Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles
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Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles

November 18, 2019

Okay who wants to get things started? Frank you’ve obviously had to work hard for that win but you must be very satisfied with the way the players kept plugging at it? Yeah every game in the Premier League’s hard particularly a team as organised as Palace are and I thought the first half we started really well a goal would have probably put us in a really good position we didn’t get it we allowed the tempo to drop slightly towards the end of the first half but when we came out with the second half with the intent that we did and the extra 10 percent of urgency in our game we won the game I say comfortably the two goals is relatively comfortable it could have been more with a bit more end product but it was a nice solid win with a clean sheet What does it say about Tammy that in the first half he’s up against two really experienced centre-halfs doesn’t really get a kick in the first half and then has one chance and takes it to settle the nerves? It says he needs to be better in the first half doesn’t it, I think it’s I spoke to Tammy because some games as a striker there are games in the Premier League that will frustrate you because good defenders won’t give you much space behind and maybe not in front because their midfielder in front so there’s a problem for Tammy to solve and as you say he was quite quiet but I think for any top striker we expect a lot we expect everything goals hold up run behind etc not always possible what you need to do is stay in the game stay bright and lively and keep trying and keep running which he did and he gets his goal which he took very clinically so a great game from Tammy even he might not be his best game on the showreel I think when you think about tough games and you come and get the goal that puts you in front to help you win the game and that’s just as important Christian obviously had his frustrations Frank a month or so ago but you feel vindicated now with the way he’s scoring goals that everything you were you’re telling him was… I don’t think it was vindication it’s more that Christian came from another league and didn’t have a great break etc and I think he played some games early on and the pace of the Premier League is tough for any player it’s been proven time and time again but with Christian always believed that he had huge talent was going to be a big player for us and he’s absolutely showing that I thought he was first-class today as he has been recently energy moving with the ball slipping past people working off the ball and the quality and getting in areas again he’s scoring you know in and around a six yard box which i think is a huge thing for any wide player the only frustration is he comes off with a bit of an injury which he was going to get subbed before he scored his goal he’s got a bit of a hip issue but I’m hoping it’s not too bad because the way he’s in full flow at the minute is great to see Frank the comeback against Ajax was very euphoric but in many ways was today against the Crystal Palace side you said they were very organised more of a learning curve for the players in terms of trying to keep control of a football match? Yeah I think so I think we expected that today as well which is good because we passed that test but we’ve had a few teams come here and be difficult to break down Newcastle being one pretty recently that you know and Brighton and these teams and it’s it is a test of not only how can you unlock the door and change your game up and break them down with movement or passing or taking people out the game with the ball at your feet but it’s also can you switch onto making sure that you don’t get the sucker punch and it seemed like Palace are absolutely setup to be able to do that to you with the qualities they have with Zaha and Townsend etc so I think as an all-round game as much joy as you can get out of the win and the goals you can get joy out of the performance of Kurt Zouma and Fikayo Tomori and and the discipline of the midfield in front of them etc so I was really delighted with the sort of game management I suppose of a game like today Frank a first Premier League start for Reece James as well, how pleased were you with him up against Zaha today? Yeah I thought Reece was fantastic against one of the best wingers in the league 1v1 a real threat and as I say on a counter-attack anytime he wants to get at you Reece dealt with those most of those situations he also joined in attack with some.. we can see how comfortable he is with the ball at his feet and he’s delivering his passing so I was pleased I trust in Reece and out of all the younger players who have been getting their chance this year he’s had his injury early season and has got fit that little bit later and but he’s been training at a level and coming on at a level where he deserved minutes today so he did brilliantly How tough were those calls Frank to make to put a young player in but also to tell Azpilicueta that he’s not playing today? Yeah it’s part of my job and it would be a tougher call if I was speaking to Azpilicueta when he’s having a difficult time and I’m bringing a kid in because I say.. it’s not you know you.. this is a decision I’m making it’s actually a decision where Azpilicueta’s playing really well for us he’s a leader and a driver but with Reece in the way he’s playing the opportunity to give him minutes in the game that I felt right today was one that I had to take as well because it gives me options going forward and Azpi’s is such a great personality and character that he’s easy to speak to because he feels for the club wants the best and he knows how much I value him and now and going forward so it might give me some selection problems going forward for sure but I want the best for the team and the squad what we can do and and it’s a nice problem for me going forward You’re on a big run in the Premier League are you surprised by the quality of that run with the demands and where you are in the table? I don’t know it’s hard to the expectations at the of start the season were a belief in the younger players I thought they deserved a chance but there’s always a question mark that you don’t know until you see them there and see them regularly and even over that first little hurdle of the bounce when they come in and then they have to sustain that and at the moment they’re sustaining in terms of Tammy, Mason, Fikayo, Reese as I say has just come in there but when looking at the younger players they are showing that they deserve to be at this level so I’m proud of the squad that we’ve got but I also realise it’s still a snapshot in what is the big picture which is the long-term future here it’s a relative snapshot of the season we’re about a third of the way through and we’re a good position but we know that this league can punish you if you drop off so we need to get even better at that and if we want to build something over a long period of time now then we we have got so much improvement to do because the gap was too big last year between us and the top two and so we want to try and close that

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  1. very surprised at the wins happening but this is chelsea's better teams ive seen. lamps has hopefully finally realised what i did from a year or two ago: kante and kovacic in a pivot is probably the second best pivot in world football

    my ideas should be passed onto lamps. the squad is good but they need to be title contenders and obviously this squad needs around 5 or so players to achieve that

  2. very surprised at the wins happening but this is chelsea's better teams ive seen. lamps has hopefully finally realised what i did from a year or two ago: kante and kovacic in a pivot is probably the second best pivot in world football

    my ideas should be passed onto lamps. the squad is good but they need to be title contenders and obviously this squad needs around 5 or so players to achieve that

  3. I have never been so excited to watch a Chelsea match, for more reasons than just one. Lampard, one of my fav players of all time, managing the team I love, playing attractive football, utilizing exciting youth talent that's home grown AND winning matches at a rate I could have never thought possible right off the bat.

  4. Good match good result but most of the player are at the wing and at the back of 2 high line of c palace it need no10 player between the 2 high line to get more goal mount is slightly decline from the last match

  5. Elite manager, knows exactly what to do. Let's be real Zaha would have twisted Azpi up but taking a gamble on James worked out perfectly as I forgot Zaha was even on the pitch. Ivanovic 2.0 in the making. Elite fullback with 10 more years at least to offer us and a captain who always puts his best into the game to rotate with each other. The right side is blessed. Left is the issue as Emerson is amazing but Alonso is terrible. If Alonso had played the opening game against United we would have lost by 6 or more.

  6. Sounds like Pulisic has a Knock. As an American, the US team better not play him during the break or he might just aggravate the injury and miss a long spell.

  7. I've added subtitles to this video, check it out and let me know what you think. Do you want to see this more in the future?

  8. Somewhat arrogant, disrespectful with checking his phone at the beginning, when team goes crashing down due to inconsistency, and they will, reporters will be there with carefully chosen words to make sure he isn't coming back up, mark my words…

  9. I was there today!!!! Reece James is a friggin prodigy, he MUGGED Zaha, mugged him, repeatedly!!!!!! The future of Chelsea ❤️

  10. How does he routinely answer questions with such class and like…fair replies? Like addressing why he benched Dave, it's totally fair, reasonable, and it makes him seem like a hero for taking the day off. Love Lampard as manager, hope he stays for a while.

  11. Still holding out for Ole as a MU fan, but honestly I had hoped he would be what Lampard is for Chelsea right now: Not afraid to make some big changes and still getting results.

  12. His voice will even score u bf the game commences. I’m excited the blues is back as the “BLUES INDEED”. More vim guys?????????????????.

  13. Beanyman is the best channel for interviews i am connected for this channel for subtitles glad to see this and keep it up.

  14. the way he understands his player and doesn't hesitate even a bit to make major changes which he thinks is good for the team, absolutely love him as a coach. massive #respect for hm.

  15. Nervous about City after international break as we always seem to pick up 2/3 injurys during it…. let's hope for better luck this time…up the Chels.

  16. Can we all just take a break and realise that Chelsea are 2nd in the league… with the youngest & inexperienced team and the youngest & inexperienced manager and we’re smashing it…

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