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Chasing a Turkey down – Archery Hunting – Solvid FIY

August 18, 2019

POV Archery Turkey Hunting Having heard a turkey off in the distance, I got an arrow knocked and let out a few yelps ( Archery Turkey Calls ) ( Tom Turkey response ) He’s definitely closer than he was before, so I waited a few moments and let out a few more turkey calls (more turkey calls from hunter) (turkey gobble response) I saw some movement through the brush as he fanned out his tail feathers So I hid behind my “Heads Up” Turkey decoy and gave it a few twitches As soon as he was it, the fan went down and he picked up the pace. Now he was coming in HOT He was about 25 yards when he realized something didn’t look quite right. As soon as he saw the decoy, he started running. He’s a young bird. Doesn’t even have a spur on that side.

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