Chelsea transfer news: BBC Sport pundit predicts another deal after Christian Pulisic in January
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Chelsea transfer news: BBC Sport pundit predicts another deal after Christian Pulisic in January

October 8, 2019

Pew Lisak has joined Chelsea from Borussia Dortmund for a fee of around pounds fifty eight million dot th e USA international has immediately been loaned back to Dortmund for the remainder of the campaign however when he finally becomes part of the Blues squad first team opportunities will be restricted even further for Hudson oh boy [Music] Academy graduate Hudson oh-de-boy has been subject of several offers from Bundesliga side Bayern Munich [Music] the 18 year old is reportedly keen on the move after seeing the success of fellow English youngsters Jayden Sancho and race Nelson in Germany [Music] Kilbane cannot see much difference in quality between Hudson oh boy and the man Chelsea have just signed ampulla sick [Music] and he says the teenager will want to leave to get regular first-team football why wouldn’t Calum Hudson oh boy leave Chelsea though former Republic of Ireland international Kilbane said [Music] they just signed cue Lisak 460 million pounds this is one of the best young players in world football at the moment and he’s not going to get any game time [Music] so why wouldn’t he think about moving somewhere else if a club like Bayern Munich are supposedly and for him we’ve seen his ability today [Music] I don’t think it’s money for German from this point of view I’d like to think it’s not about money [Music] he could get 50,000 pounds 60,000 pounds 70,000 pounds a week whatever at Chelsea it’s not about that for him he needs to be playing he is on the level of fuel Issyk he is at that level that’s the thing with him fuel is ACCA’s obviously played a lot more games he’s a bit more experienced [Music] but ability wise there is not much difference get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribed thank you for subscribing [Music]

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