Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal – Mikel Arteta FULL Post Match Press Conference – Premier League – SUBTITLES
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Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal – Mikel Arteta FULL Post Match Press Conference – Premier League – SUBTITLES

January 23, 2020

Mikel you must be really proud of your players? I am. The spirit they showed, the character,
the fight and the leadership as well was there because you have to really stand up. I asked
them that when someone makes a mistake – it can happen in football, someone has to take
a red card – what cannot happen is that after we don’t stand up for him and every single
did it with belief as well. I could sense at half time they believed they could get
back in the game and I wasn’t expecting Hector to score with his left foot obviously, but
I’m very pleased. Leadership has been questioned in past years
and Arsenal seem to be showing that in recent times… Absolutely. I’m surprised as well, we’re playing
with a lot of young kids and what they showed tonight is going to be a great experience
for them to keep believing that in football, if you put everything, anything can happen.
So in that sense, top. When Holding was about coming on was Martinelli
going to come off? Not Martinelli but I changed my mind. I was
thinking about that and said ‘I don’t want to send that message’ to the team and we decided
to keep us as we were, give them a chance and I wanted to see how they could respond
to that. Don’t make the response for them because I asked them to be accountable for
what they do and I didn’t want to make a decision not to let them decide for themselves. It
was a great response from them. Martinelli looks a natural finisher. Not many
kids at that age can score goals like that… No and to play in this stadium the way he
has, with 10 men and against Azpilicueta who in my opinion is one of the best defenders
in the league – and he was going against him every single time, you need courage to do
that. Then his energy. I wanted to take him off a few times because he looked knackered,
he was cramping and next minute he’s sprinting 60 yards again. Martinelli’s really stepped up in Aubameyang’s
absence hasn’t he? Absolutely. Not just him, I think Laca is
playing at a really good level even though he’s not scoring and Nico as well and everybody
that’s coming in. They are fighting really hard in training to try to convince us to
play more – when they question some things I tell them (to) speak on the pitch and this
is to speak on the pitch. How is David Luiz? It was a very special game obviously and to
get sent off the way he did, he was disappointed but at the same time proud of his teammates. Do you have any complaints about the sending
off? Possible double-jeopardy? I watched it from different angles and different
angles make it look a bit different. They made the decision, we have to accept it, that’s
it. How impressed have you been with Granit Xhaka’s
leadership? From day one, I spoke with him and obviously
his mind was a little bit varied because of a lot of things that happened in his life
and his family. I tried to convince him that this was the right place for him to stay,
that I wanted to give him the opportunity to try to enjoy playing football again and
everything I ask him to do in every training session he is willing to do it. Today I knew,
the moment I put him there I don’t know how good he was going to do but
he’s going to put everything out there and he was great. Is that the attitude you want to see from
every player? Absolutely and to transmit that to every member
of the staff and the players and he did it. Is how the side responded to adversity today
what you see in training? In terms of that yes, in terms of things related
to the game we are still a long way in many aspects that we have to improve but without
this – that will hold the foundation for everything to build what we want to build together. Without
this you cannot compete to (an) elite level and to do that we have to be ruthless and
it has to be everyday because you know you don’t have the mechanism to respond like they
did today. Lacazette didn’t score but had an amazing
contribution… Amazing and he sacrificed a lot for the team
and sometimes he may lack a bit of energy at the end because he’s doing extra work but
I am so happy with him. What could this result do? I don’t know. I hope they take it in a good
way and they say from here we move to a different level and not say ‘we done this at Chelsea
now go somewhere else and it can be easy’ so I will not let them think like this. What’s going on with Martinelli. Does he go
to Brazil? We don’t know anything yet.

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  1. Once we actually get some defenders in to patch up some liabilities, along with the guidance of Arteta and if this blue collar willingness and attitude of the players is maintained, we will definitely be on the right track. #TrustTheProcess

  2. arteta is showing to be an amazing leader, I can see this arsenal team going far now and fighting for europe places! COYG!!

  3. Mustafhi, pls be accountable for your actions. Just leave dude! Your a joker and letting the team down. I rather Arteta plays a youngster instead.😁

  4. Defensively, I have been impressed with Arsenal's shape. In 2 years time once he gets his players in place, Arsenal will be tough to beat.

  5. Q: Rob Holding was ready to come in but he didn't. Where you thinking to take Martinelli off?
    "Not Martinelli, but I changed my mind. I was thinking about that and I said I don't wanna send that message to the team… and we decided to keep us as we were and give them a chance, and I wanted to see how they respond to that, don't make the response for them. Because I asked them to be accountable for what they do, and I didn't wanna make the decision and not let them decide themselves. So, great response from them".

    He's so clever, and he stands by what he says… COYG!

  6. Congrats mr.Arteta with the one point..Arsenal play with he's power(feeling)today…everybody give he's power today,only one player kill the game today.I'm sorry Arsenal,he was very poor,he was to lazy.He's contribution for the team was nothing.Maybe he's not fit or maybe he need to rest.
    If he will play for the next game he must work harder.Mr. Arteta must do something abouth that…And thats s (OZIL) i hoop the next game OZIL give the power for the beautifull Club Arsenal F.C. to.
    Godbless Arsenal F.C.

  7. He was a great leader back in the day, when he captained us to FA Cup glory, ending the trophy drought, and he is a great leader as a gaffer.

  8. He is a great leader- one sign is he is always saying “we” and not “I”… once he said during this interview if you notice, “i want to…” then immediately he changes to “WE want to do it together”…. this is a sign of a true leader! Best wishes to Arteta !

  9. Arteta is doing great work so far, the wins will come and the fans seem patient because they can see the improvement and the development. Martinelli and Saka have big futures at the club. Get rid of Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Elneny, Mykhitaryan and Ozil in the summer, get contracts on the table for Auba and Laca and if they refuse sell them while we can no more Ramseys. Bring in 2 CBs (Upamecano please), 2 CM (Soumaré, Doucoure) an experienced back up left back (maybe Bertrand just to cover Tierney) a CAM to replace Ozil (Ziyech, Grealish or Lemar) that's 6 in and 6 out and I reckon we will be competing in the top 4 again.

  10. Weird ending. The guy seemed annoyed by a reasonable question and came across as a total prick with his 'know-all' answer

  11. Finally Auba coming back. And MARTINELLI in form. Maybe aubas red card helped us.. it made guys step up. And not rely on just his goals. Now MARTINELLI is in form!!.

  12. Frank is frankly not good enough. He sucks as a manager and all his fanboys will drag us out of success for the sake of a legend. I expect Marina to fire this charlatan he has been exposed and the english media bias cannot hide the depths of this man's ineptitude. We are being buried beneath an avalanch of his inadequacy

  13. Man these journalists are so stupid. This is the 2nd press conference in a row where they have asked if Martnelli is going to that U23 tournament. It has already started and it was confirmed before the tournament he wasn't going.

    The media always trying to bring us down.

  14. You know arsenal are gone to shit when there is this much celebration and happiness when the draw. Especially when they only had two shots and were dominated the entire game. These are sad times I’m ashamed to be an arsenal supporter😥

  15. First of all let me congratulate the team and manager on a very very good result. The team showed fight and I applaud that, well done.

    However, I did not like what I saw on the pitch. I think the team is reverting to type already. This draw papers over the cracks.
    I will not judge you this season BUT what you do in the summer will determine who you really are and how I judge you.
    You die by the sword you live by!!!

  16. I dont know about you but this guy looks like those FIFA 19 Players head movements, shape everything. Lets test his DNA to see if it does not read JAVA Script and PYTHON

  17. say no to mediocrity ( even if u r in Hurry ) .. please only Buy One Player #galactico

    we only need ONE player who has charisma to SET High Standard .. Do Not buy to fill seats

    Show them some Money – Galactico Only .

  18. Xhaka's expression. 😂🤣😂 I love this guy. Auba on the right and move Pepe to play in the middle where Ozil plays. We will do better. I am a big fan of Ozil but he is not fit enough to play every single game.

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