Chase Plays PINATA HUNTER 3!  Candy = Money (FGTEEV Panda Gameplay)
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Chase Plays PINATA HUNTER 3! Candy = Money (FGTEEV Panda Gameplay)

November 15, 2019

That kid there! Let me yeah Let me lol Then Funky Panda It’s FG gun is broken TV! (Farting sounds) Whats up guys So today i’m gonna Play Pinata Hunter Three PINATA HUNTER 3 So, I’m getting the candy Oh, oh Yay No, no bag Pizza, pizza Oh I’m getting lucky It’s FULL! It’s FULL!!, I gotta go in there See what I Can buy, um I wanna Buy, a wagon No, that’s a lot of dollars Whyyy, why buh buh buh buh buh move it right here there yeah well it will all be sneaking
in yeah yeah okay live 1590 Wow upgrade your money’s your
value of candy look look I was when you getting them to
look at you already got a thousand back field oh ok yeah no I’m ready I got a good
thing when she going there um oh when I was eight thousand first
hit 24,000 shadow me said you stopped by share yeah yeah Sophie I like you bag is full I can you know yeah there’s
a nice meal all right i’ll eat Khloe hey what these crazy resides not much ocean I think so quick yeah Sophie for candy sure that you are
keeping kids wow so why now played it thank you shine huh thank you mommy see how much it
costs I got up crazy at work yeah no no no done don’t complain me ok guys around 8,000 I’m gonna get the
bucket what to see I get the bookie i’m suing me ok – you’re pointing words the other one we need a fast in the strong strong
throw you can bite and everything can go slow jump to oh yeah again no joke I’m full up remember ok was fighting out of it thank you yeah that really can buy with my money I’m going to get the gun and you shoot i
can show you this guy’s shoe black people whose guidance I know the buzz back let’s try another the love me again why
we can your guy that panda 25 feet your stroke that a grand happy – yeah
trapper I mean that chicken tractors want to
thank you the values are and you are slow going
king of god I’m gonna take you by only get this knife wait that constant why oh well order to
remove it you can move it everything is back I gotta get a new block stone oh yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah

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