Charlize Theron Shows Off Her Archery Skills
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Charlize Theron Shows Off Her Archery Skills

August 11, 2019

OK, so you went camping
recently and you learned a new skill, which is? I went camping with
my family last weekend and they had archery. And I Hunger Games’ed it up. Wow. Like it felt like
an audition reel that was maybe five
years too late. Well, maybe they’re are
going to make another one. We’re going to make you
prove how good you are. You can’t say that
and not do it. And then if you do well,
if you hit a bull’s eye, I’ll give you $10,000
for a charity. Don’t say that. Don’t say that. $10,000 for a charity
of your choice. [APPLAUSE] That is a lot of pressure. I wish you didn’t tell me that. I wish you’d said
something like– I need those. Like a donut or
something, you know? OK. [DRUM ROLL] [APPLAUSE] Don’t look as good as Jennifer
Lawrence doing this though. I got to work on my attitude. Yeah. Have a positive attitude. Yeah, that’s right. Do that. Do that. Yeah, OK. OK, let me try and throw it. [DRUM ROLL] [APPLAUSE] OK, I think I’m overthinking it. I should just be fast. I should just do it and
not think about anything. OK. [DRUM ROLL] [APPLAUSE] All around that sucker. We are not leaving until
you get a bull’s eye. Sorry, guys. OK, I feel it. I feel it, this is it. [DRUM ROLL] [APPLAUSE] That’s pretty much a bull’s eye. OK, one more. One more, and then I’m done. One more, one more. This is going to be it. I mean, favor I didn’t miss one. [DRUM ROLL] Ahhh. [APPLAUSE] Sorry. Should have stopped
while you were ahead. I know. You were great. All right. So whoever was back
there, I hope you’re OK. So it’s $10,000 and tell
everybody about your– No, really? Yeah, Shutterfly cares
about your charity. What is your charity? [APPLAUSE] The Charlize Theron
Africa Outreach Project. We work since 2007
in South Africa to help prevent HIV and AIDS
with the youth in South Africa. [APPLAUSE] $10,000. No. Yes. Oh my– Thank you. Tully opens May 4th.

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  1. Her right hand was never anchored, never in the same spot. That is what causes inconsistency. A lot of people touch their index finger to the corner of their mouth, some the string touches the tip of their nose. Whatever you choose as your anchor spot, do it the same every time, to remove that variable.

  2. Leftist Pig. I noticed how she is completely silent as her countrymen are being slaughtered by blacks in South Africa. She is disgusting

  3. It is very hard to shoot the bull's eye at the first time in this situation. She did not know the draw weight, and Ellen didn't give her the sight… Can't deny that her gesture is incorrect. But objective reasons are also pretty bad.

  4. She clearly hasn't been trained by anyone who knows what they are doing. No offense to her, but she was using two fingers on the string and did not appear to have any anchor point. Kind of hard to shoot consistently that way.

  5. Charlize is gorgeous, but an "impressive archer" (in the description) not. Anyone can shoot arrows like that after a two minute lesson about the basics.

  6. I love her so much..And i think she's so cool… i just want to be around here…. 🙂 And i can't :'(

  7. How does Ellen get 10000 dollars every week? I love that she donantes it to the charities supported by her guests, but i wonder where she gets the money from

  8. People love Ellen because she gives out money and they’re hoping she could choose them from the comment sections to her show so that they get the money. I’m sure they don’t really love her as a person because of her lifestyle. Don’t waste your time folks she won’t give you any money so go ahead and be your true self lmao

  9. Only 2 people in the world have "God Status "in archery one of them is me( i can shoot a bow with an arrow 🙂
    and the other person is Roger "Verbal" Kint

  10. اليوتيوب تدار من قبل عصابه الخبيث باراك هوسين خودا حافظ أوباما

  11. I'm no archer, but I'm sure I could hit the bulls eye from 20 feet away with 5 tries.
    You'd think someone who was allegedly trained in the sport could do better than that.

  12. Difficult to shoot down, or up, … She should've "demanded" to raise the target to chest level… Would've had better … Still nice job, though….

  13. Charlize Theron.  Dedicou sua a vida a carreira, e agora, uma
    mulher linda sem família, o que isso pode ser?  Um crime social!? 
    Será contra a sociedade?  Ou será uma exigência social de estar sempre
    bela, não importando quais sacrifícios tenha que fazer.  Não importando de
    quem é a culpa, o que podemos concluir, que a humanidade perdeu a sua beleza
    para sempre.   Pois sem descendentes, perdemos todos!

  14. Did archery for a few years. While her draw is something to work on, her back is pretty where is should be. I'd say she did excellent for just one week since it took months for some where I was shooting. People were S-curving and all that kinda stuff. And she was in high heels.

  15. Sangat buruk sekali memanahnya, tidak ada satu pun yg dpt angka 9 atau 10, malah melebar semua dr target kuning.

  16. I'm surprised to see Charlize firing a "weapon". She forced that potential mate to give up his firearms if he wanted to be with her…what a wack job(Theron that is).

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