CGRundertow COOL BOARDERS 3 for PlayStation Video Game Review

October 21, 2019

If you grew up in the 90s and had the original
Playstation, I would put money on the fact that if you didn’t own it, you at least
played the Cool Boarders series. When extreme sports were the boss, Cool Boarders sat right
at the top with Tony Hawk Pro Skater as the kings of the extreme sports video games. Cool
Boarders 3 wasn’t just a game that appealed to not just people who loved snowboarding
but also people who had never had the feet strapped into bindings. The game was just
a cool snowboarding game, hence the name. There are 5 different mountains, and an extra
mode that has you out running an avalanche, which is great fun and also the most frustrating
mode of all. The mountains take you all over the world, from Mt. Koji to the Alps and even
descending Everest. You would think those mountain climbers who climb up Everest would
bring some snowboards. Egh, guess they are too afraid of falling off a 1000 foot high
cliff. But not these boarders. Each mountains events have a specific goal or point total
to reach, and if you do that you can unlock new boards and characters. While the Tony
Hawk game offered real skateboarders to play as, these characters are all original. Each
one has their own skills and feel different. My favorite was always Eddie, but there was
also Nick, Mars, and hello Sasha. But while the characters may be made-up, the snowboards
were not. They were real boards from companies like Ride and Burton. But all this would be worthless if the game
wasn’t fun, and that is definitely not the case. The game puts just as much focus on
the racing as it does the tricks. There are multiple games modes, each one offering a
very different experience. Some of these include Down Hill, which has you racing against three
other racers and trying to finish 1st and also collecting a specific amount of points.
There is also Slope Style, which is a long run through a trick park. There is also Half
pipe and Big Air, where you try to get the highest score possible. All of these are great,
and pretty tough. You will restart many times before you final get what you need. I like
Down Hill, mostly because you can punch the other racers and make them fall, and then
laugh at them. The tricks were also an essential part of
the game. The tricks skate the fine line between realism and insanity. There are flips and
spins and grabs, all what you would expect from an extreme sports game. It’s when you
start mixing the tricks together do you see your score really go up. And anyone who has
ever played this game will say, nothing is more exhilarating than when you hear that
beeping saying you have a long grab going. The longer it goes the more exciting it becomes
and the more nervous you get from fear of crashing. The controls feel a little stiff
simply because of the age of the game, with a power meter to jump but these felt great
when this was first release and I’m not going to pass judgement 10 years after the
fact. After you get use to them, you will have no problem with them. I can boil this review down to a simple compound
sentence. If you’ve played this game you don’t need me to tell you how good it is,
and if you haven’t take these words to heart and play it so you can understand what you
have missed.

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