CGRundertow LUME for PC Video Game Review
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CGRundertow LUME for PC Video Game Review

September 28, 2019

Hey guys and gals, Amanda here. And lately
it seems many of the games I’ve been trying out have either been absolutely beautiful
or totally junky as far as art style and direction. Well recently I came across an point and click
puzzle indie game on the steam network I’ve been meaning to try since my friend told me
about it called Lume. Lume involves a green themed environment and story line as you join
Lumi on her quest to restore power to her grandparents already green home. The art style in this is what I’d like to
touch on first because it’s really like nothing I have ever seen before. The only thing that
comes to mind when looking at this is Little Big Planet but there aren’t really any stick
in your face 3D elements in here, and those that are they basically look like they are
filmed and just an overlay in the game. It’s beautiful really, it is. Well as far as play you’re pointing and clicking
your way around. Once you get the okay to click which is illustrated by your familiar
white glove hand icon you may click away and see what puzzle lies ahead. I found many of
the puzzles a little difficult at first to be honest which actually made me feel this
game was worth the money I invested in it. Being only 6.99 you hope that a game this
short can still do what it’s supposed to, entertain and amaze you. Well again, I was
nothing shy of entertained and amazed. Lumi right from the start keeps getting more puzzles
for you to solve and one of my favorites being where you have to fix her grandpa’s solar
panel by aligning everything up so no spare ends are left out in the wires. The hardest puzzle to me was actually one
where I had a graph and had to keep moving to different locations on it to find the one
that was ideal for the answer. I took me a little bit of time to get the path right but
once you figure it out your golden. But if you don’t want to necessarily solve
things right away you can click on things in the house once you actually get inside
such as photos of Lumi and her relatives. But there isn’t much freedom as far as that
because you’re quickly either collecting items or using them for the next part of your mission
to restore power. Now I am not 100% sure if they expect to release
more chapters yet. After finishing the game’s main story you’re told that more chapters
lie ahead or maybe will lie ahead? I can only hope there are more because it was by far
one of my favorite indie games for my pc I own to date, I think mostly because of the
art style being so unique. And on top of everything this game uses the whole going green theme
to try and invoke a message of conserving energy. Beautiful game, great message, and
challenging puzzles, what more could you want in an indie game this cheap, I love it.

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