Charging Turkey – POV Archery Hunting – Solvid FIY
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Charging Turkey – POV Archery Hunting – Solvid FIY

August 16, 2019

after making my way towards gobbles in distance, I knocked an arrow and then let out a few turkey chirps one sounds to be getting closer a couple minutes later, two hens showed up. I took off to camp strap and got a close-up just as the turkey gobbled, a fan became visible through the trees Using the “Heads Up” turkey hunting decoy for cover, I zoomed in on him through the limbs. there wasn’t much for shooting lanes
if he came in this direction so I hid behind the decoy and got a
different angle A couple more chirps and he started
heading my way Once he got to the clearing he really
picked up the pace at about 13 yards he realized the decoy didn’t look quite right but it was too late! and an arrow was already on its way Did it again, second turkey… second weekend It’s been a pretty good couple of weeks This Heads Up Turkey Hunting Decoy is what brought them in both times, so I am very impressed with it

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