Chasing November S1E14 | Peak of the Rut
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Chasing November S1E14 | Peak of the Rut

August 14, 2019

If I had to pick just one day to, hunt each
season it would be November 7th. The day is clear and cool Chris and Corey
Wolfe of Northern Missouri are in there stands to greet it and don’t have long to wait for
the November 7th magic to kick in. Its november 7th, its the day you want to
be in the stand for sure. That thing is down right over down there. That is awesome. I dont know what time it is, but its early. We celebrate their early morning success I
sneak into my stand just as the sun crosses the horizon. Eric and I got in here super late this morning. It was super still. The spot we are sitting at is about an acre
clover plot and over the years it has been a great spot for us. We have killed some really nice deer here
and had some really good encounters. It is a fun spot to hunt. It is november 7th and it is generally the
best day of the whole season. We will see if it is true this year. But we got a good plan for this afternoon,
we are going to go back and see if we can find that no name ten in the area we have
seen him in the past. We have high hopes for the morning, it has
good feels to it. It just shows you during the rut, these young
bucks cover so much ground. You know, just looking at that deer by just
making a prediction now that if that buck survives he will score well over 170 next
year. A lot of times if you get a three year old
buck with nice really long tines even though you might be spindly those deer end up really
blowing up. It will be interesting to see if we can find
that deer again next year if he survives because i predict he is going to be very big. The best day of November is off to a great
start bucks are on their feet. 30 miles to the east Brett Joy is back in
the same stand on the small property where he encountered Three Mature bucks the day
before. Aright, it is the morning of November 7 here
in Southern Iowa and it is my favorite day of the year to hunt. November 7th always seems to fall right in
the thick of it. We are back in the same set that we were in
last night when we saw the three biggest shooters on this farm that we know of. We are on this poor man plot that Erik and
John put in over the summer, it is only about an eighth of an acre of Autumn Quick Plot
that works as a great staging plot. It is a great place for cruising bucks as
we saw yesterday. I think we saw 7 bucks last night and we are
hoping to see a couple more today. We already saw one back in the corn across
the creek, we are going to try to sit all day. Hopefully we can get it done today in southern
iowa. 25 right there, what is he doing? 40 miles south mike reed is hunting deep in
the timber on his new Farm. That is a cool encounter, that is a deer we
call freshman. I think he is just a 2 year old hes definitely
not older than 3. That is our third encounter with him this
year, second time we got him on film. He is one we want to see in a couple years,
he is a really cool deer with lots of potential. As Mike watches the buck he calls freshman
disappear into the brush. Aaron warbritton and Mike parente pick up
the blood trail on the buck mike hit the previous evening on the public ground. Standing right where i shot that buck last
night. We reviewed the footage and the shot was a
little bit quartering to and it came out through the back side and what we are really hoping
is that it hit the aorta artery and hes not too far away from here. But i just some blood so we are going to follow
the trail and hopefully he is not too far away. Right here! Aaron, right here! Dang man hes bigger than what we thought! Look at that! It definitely got him in that artery. For sure. Wow nice buck! Probably died last night, that is a relief
for sure. Gosh what a nice buck. Well here he is, we got him cleaned up and
dragged out. It was a heck of a drag out of there we were
back there probably a mile. Ive been hunting for three years now and this
is my first buck. Never really would have imagined that this
would be the way i would shoot my first buck, filming aaron and then having a bit of a rodeo
up in the tree stand switching around. But, we got it done and that is another one
down on public land for you. Our Cabela’s Deluxe deer cart got a lot of
use in the 2015 season, Mike’s Buck was about a mile and a half back in on some public land
and there was no way we were getting him out of there without it. during the right time it makes a lot of sense
to spend as much time in the stand as possible, Brett and Ross are sitting all day, if you
have ever done it you know that Comfort is important you need a solid stand that allows
you to level the platform and the seat so you aren’t fighting to keep your balance for
hours. stand also needs a comfortable seat for muddy
stands Brett and Ross are using offer these important features. One of the biggest challenges we face every
season, is being able to hunt spots where the wind swirls. With proper scent control using the ozonics
unit we gain the edge we need to hunt some of the places we otherwise could not. As i head back for another try at the No Name
10 Brett joy is in the midst of a near-constant flow of bucks cruising through his small food
plot. We are sitting all day today, because it is
november 7th obviously because it is the rut. And that right there illustrates why you sit
all day. It is 11:57 and that is a 4 year old 7 point
that just cruised through. Not a shooter and a little bit out of bow
range. But it is worth it putting in your time hunting
from 10 to 2 because during the rut especially after the first few days of november they
really start to move during the middle of the day. We will continue to be vigilant and hopefully
a big one comes by. Hes crushed! He is down right there! Iowa buck down! That is dennis he is the big ten we got pictures
of since June when we put cameras out on this farm way back when i was here in june and
he was the first deer we got pictures of and he was just starting to grow and he lives
up there. That is an awesome buck. Means a lot to me because hunting has been
4 years in the making about preference points for iowa. Made some really good friends with guys at
the office John and erik have helped me out tremendously on this farm it is just a small
little 40 acre farm and we just made the most of it here. Obviously this poor man plot worked and this
pinch point right here. Awesome, awesome! He is right there. Lets go around here. Well here is dennis he only went about 60
yards. We dragged him up into this poor man plot
so we could do a nice interview with him here. This is a deer we have a lot of history with,
like i said we have a lot of pictures all the way back into June when he was just starting
to grow his antlers. He lived on this 40 acre piece he was a home
body buck. John had an encounter with him in this same
place i killed him back in october just was a little far out and he was dogging does then. He has been all over this farm. You know, we put a lot of this poor man plots
in. that is what john and erik came into this
spot and did. And what it does is it concentrates these
deer and pinches them down right here next to this creek. We used a canoe to get in here in the morning
and it is awesome access. November 7th, cold front and an awesome awesome
set up. This is the result right there. We have seen some great great activity the
past couple days. Just an awesome iowa 10 pointer on the ground
and i could not be more pleased. Hunting sites come in two basic Styles fixed
pin and movable pin Some people prefer the single pin sights because they can dial in
the exact distance of the shot for pinpoint accuracy Brett Joy uses one of these a fuse
Helix slider the movable pin side allows for easy and quick adjustment as a result that
was able to set the pin in time to make the shot on this great buck Brett was using a Scott archery string Loop
release, these releases have open hooks that permit a quick and sure grab of the loop,
reaction was happening fast in the stand that afternoon in the bow have been using a system
that slowed his time to full draw this Buck definitely would have gotten away. sometimes small things end up making a big
difference in the outcome of a hunt. often when you stop a Buck he will be on alert
and drop at the sound of the shot. this challenge you need to aim low but you
also need a quiet bow against the arrow to the Target Fast shooting a Hoyt carbon Spyder
turbo on this. on a very fast but quiet bow never moved before
they are hit him Square in the vitals. John and Erik back in early summer their first
step in the patterning process was to find out what kind of bucks lived in the area to
do this they Place their trail cameras over trophy rocks and minerals are good for the
deer but more importantly in this case rocks are very attractive and gave the guys a great
starting point for their season. Has Brett celebrates his success I’m waiting
for the heavy ten-pointer to emerge at the far end of the food plot so far only the usual
family group of doughs and fines and filtered out 475 miles to the East Ohio bowhunter Jason
Huntsman peers out the window of his ground blind Jason was hoping the Giant Buck he’s
been hunting will step into the big and beasty food plot. It is november the 7th and i am hunting over
my favorite big n beasty food plot. This is one of my favorite spots to hunt in
the whole world because i killed an 154 inch deer here last year and had a big deer last
year we were hunting called him big trashy. Long story short a neighbor about a quarter
of a mile away got a picture of him and he sent it to me and at least gave me some hope. Finally about two weeks ago i got one picture
of him. Sunday i checked the trail camera and sure
enough he was here so when i came into today there was big scrapes and rubs everywhere
and those have not been here so i got high hopes that tonight might be the night. Oh my gosh. He is a giant here comes big trashy. Dear lord! That is a giant! That is big trashy! Ive been bowhunting since i was 10 years old,
im 41 ive been waiting my whole life for that shot right there. I can tell you right now the hoyt carbon spyder
let him have it. Lord! Oh my lord! Look at that arck! It is not a drop it is a sticker. 15 points! I dont know what to say. Thank the dear lord! I have been hunting this deer for 3 years. We have seen this deer and we watched this
deer grow up down here. Last year he was pretty last year too wasnt
he? I cant be more blessed that is an absolute
stud. Those brow tines and kicker are unreal. Awesome awesome buck right there! Over the years Jason and his family have killed
a number of very good bucks on frigid forage big and beasty food plots and it produces
a lot of lush green forage that attracts deer throughout the fall during the rut the bucks
are searching for those Jason showed if you’re going with the does like to eat you’ll have
in the Bucks too Muddy Vantage stands and pack them in each time and lightweight and
easy to set up and allow us to be flexible and keep up with changing gear patterns on
public land redneck Bale blinds are extremely portable you can move a redneck Bale blind
into a field as soon as the farmer finishes combining the Grain in that field this is
proven to be extremely effective for us Pulls out they come out they cannot even see what’s
going on and see that Bale blind sitting there they don’t think anything of it being extremely
portable allows you to take advantage of this so you can always stay one step ahead of the
action I first started working with Realtree in 1992 Family friends in the outdoors just
like the original tagline said this relationship has been more than friendship however Realtree
is always made highly effective camouflage patterns that continue to evolve their newest
extra patterns are Testament to this fact these open patterns are extremely effective
in the hardwoods of the Midwest where we find ourselves most often and it’s fun to work
with friends but it is even more fun to work with friends who make great products. My evening Ended without an appearance from
the No Name 10 but overall November 7th proved to be an epic day of whitetail hunting Kris
and Corey Wolfe started us off for the first light Dandy I saw a solid Young Buck that
will someday be a Heart Stopper. Brett Joy shot the ten pointer he had been
dreaming about since summer and Jason Huntsman took the Crown Jewel a trashy monster from
Ohio and finally I will leave you with scenes from Paul wallers excellent hunt for a Great
Southern Indiana buck that paul dropped that afternoon. today is Saturday november 7th and will and
i are excited to be out today. We have been looking forward the last couple
days as you guys know. There is a buck right there! You on him? It Will be hard to beat this day but we wilI
keep trying the rut is far from over there are many more good days left in each one is
a new adventure as we continue Chasing November

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  1. Man the Hoyts are hitting the 10 ring on this episode. That shot on Dennis got everyone at work looking at me when I jumped up and said "Boom smoked him!" Also a great shot Jason in Ohio!

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  5. Brett almost didn't get a shot off due to his sight. You can see him fumbling with the adjustments as the buck was walking. He was lucky that he had the opportunity to make that shot.

  6. Brett almost didn't get a shot off due to his sight. You can see him fumbling with the adjustments as the buck was walking. He was lucky that he had the opportunity to make that shot.

  7. get footage hunters and camera men did a great job these r the kind of videos I luv to watch the day before hunting season by the way starts tomorrow here in ky good luck to all hunters this yr

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  10. When i first saw freshman i was thinking 2.5 maybe 3.5… That is an awesome young buck. Hope he makes it at least 3 more years.

  11. And that right there is why I stopping use single pin sights for bow-hunting. That situation was more manageable compared to some of the situations I've found myself in when using something like an HHA Optimizer for hunting. At least you hadn't drawn the bow back before facing a sudden change where your yardage setting no longer matched the distance you were going to have to shoot. I've drawn back on a buck that was milling around at about 20 yards, and then all of a sudden he spooks temporarily and stops again at about 35. If you're at full draw with your pin set on 20 yards, you can't ethically take that shot unless you're absolutely certain how much elevation you'd have to adjust for if you had to use your 20 pin at 35. Now throw in an animal that's quartering, or could duck the string on release, there's too many variables at play there, and now you're in a mess of a situation where you need to let the bow down, change your yardage pin, draw the bow back again, all in hopes that the buck isn't going to move further away and that you'll have enough time to get off a good shot.

    I still use single-pin sights for 3D shooting, and indoor target stuff — but for hunting I switched to an Axcel 5 pin sight a couple years ago, and I'll never run into a situation like that again.

  12. Okay, let's not be silly and say "awesome shot." When you "hope" for a femoral artery you know you've made a bad choice. That was a crappy angle and a poor shot. Let's just be honest with each other. I am thrilled for you that you killed and found the buck, but it was a low percentage shot. You can delete my post if you like. I do it to folks all the time, but I'm sorry, it irritates me when folks say it's great and awesome when we all truly know you took a risk with that shot.

  13. I gotta say that you guys have no business bow hunting. Ya'll are about 30% successful on fatal quick killing shots from the 10-12 episodes I've watched. There's a lot more to bow hunting than just throwing a camera man on the side of the tree and flinging arrows through the woods. Might wanna do some research and practice for a few years before yall get back in the tree. Piss poor shooting.

  14. This footage is so crisp, guys. Is there someone we could talk to about using/licensing the footage for an independent film for a 30 second scene?

  15. To Bill. You said your favorite day to hunt was Nov., 7. I checked my camera latter that week . I had back trouble and was taking it easy to help my back get better so I couldn't  hunt. To my surprise, on that day, on my camera was a  big buck. The days of 7,8,and 9, had 3 of the biggest buck on my camera; and I wasn't there. As 1/20/2017, I haven't seen those bucks again. I bet, next season, I'll be in my tree-stand; before and on, and after your favorite days to hunt November. Just another hard lesson learned by this bow hunter. Thanks for the tip.

  16. I have been watching your programs on Youtube since the end of our Tennessee hunting season (2016-17 season). I have followed Bill Winke from the beginning of his outdoor writing career and have always considered him one of the best deer hunting writers in the industry. Now that I have found Mid West Whitetail video productions, I consider them the best in the industry. You tell the story just like I live it. These are my new ABSOLUTE favorite hunting productions. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into these productions. I enjoy them so much.

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