CGRundertow COOL BOARDERS 4 for PlayStation Video Game Review
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CGRundertow COOL BOARDERS 4 for PlayStation Video Game Review

November 6, 2019

Time to put some fresh wax on your boards,
strap yourself in your bindings, and hit the slopes. Are you cool enough to handle some
Cool Boarders 4? Well you better, cause it is here to bring you all the high intensity,
over the top, freezing cold, oh my I should have worn extra pants, snowboarding action. At this point in the series, the Cool Boarders
brand knows what it is. It is an extreme sports snowboarding racer, that puts as much emphasis
on speed and racing as it does points and tricks. You will race down the mountains of
real life locations, against three other racers, with the goal of finishing the race in first
place while also collecting the highest score. You can race in either a single race, enter
into a tournament, or go straight for the tricks in trickmaster. You will work through
all of these modes to unlock additional racers, mountains and boards. Unlike previous entries in the series, Cool
Boarders 4 actually offers real life riders in addition to the cast of Cool Boarders that
you have come to know and love. Some of these new riders include, Ross Powers, Jim Rippey
and even a 16 year old Shaun White. And if these riders don’t interest you, you can
now create your own. The mountains will take you all over the world,
including France, Japan, Colorado, Alaska, and the super exotic, Vermont. Each mountain
has multiple events for you to enter, from downhill to big air and half pipes. There
are more than enough events to keep you coming back for more, either to unlock more or to
best your previous high score. But some major time has been spent in the
way of graphics and gameplay. The game looks much better than previous entries, with more
polygons for the riders, making them look human and eliminating their corner shoulders.
Also the tracks have seen improvements, with more detail being put into the snow and track
design. Each course feels very unique and has its own personality. The racing itself
has benefited from this. It still concerns itself with speed, grinds, spins and grabs.
The tricks themselves feel easier to land, due to the tight controls and impressive air
the riders get. It all makes for some fast and stylish snowboarding that’s fun to play
again and again. Cool Boarders 4 continues the series with
its gameplay and moves, only it tightens up the gameplay and adds in additional real-life
riders and brings it all to you with some improved graphics. Some may not like the more
streamlined approach, but it makes for fun and simple snowboarding.

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  1. That's an awesome review. I love the way you go into detail, and your delivery is much better this time around.
    It makes me want to revisit the game.

  2. Cool boarders died when 3 was given to Americans. There was Cool Boarders Buuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrnnnn but it was only called that in the land of the rising sun.

  3. I don't understand what the issue is. It says right there 'CGRUNDERTOW'. Your complaints would be 100 percent legitimate IF they were shoe horning these guys INTO the main review account (CGR), but they aren't. So your complaints are pointless. It's basically saying 'guys, quit trying to do new things'. Which is ALWAYS a TERRIBLE idea to tell anyone.

  4. I liked the music too, the funny sound effect punches and fail noises the characters make when they fall or hit a tree, and the booes and cheers from the audience.

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