooh, good on you. Three – who is Chelsea’s
all-time top goal-scorer? Frank Lampard. Frank Lampard. Who, along with Diego Costa, has picked up the most yellow cards
for Chelsea this season? Erm… Er… Azpilicueta. It’s N’Golo Kante. Kante?! And finally, in what year
did Chelsea lift their first Premier League trophy? 2004. 2005. Oh, no! Oh-ho! Well done. So your record gets
a little bit worse, huh? My record is absolutely horrific.
Sorry about that. But I do have
a little prize for you. Oh, look at that,
very fitting. How kind. Little key ring. Thank you.
You keep the eyes on the road. It’s got my website on it in case
you want to come and see me live. Oh, will do. Yeah, I’ll sort you out
a ticket, don’t worry about that. Give it a little smell. Oh, like goalie gloves.
Like goalie gloves, mate. Yeah, only we would know. Goalies? Absolutely, we know
the smell. You think I’m a goalie? Absolutely. It’s now time for Paddlefoot. I’ve had to pull over because in previous times
I’ve been a bit scared. Tyrone Mings nearly killed me. OK. To make it fair, I’m going
to wobble the car, though… Nice. Otherwise it’s a bit unfair on them. Are you ready? Asmir Begovic, go. That’s terrible. Two.
That’s why I pull over. Yeah. OK. Five. OK. Go. No! 22! Thank you. Yes! Where are you? Ooh! I’ll put you above Curtis Davies.
Yup. Not just cos alphabetically
it works, but also, us goalies
stick together, yeah? There we go. Thanks, mate.
Appreciate it. That is the Unpredictable Glove. There are questions in there that
have been written by the glove. Quickfire, you have to answer them. OK. First one. “Team-mate you’d like to share
a room with on an away match.” I’m probably sharing with Nemanja
Matic or John Terry, I guess, two good friends of mine. Oh, nice. Who would you
not want to share with? Probably not Diego Costa. Why? Well, he just doesn’t strike me
like anyone who ever sleeps, you know, just… He’s always kind of full of energy
and always on full blast. He’s always awake. Yeah, he just
seems like he’ll never sleep, so… I’ll go with one of the other guys. “Funniest manager
you’ve played under.” Definitely Jose Mourinho. Really? Yeah. Definitely. So is he funny?
Yeah. He’s pretty funny, loves a good laugh and he’s definitely
the funniest I’ve played with. Not too many other funny guys. “Footballer you’d most like to be
other than yourself.” OK. I don’t know, I’d like to be
Gigi Buffon or, you know, someone like Cristiano Ronaldo,
the best at what they do. For me, two of the best.
Buffon is next level, isn’t he? Oh, man, as a goalkeeper, it doesn’t
get better than him, does it? I mean, to perform at his level
at his age for so long… Yeah! ..accomplish everything he’s done,
is just… Hats off to him. You know what, I have a signed shirt
from him at home. What? Yeah. Yeah. What…?
The prize possession on my wall and we text from time to time, too. You and Buffon text? I’m serious. No way. I’m telling you.
Like, what do you mean? I can put you in touch,
if you want. Yes! Yeah! So, do you still get,
like, when you see a…? HE WHIMPERS
“Buffon’s just text me,” do you still get…?
Yeah, no, I still get excitement. Probably don’t make that
squealing…squeaky noise but… Yeah, no, I was just putting it on
for…you know, but… So we’re here
at the training ground, yeah? That’s the training ground. Yeah. OK, 10 quid, is that all right? Oh, I’ve got nothing on me. Do you have PayPal? I… Erm, I can transfer
PayPal if you want. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I’ll send you an e-mail with my e-mail, I’ll invoice you
and then you just send that over, if that’s all right.
Right, I can do that. Asmir Begovic, thank you so much.
Thank you. There you go. There we go. Cheers. Whoa, don’t forget
your key ring, mate! Oh. There you go.
Thanks, buddy. Take care. I’m so glad I’ve sorted out
a PayPal account.

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  1. Begovic was born in Bosnia but during the war his family first moved to Germany then Canada…his English is better than his Bosnian. Anyway he's a great guy and he is known as a big humanitarian. His foundation have helped many children in Bosnia. Add funny fact: he met his wife in a bar fight where he as a total stranger protected her. Real gentleman. 🙂

  2. Asmir seems like a smart guy, and speaks perfect English also. But I also think he could reach his top form at some other club. Courtois is just too good.

  3. He speaks perfect English because he's Canadian he plays for Bosnia because Canada wouldn't call him up to the senior first team.

  4. Don't like Begovic because he stuck his middle finger up to me and the other Swansea fans in a recent home game

  5. so you made him do these activities for you like the quiz and juggling and yet could still charge him £10 ??

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