Champions League Final:  Liverpool v Tottenham Preview
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Champions League Final: Liverpool v Tottenham Preview

October 10, 2019

Tottenham Hotspur take on Liverpool in the
first all English Champions League final since 2008, when Manchester United defeated Chelsea
on penalties. That was the first all English final ever, and 2019 will see and English
team lift the Champions League for the first time since 2012, when Chelsea saw off Bayern
Munich, also on penalties. Liverpool have a chance to lay the ghost of Kiev 2018 to
rest, while for Spurs, this is uncharted territory. As these stats from OneFootball show, Tottenham’s
progress in the Champions League has seen fewer goals scored per game, and more conceded,
than Liverpool’s. But both sides have overcome seemingly impossible deficits to reach the
final, and neither manager will take anything for granted. Both Mauricio Pochettino and Jurgen Klopp
have injury concerns ahead of this fixture. Even if, for example, Harry Kane or Roberto
Firmino are passed fit to play, they may not be in peak condition. This means that a degree
of flexibility, or adaptability may be called for. In this, Spurs have the advantage. While Tottenham
have used 28 players this season, the joint third most in the Premier League, Liverpool
have used only 23, the joint second fewest. In the Champions League, Liverpool have also
deployed their standard 4-3-3 almost every game, only using a 4-2-3-1 once; Tottenham,
on the other hand, generally used a 4-2-3-1, but also set up as a 4-3-1-2, and used varieties
of three at the back on three occasions. This means that it’s difficult to predict
what line-up and system Pochettino will use. Jurgen Klopp has shown real excellence at
coaching his team to play a certain style of football – fast, direct, involving high
degrees of pressing – and he’s also good at making substitutions that alter the complexion
of games. But his system, which requires time for players to learn and relies to a significant
degree on the quality of its component parts, especially the front three, is less adaptable.
This is why Giorgino Wijnaldum was used in place of Firmino against Barcelona – although
as a central midfielder playing as a false nine, he had less attacking threat, the system
could remain the same and, crucially, retain its pressing ability. Spurs, on the other hand, have not just a
variety of systems to fall back on, but because they’ve used more players, may be inherently
more adaptative. This means that Klopp will need to read quickly what Spurs are doing
and potentially react; at the very least, he will have a harder time prepping his team
on what to expect. Liverpool will likely seek to impose their
tempo and style on the game, and Spurs will need to counter this. Their own press will
be important, but they must also match Liverpool physically, especially in midfield where Jordan
Henderson and Fabinho especially offer a presence to Liverpool that so unsettled Barcelona.
Moussa Sissoko will be key for Spurs in this battle, and Victor Wanyama could play a key
role too. Perhaps more importantly, both teams will
want to dominate the wide areas especially – in Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson,
Liverpool possess the two form full-backs in the Premier League, while Spurs Kieran
Trippier and Danny Rose are also significant attacking threats. If Pochettino opts for
a three-man back line, this could assist in either pushing back the Liverpool full backs,
or luring them forwards towards Spurs’ wing backs and then hitting the wide spaces behind
them with attacking midfielders. Dele Alli could also play a key role in this
– should Spurs look to hit the space in behind the full backs, having one player move
wide will be insufficient to create Liverpool issues, and so Dele Alli’s movement into
the channels between the full back and centre back will allow Spurs to work a numerical
overload and either create room to pass or cross, or draw a Liverpool centre back forwards
to close, affording room to attack through the middle. Lastly, Spurs also can adapt to a Plan B that
could cause Liverpool issues. This Plan B is the introduction of Fernando Llorente.
While Son Heung-Min and Lucas Moura will likely start, especially if Kane is deemed unfit,
Llorente provides a different option, one used to great effect against Ajax in the semi-final
second leg. Llorente affords a more direct threat, whereby Spurs can look to cross or
play longer balls towards the striker. Liverpool will need to ensure they either
press even higher to bring the defensive line towards the midfield line, keeping Llorente
away from goal and maximising the chance to win or clear any knock-downs or flick-ons,
or, if the defence cedes space, the midfield will have to drop off to prevent Spurs’
wily midfielders from effecting shooting chances or opportunities to burst beyond Llorente. This will, in turn, either force Liverpool’s
front line to drop in order to retain vertical compactness, or will open gaps between the
Liverpool midfield and attacking line – not such a problem if Liverpool can clear and
turn the space into an attacking weapon, but an issue if Spurs are also able to push high,
congest the middle third, and prevent Liverpool’s front three from getting possession and launching
attacks. In this way, the introduction of Llorente
would likely push Liverpool back across the pitch, not just in their own defensive third;
this Plan B does offer Pochettino some versatility and an attacking threat, but it also blunts
Spurs speedy interplay on the ground, and so it comes with caveats. It is likely that this game will see Liverpool
try to impress their style on the game, and Spurs seek to circumvent that with tactical
changes before the game, or changes within it to pose Liverpool problems. Liverpool will
probably act, and Spurs react. Liverpool, who beat Spurs home and away in the league,
may have a fractionally psychological advantage but, in the heat of a one off game, what matters
is who solves the problems posed by the other team on the night. It will be an intriguing

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  1. Couple of things to adress. Firmino didn't play against Barca because he was injured, hence Wijnaldum took his place which is the typical german coaching approach in important games. They do weird things like play Kramer in 2014 world cup final, play gomez as right back instead of trent against barca in the 1st leg or in last CL final 2018 sub in Lallana who hasn't played in months or don't bring sane to the 2018 world cup etc. Now, regarding Klopp needs to react fast, he doesn't change anything before half-time (Psg away game, Psg played with 3 in the back and outnumbered liverpool's midfield, no changes after 1st goal or 2nd.) Also, he waits too long to sub players in. The way to beat Klopp is to surprise him during 1st half and change strategy for the 2nd half because Klopp will adjust for 1st half which will be old news. I doubt Tottenham will play with 3 in the back because that would be suicidal, PSG got away with it because Liverpool's front 3 weren't in form that time. Lastly, long balls to Llorente won't work against the 2 tower defense of Liverpool. Both teams weaknesses are the right back position. Thinking Liverpool will win but anything can happen,
    Tottenham seems to be lucky with set-pieces.

  2. Wat do u mean by liv only used 4-2-3-1 once? We used this formation against Utd, Bournemouth, Southampton, etc we also used 4-4-2

  3. I think if Kane does play he should play as a late substitute. I have no doubt he is Tottenham's best player, but the thing is that their play on the ground doesn't really work with a fantastic centre forward, Llorente having proved with that miss against Ajax that he isn't (his winner against Man City tho that was drama!) Scores level on 75-80 minutes, the introduction of Kane will mean that their style will have been able to be the same for the match but his clinical finishing will make every difference if he gets that good chance. The only other issue for Tottenham is keeping players back. For this I would suggest using wing backs. Trippier is superb as a wing back so if he were to remain up the pitch and create chances which is his main strength and I think always has been. The back three will have it all to do but Rose is more defensive so in a sense it would be like a 4-4-2 instead of a 5-3-2 when Spurs defend. I think Wanyana's tackling will be vital so he should play as a centre back with Vertonghen and Alderweireld, with Dier to come on late when fitness is needed. Just thinking of ways Tottenham could win cos they are the underdogs! Best wishes to both teams, I just want to see a great match of football. My favourite part will be that Milner and Trippier were both let go by Man City, so either player winning will allow them to message City with a photo of them and their winner's medal saying "Miss me now?" 😂

  4. As a neutral supporter who admire both teams, in how they have built themselves up despite losing their star players over the years (Suarez, Coutinho, Bale, Modric), deciding who I think would deserve this win the most is hard. Liverpool is the obvious candidate, though I was hoping they would win the league so that the work that has been put in could be rewarded. Tottenham too deserves a trophy, especially seeing how they have built a quality squad with little cash in comparison to the rest of the top 6 in PL. At the end of the day, I'd probably feel more sorry for those who lose than happy for the the team that wins. But it will be a great match.

  5. Liverpool fc is by far the best team in the world now last season they made the ucl final but lost at the mighty real madrid so this year there's no doubt Liverpool will win kloop has done a great job spurs have their work cut out lol.

  6. Your an absolute twat of a channel and stupidly shite video .. you literally banged on about how how Tottenham will win don’t post videos up again you little shit

  7. i think what will make the difference is that Tottenham also has a Plan C. Harry Kane doesn't start the match and enters at 2nd half to take the role normally given to Llorente.
    And while Llorente can be annoying but ultimately not be the one that wins the game. Harry Kane has far more skill and not only he can come and disrupt the plan he also has the skill to set the match.
    I think this is the way Pochettino should play. Harry Kane is so good that just him entering will change the match structure.
    That is what makes the injury debacle fall into the side of Tottenham. Firmino is really good, but we know the key players on Liverpool are Mane and Salah. Firmino is there to complete the trio. But he's not the main player.
    Harry Kane is the main player. So him entering as a sub will put a lot of pressure, freeing up everyone else.

  8. If Tottenham start with Moura up front it’ll be a good game.
    If they start with Kane i reckon Liverpools defence will just outpace him and they’ll win 3/4-0

  9. Honestly it’s almost as if spurs have better players than Liverpool. Lol this is laughable. The worst thing spurs can do is push up against Liverpool. With no pace in defense we’d murder them. If the sit deep and go long in matip and vvd lfc have the presence and experience to deal with this effectively. Spurs will over prepare and play the occasion. Lfc will play it like any match.

  10. You can watch the live match free on BT sport youtube channel😊.
    Tips: Use VPN if it is blocked in your country😉

    Thanks me later.

  11. So the most successful teams are those who change there players and tactics the most? Hmmm calling BS on that

  12. I wanna see spurs lift their first European cup and plus it just so happens that i fuckin HATE liverpol and their plastic fans so…COYS.

  13. One of Liverpool's biggest weaknesses is that they choke in the last 15 minutes of the match,because of their high-pressing/direct style.Aaaaannd we've seen what Tottenham can do in the last minutes sooo…

  14. there is no doubt liverpool squad under estimate spurs comparing real madrid last season,,in knock out championship,,mentality works mostly

  15. What this video fails to mention is the World Class player of VVD who shall shut out the attacking threat of Tottenham simply as he is the best defender in the world right now. I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned, world class players make the difference.

  16. Nice analysis, but from a Spurs viewpoint. Not considered is that the Liverpool backline is just more talented than Spurs', so the Liverpool forwards have a higher probability of scoring. Could go either way, but just sayin'.

  17. English team? Not really best player's foreigners manager's foreigner's club owners foreigners not actually English

  18. Tifo is a clear Spurs fan with bias.
    Just title the video, "I think spurs are better than the team that finished 4th in the Premiere League after loosing 13 games".

  19. Why does this fella think Llorente is going to pose a threat nether mind thinking spurs are going to win a European cup against the best English team in European competitions

  20. It will be 0-0 and go to penalties and I think Spurs will win it if it goes to penalties. I am an Arsenal fan. Hoping Liverpool do them but final anything can happen. Damn you Ajax!

  21. Don’t get me wrong I like the champions league but two clubs that have never won the league in decades and their in the final. Bring back the UEFA cup and cup winners cup and get rid of this top 4 bollocks to enter that competition. Smaller clubs around Europe would become much better.

  22. Imagine how much of a legend pochettino will be for winning the champions league having not bought any players in 2 years

  23. Liverpool won bruh. I am Sad ! Give me a like I will be happy!
    Thanks for 1like!
    Thanks owner for giving a ❤

  24. great video but to be honest it was the most boring final in a decade, early penalty basically ruined the final, also totenham proved that they didn't deserve to be in the final but it's Ajax's stupidity, they couldn't hold the game 10 seconds longer. it was basically Liverpool on corners and totenham trying everlasting crosses left and right with NO threat from the middle all game long, only one good shot but how can they? other than kane there aren't any super stars, theam mostly consists of above average players. Also, kane clearly wasn't fit. Congrats Klopp for winning a CL trophy with a team famous of losing… NO MORE!

  25. Who's here after the final 😂😁😁

    Thanks tifo for the jinx. You took Liverpool FC side last season and they lost and now spurs suffered the same fate

  26. And in the end the reality was so different! Neither team seemed to be able to string passes together. One lucky penalty and a clinical Origi strike vs lots good chances hit straight to the keeper was the difference in the end….
    (Liverpool supporter).

  27. I hope everyone saw what I meant when I said Pochettino does better when certain players are injured!!! Look at what happened, he threw in 2 players returning from long term injuries and even played the other for 90 minutes! Benched one of our crucial player in Lucas Moura…if the final didn't demonstrate what I meant about Pochettino's poor tactical acumen then I don't know what will!

  28. Individual superiority and collective solidarity in defense decided it in the end though.

  29. What's your analysis post match Tifo? Liverpool sitting on an early 1 nil lead went against expectations!? A strange game in the end, and not a good one for Man U fans neither! 😉

  30. Turned out to be the other way around.. Tottenham acted, Liverpool reacted.. and the Reds still won (thanks to Becker and Van Dijk)

  31. Just watched this video and how wrong he got the tactics on every level don't give up your day job tifo

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