Check out my NEW KARATE DOJO!!!
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Check out my NEW KARATE DOJO!!!

November 15, 2019

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  1. Congratulations! Its just beautiful! Wow! Love to go there someday! Thank you Jesse and Oliver for Keeping Karate and Martial Arts Alive!

  2. Always been impressed with your dojo, and now it’s even better! It looks like a very well taken care of and designed building.
    Thank you for continuing to inspire.

  3. A beautiful dojo!! your videos help me a lot in my training. Greeting form Ushuaia – Argentina(the end of the world)!!

  4. Congratulations, Jesse and Oliver! The new Dojo is awesome!
    If, one day in the life, I visit Sweeden, Combat Academy is a mandatory stop!

  5. People who does karate got to venture out get teased of different styles just like Bruce Lee says learn a lot of different styles combine your styles modify your styles be water Wanaka floor Wallach read while the car crash you put water in the cup becomes cup you put water in a teapot it comes to the teapot what Bruce Lee said just modify it adapt to different styles learn from your family and friends and other people in different styles

  6. Modify and adapt to different styles what purse what Bruce Lee says Be Water water could flow Water Country water could crush you put water in the cup it comes to put one in the teapot so my fight learn from different styles learn from your style more and learn from your brothers and family and friends and other styles be different styles

  7. It's simple okay just flow like water be water use your key to unlocked your fighting skills your Warrior unlock your Warrior from the inside be the karate nerd oh yeah

  8. Please can you make a video about how to control your emotions becausebefore going to the fight you are sure that you will win but then there comes a feeling that will ruin yourself!
    It just blocks almost every muscle of your body and you stay there freezed and forget every thing that your professor learned!
    I thing every beginer has this problem and if you can help us!
    Like and comment if you agree!

  9. where is the dojo located in sweden? how much for training sessions ? Do you have a web site for the dojo itself? thks

  10. wish you all the best and keep up the good work in teaching sharing learning and being innovative in the was of the art of fighting peace and be well

  11. very impressive. I have not seen a dojo that was so large and well kept and designed. I've been in large warehouse dojo's but looked like an old warehouse and I've been in very well kept and designed dojo but not both at the same time.

  12. Nice dojo!!!!

    I'm going to be building my own dojo in my house. One of the things I'm trying to find that is inexpensive are full length mirrors. Any idea where I should look?

  13. Dojo with cafeteria area, Check in system, locker room with showers, and great teachers. Is the embodiment of everything Jesse preaches = the harmony of the East and the West. Great job!

  14. Beautiful new dojo! I'm jealous, I wish my dojo was this state of the art. Like I can't complain it's pretty nice for an old dojo but this is just awesome

  15. That's sooo awsome! I'm training in a room in a little gym, where also the breakdancing, ballet, Yoga and carnival dancing (Gardetanz) training is done. So it's this one room with wooden floor and dozents of things standing and lieing in front of the walls.

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