Chair Mats – The Essential Item for your Home Office
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Chair Mats – The Essential Item for your Home Office

August 25, 2019

(music). (VO) Working from home is no
longer a trend, it’s a movement here to stay. And more and more
people like myself are exchanging an office for the
convenience of working from home. To get all the must-haves
for my very own home office, I came to my local Staples, and
met up with Channels Marketing Manager Rodney Williams. There
he is, hi Rodney. Hi Debi. Good to see you. Welcome to
Staples. Thank you. Well I came
for your help today because, as you know, I’m a correspondent
for the show, I’m doing scripts and emails and so much more
at my home office, but I really don’t know how to set it up,
what I really need. So that’s
why I came to you. Well I’ll be
glad to help you. Debi as you
all know, home offices have become an important aspect in
many homes today, and the most important pieces of furniture in
any work space is your desk and chair. Right. People don’t
realize that chair mats are just as important. Would you like to
know more about chair mats? I
would, cause I’m one of those people. All right. I didn’t
think they were that important. All right fantastic, follow me
and I’ll explain. You lead the
way. There are many benefits to
using a chair mat in a workspace. First and foremost is
for protection. The use of a
chair with casters can easily damage your flooring surface,
whereas a chair mat will protect your flooring investment and
then they also protect your floors warranty. Chair mats also
enhance work space ergonomics, making it easier to roll. Therefor you have less stress on
your joints and back. Would you
like to try rolling on carpet versus rolling on the chair mat? Absolutely. Fantastic. Try
rolling on carpet first. Okay. This is very difficult. It is. Yeah, this is harder than- can I
use the desk? Absolutely, but do
you need help? Yeah, how about
roll me onto this one. Did you
know that it takes as much as 80% more energy to roll on
carpet versus the smooth surface of a chair mat? I think I just
witnessed that. It was
difficult. It is very difficult. Yeah, I think I’m of the ones
that were under the misconception that you really
didn’t need a chair mat. That’s
a common misconception. Oh
really? Yes, chair mats are
actually needed for both carpet and hard floor surfaces. Another
misconception is that chair mats are all created equal. Right. They’re just a piece of plastic
and really not needed as you said. Yeah. But Staples chair
mats feature exclusive benefits that are unique to chair mats. One of those is the AnchorBar
Cleat System that allows the mat to securely grip to carpet but
is also gentle on your hands and fingers. Another option at
Staples is our foldable chair mats, which allow for ease of
portability and storage. And
then we also have crystal edges unique to our mats that allow
seamless transition to and from carpet or your hard floor
surface which lets you see the beauty of your floor show
through. So many options. Okay. I need a chair mat. You do. Yes,
I definitely need a chair mat. So, do you know how to select
your chair mat? No, can you walk
me through the steps? Yes, I’d
be glad to. Selecting a chair
mat is easy as three steps. Oh,
okay. Okay, so step number
one, do you have a hard floor surface or a carpeted surface? Okay, that’s an easy one,
carpet. Do you know what the
thickness of your carpet is? Surprisingly I do know this,
it’s 3 / 8 inch thick. Okay,
well if you didn’t know, there’s an easy way to measure your
carpet thickness. You can do so
by using the open end of a paperclip, insert it into the
carpet and padding till it reaches the subfloor underneath,
take that measurement, and then choose a chair mat that’s rated
for that thickness or that application, or one greater. Perfect, okay. So what size and
shape mat do you think you need for your workspace? Hmm that’s a
good question. Well I have a
large space, I have a desk in the corner, so there’s a lot of
carpet. So what would you
recommend? I would recommend our
lip mat for medium pile carpet. All right, perfect. I think I
found the perfect chair mat for me. All right, fantastic, I’ll
assist you with your purchase. Perfect, let’s go. All right. The purchase process at Staple’s
is simple and convenient. You
may purchase your chair mat today in-store, and carry it
using our exclusive chair mat handles, or you may simply use
our kiosk and have your chair mat delivered to your home, or
ordering on is always an option. Well I want to
take it home with me today, so I’m gonna choose the purchase
in-store. All right, fantastic. Well Rodney, thank you so much
for everything today, you’ve really helped me to set up a
functional home office. I really
appreciate it. You’re very
welcome, and thank you for choosing Staples. I appreciate
it. Thank you. Bye bye. Well, I
have finished setting up my home office. You know I never knew
there were so many options when it came to chair mats, and how
essential they are for your office. Well thanks to the folks
at Staples, I am off and rolling in my new office. Bye for now. (VO) To find more great ideas
to transform your home or office space, you can visit these
websites, or our website, Thanks so
much for watching. (music).

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  1. Seems like there's a need for better chair wheels. Why aren't they designed for the surfaces they're going to be used on?

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