Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – Premier League – SUBTITLES
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Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – Premier League – SUBTITLES

January 23, 2020

Thought you had done enough to score late
in the game? You don’t think you have done enough, but
you certainly hope so. At that point in the game you go 2-1 up, you have got to do the
basics right. Get all the details right. We got one wrong, with the first one. And the second one was soft, soft for a right-back
to cut inside and score into the bottom corner. You have to be real about it and honest about
it that they had two shots, the breakaway in the first one and the second one late in
the game, and they scored two goals. Must feel like a broken record with not being
clinical? Yeah. We know the story here at home. Teams
with 11 have defended here like that and we’ve had problems, then with ten against Arsenal
it is understandable, I think they defended their box well. I would say that it is the
story of creating a lot, not unbelievable chances, but that can be the way. But at this
level when balls are coming across the box, and crosses, whether it be headers, shots
inside the box, we need to take them more because one goal always keeps a team in the
game. How frustrating is it because you could be
miles ahead now in fourth? We look at that a lot and we shouldn’t really
dwell on results gone but a lot of them have looked the same so it puts you in one direction.
I don’t like too many stats on expected goals because it is not all that clear at
times, but we are bottom of the league at home, and we’re creating second to probably
Liverpool. That is two ends of the scale of where we’re at. Harder to control the game against ten men,
why was that? For 15 minutes of the first half it did because
we were in the mindset of them with 11 and Ozil pulling out to the side and them giving
you problems. We ended up being in a middle ground, so I was pleased for half-time to
come so we could address that. I thought in the second half it was what it was. We had
a lot of the ball, we were in their half a lot of the time. They had a few breakaways,
that can happen. Being tentative when they had ten was wrong, you have to go in and still
be really positive to make sure they don’t get out. They had a few moments and they fought
for it. That is what they should do in a London derby. The initiative should be on us to be
really ruthless about doing the right things, moving the ball quick enough, take chances
when they come along. I think we moved it quick enough at times but didn’t take our
chances when they came. How is Tammy Abraham? I don’t know. He had a bang on his ankle,
he has had ice on it. I haven’t spoken to him yet, so I can’t really update you on
that. What can you do to improve game management
with late goals conceded? Unfortunately you can talk about them and
work on them. On some of these things it’s not working. We set up to defend the edge
of the box when we have a corner. If it is different on pitch then that’s not good
enough. It’s not working, it’s something they have to do on the pitch. If they can’t
do it then someone else will have to do it right. Angry Arsenal played on after Tammy went down but Chelsea played on and you should do better game management? Yes, the ball should go out. I think Tammy
stood up for a while but the ball should go out when he is down. I am not angry at them
for carrying on. That’s normal. They went down a few times when the player was in the
box and it was in a critical area where we play. With Tammy, it was out of play a bit
so when we won it back we should have knocked it out. Kante slip? It was on the edge of the box that was the
problem. People have got to do their jobs. We have people on the edge of the box that
ran forward when they should have run backwards. It left N’Golo, it went to N’Golo and he slips.
That wasn’t the error. That’s something that can happen. The edge of the box was the error,
as I say, a job that should have been done but not done. Defenders in the transfer market? No, not at the moment. I know and I feel where
we need strengthening, not just in January, it is a difficult window for us. It is probably
more of a short-term window for us. What this season has given us and continues to give
us is answers on the pitch and in areas where I think we can get better and that’s for me
to get right, I suppose for us, but not so much in this window. Pulisic fitness update? Yes, he
was playing well and in terms of when he is back it is probably not going to be a week.
It will probably be the other end of the February break but he is getting better and he is not
that far away. A game like today could have been a game where he would be helpful for
us because he was playing well for a patch but other people do need to stand up in those
situations. Kepa too casual? I know there’s a focus on him at the minute.
That’s top line football. Yes, with his feet, a couple of times today he took too long and
he nearly gave it away. That can sometimes change the momentum of a game that he will
know, has to look at and we will have to look at. Yes, it is normal. Any player in a position
particularly like goalkeepers will look at you. Particularly, the mettle you have got.
He is not the only one. We are in fourth position which is seen as pretty good. I know and we
all know that there should be another 10 points on the board at least on performance. We need
to look at those finer details. Can Chelsea cope without Tammy if injured? Yes, yes. We have the players there to do
that. I hope not, but if he is then yes. Trust in Michy Batshuayi? Yeah.

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  1. Am sorry if Tammy is out for a couple of weeks and we have to count on Michy we can kiss top 4 goodbye he had the chance to put us 3-2 ahead and he bottled it

  2. Chelsea all the way! Never weary. Still in 4th. Take the positives and work on the negatives. Super Frank, when time gets tough we grind our way back. We will.

  3. Emerson, Christensen and Kepa will send you back to tenth position if you don't stop using them. we have lost 80% of matches where Emerson and Christensen featured. Emerson doesn't always know what to do with ball each time he had it. Christensen is a complete misfit for Chelsea and Kepa ? should just be sold off for peanut . If that amount had been spent on Pickford we won't be where are. Send these three players away now before its too late. You have have conceived more goals than when Alonso, Zuma and Tomori were playing , i mean does it take a rocket science to know that? Please Use your and not you mind when making selection.

  4. how is Lampard spared any criticism compared to Ole ? keep dropping points and you end up in the mid-table.
    Whatever combination of midfield players Frank puts in, Chelsea won’t win a title.. Chelsea need to sign another goalkeeper.You can’t fool with the goal keeping situation.

  5. Gone are the days when you had Terry Alex Cole Lamps Essien and cech those guys played for chelsea with pride and played their heart out every single game i watched these premadonas need to fuck off the lot of them

  6. Emerson can't even cross his legs ffs. Expected an up and down season tbh so I'll suck it up. Side note: Thanks for the captions Beany

  7. I really feel sorry for Frankie as he's really done all he could have done it's really the fault of a few players who are taking the matches very lightly.

  8. lampard you not up to the job, all the boys are passing the ball to the left side and to the right side , base line football. i have never seen this before and as they are all doing that means the coach instructed them to play that stupid stupid football. thy don,t even shoot , every player is not coming out to shoot……. cabalero is better than kepa.

  9. enough is enough Lampard. We have lost many games and points. It is time to bring some freshnes to the team. Buye another nr.9.

  10. Lampard is a bellend. Arsenal will win the europa league this season and the champions league next season. O yeah and the fa Cup.

  11. Generally i can say this game decided and controlled by artetas tactics and lampard's poor tactics plus poor experiance of chelsea young players.
    Fore instance look when abraham get injured if one of them kick the ball out they will get i minute of gap whic they can reorganise ,but unfortunately arsenal took advantage and forced to be ball in a bitch untill they scored .
    Thats wonderful experiance.

  12. Same old bollox Frank ; you are unable to correct the ineptness in this side. Championship coach . What the frick is he doing with these clowns in training?? Utter tripe!

  13. We had about 15 corners. 30 plus crosses in the box and one goal from it . Aguero would be getting hatricks week in week out. Tammy isn't strong enough to be our only striker on the pitch. Put giroud next to him and see the difference… Giroud would have buried those headers

  14. Lampard is full of shit taking the club trust on him for nothing…..let him not forget that he can be easily kick out as we do to sarri

  15. I mean you know we have the phrase this season “it’s a Chelsea thing” this match scoring early and the opposition going 10 men day is a Chelsea thing

  16. letting players run across the box without attempting to actually tackle someone, get your foot in and tackle someone ffs!!

  17. Fuck Ross Barkley and mount…should have never made those subs. They are useless to our team. Frank needs to make better decisions and that kepa fellow needs some milk

  18. Did you hear that🙆‍♂️, he said he trusts in batshuayi and the team can do without tammy…that's a big lie you remember westham..we lost coz tammy wasn't there. We rely too much on him🤦‍♂️

  19. The only thing I like about the man is his confidence n ability to realise and admit what is the problem n what went wrong

  20. Lampard is the right man for the job, he just needs to get the right players in to round off the squad.
    Some experienced options to help the youngsters learn how to do it every game.
    Lampard has got us dominating every game but the players are simply not killing off the other side, we could easily score 2 or 3 when we are on top in games but our lack of experience and leadership in certain areas means we haven’t got that killer instinct.
    I’m still more than happy with how we are doing, considering we would of been happy with top four at the start of the season.
    The fact we are frustrated not to be comfortably in the top 4 shows how good a job lampard is doing.
    Obviously he hasn’t been perfect but if you have half a brain you can see the potential.

  21. Lampard you are not fit enough for this huge job…….you don't have that instinct of pushing your team winning games when opportunity arise.Am not a manager but as situation it was I could even go for two strikers at the front just to open space in the box……….halftime team talk seems useless.This is a fact you must be sacked.

  22. Lampard need to more wise because many teams knows about chelsea weaknesses , yesterday arsenal always put ball to azpli side, RW is most chelsea problem.

  23. It’s the motivation and the positivity that will get us wins. The team have the ability to score and to defend and to play well but when they start to let their guard down and they lose their hunger for scoring, that’s when we concede and draw/lose. Improving the passion is essential if we want to win more games!

  24. Do you think you are the right coach for Chelsea at the moment,do you have the experience and tactical skills to manage a team in the Premiership like Chelsea?

  25. We have a new manager (literally a manager that is new to managing) A transfer ban. Star player left. And having to heavily rely on the youth.

    We currently on top 5 of the table. Our young striker is one of the best this season. And our midfield play is improving.

    Give time. We sacked a lot of managers in the past. Dont let Frankie be one of them

  26. Lampard says the edge of the box was the error but why is he not shouting at the players telling them to get back. Setup off the corner was embarrassing. Second goal could have been prevented if we just knocked it out.

    No real leadership at the club from management down to the players.

    These players have played over 30 games but still have no maturity in the team. Tammy, Reece and timori is solid enough but mount needs to be loaned next season to another prem team.

  27. If he would not be a legend the Boss would sack him after one year

    Like Ancelotti

    But you don't know

    The draw show us that both teams are absolutely unable to play for anything

    Chelsea is a team without leadership
    Hazard was a 10-William isn't a 10

    Abraham and Batshuayi are not the left knee of Drogba

    No Essien No Lampard No Makalele No Ballack in Midfield

    The defence is without a Terry skipper

    Against a team like Arsenal which has problems in all areas to play draw shows everything that Chelsea and Arsenal are twins in failure!!!

    The first three teams in table are teams!!!

    But from Chelsea till Spurs-ohhhh my god


    All five clubs are absolutely bad in terms of quality,power and balance!!!

    Chelsea vs Arsenal result is a bankruptcy declaration for both clubs!!!

    For Chelsea more than for Arsenal because it isn't Arteta's team!!!

    Mustafi destroyed the victory for Arsenal-so bad is Chelsea

  28. I don’t think they will stay in the top 4 for too long. Legend or not he will get sacked soon. 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  29. Looking at how the teams play , both last night and the derby before , I'd say Arsenal should be 4th and Chelsea should be 10th .
    If Arsenal had any normal centre backs they 'd still be at the top end of the table these past few seasons

  30. According to him , it's the players fault , not his .He doesn't know why this is happening…..he's "just" the coach , don't blame him !!!

  31. Stupid substitutes by Lampard. Taking out Kovacic with that snail & useless Barley, Change Willian with Mitchy! The problem is lampard himself he is lack of experiences and run out of ideas! Chelsea need a world class coach & strikers!

  32. We could have lose the game if Arsenal is 11 players on the pitch! What a shame this Chelsea team under lampard has become a average team. We cant even beat a 10 man team at HOME! This team under Lampard will not gonna win any trophies. Sack Lampard

  33. What a boring game. Back pass, pass to middle and pass to the winger to cross the ball & never successful! Boring !!!!

  34. Such a naive manager. You don't have much time left. Buy Cavani and some new defenders already. Cavani's in his prime, and bringing him in right now is crucial. At this rate you're gonna get sacked, Lampard.

  35. Drop Jorginho and put Kante back at cdm. Put Barkeley and Mount either side of him, with the front 3 being Abraham, Willian, and Pulisic/ Hudson-Odoi. Jorginho and Kovacic are better than Barkeley and Mount, but their inclusion unbalances the midfield. Either that or change the formation from a 4-3-3. Right now what Chelsea's problem more than anything is their imbalanced midfield.

    Your 2 wide midfielders are supposed to be box-to-box in that formation but not one of Kante, Jorginho or Kovacic is that kind of player. And you wonder why Chelsea are so predictable in attack.

  36. All that I know is that Abramovich doesn't settle for this quality of football and I think that the Munich massacre next month will be his final game.. 🤔

  37. Chelsea forward players are not running at defenders, all they do is pass the ball around the box and backwards. Chelsea need a player like Wilfred Zaha.

  38. Kepa looks rather unsure of himself lately. Caballero looks more focused, and I prefer Alonso over Emerson any day (when Reece is not playing). We need an attacking midfielder who is prepared to dribble past and take shots, like Hazard used to do. Too much back passing, not enough players running into, and closing down space. What's the point of all the short corners, as they hardly ever come off, specially when you are in time added on. Hudson, because of his height, should be in the box and not taking (short) corners.

  39. Lol learn the stats right Frank. City is miles ahead in both creating chances and conceding in Expected goals. Although I understand that Chelsea have had control of the games at home the last months, they have not had big chances. They have a lot of crosses but create not big chances. They lack more players like Mount.

  40. Says the same thing every single match. All I hear is how we’re not being clinical but I’m yet to hear any solutions, mind you I don’t think we even create enough clear cut chances to be honest. 22 days into January and still no indication of a signing. Top 4 will elude us. Mark my words.

  41. The equaliser wasn’t so much about defending. As a defender, when defending in your final third especially when you’re getting ran at, it’s about positioning yourself and trying to minimise the threat which in a way was what Emerson done as he stopped Berlin from going on his stronger foot. Kepa should’ve done better or one of our wingers or midfielders need to cut that space for him to shoot with his left.

    Also it comes down to game management as already stated in the interview. When you’ve got two chances to play it out then do it. Naivety and youth played a massive part here due to the lack of game management.

    We was the better team but massive props to Arteta and Arsenal. These lessons we’re learning is what’s going to make us a lot more better within the future.

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