CGR Undertow – FIFA 2006 WORLD CUP review for Game Boy Advance
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CGR Undertow – FIFA 2006 WORLD CUP review for Game Boy Advance

October 15, 2019

I�m a huge sports fan. Or at least…a baseball
and hockey fan. I pretty much live for those two sports. When it comes to soccer, though…I
just don�t get it. So when I have to play a game like this…it�s
really hard. I mean, I must be doing this wrong, because…the freaking thing…it�s
on easy! And I can�t score a godd*mn goal. So this game was donated to us by PJ from
California. Thanks, PJ. Obviously, soccer games are right in my strike zone. See, that�s
a baseball term. Sports. This is FIFA 2006 World Cup, which evidently took place in Germany
in real life. That�s one good thing. I�m a huge fan of Germany. I actually took a vacation
there a few years ago. Went to Wacken, and Hamburg…delightful country. Delicious currywurst. There�s no wurst in this game, but…there
are German people. Real ones, too. The game has actual team and player data, so it has
that authentic FIFA feel. I went with Canada, because…I like hockey. There�s also plenty
of gameplay modes, from the tournament itself to exhibition play and individual challenge
modes. You can even link up to another GBA for multiplayer. So the content�s there. The game looks alright,
too. I mean…it looks as good as grass can look, on the Game Boy Advance. But the problem
with this version of FIFA…is that it doesn�t really play all that well. The controls are
a little off, and the animations are kinda stiff, too. So the game doesn�t move very
smoothly. And then you get these glitches. Like, I�m trying to run left, but…I�m
moonwalking, instead. Is that a thing? In a soccer? Look, I obviously don�t know anything about
soccer. So I�m more into fast-paced, arcade versions of the sport. But I�d be lying
if I told you I didn�t at least care that I lost every game. I was having enough fun
to care. That�s something. And I bet if you actually understand the game, you�ll
care even more. So you have plenty of ways to play FIFA 2006,
but…it�s the playing that�s the problem. Of course, my impressions of this game�you
know, the slowness, the clogged-up feel of the pitch�that probably has a more to do
with the fact that I don�t understand the sport. But it is a somewhat impressive game,
given the platform. And if you�re into soccer, this is a decent handheld version of it. Bloody football.

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  1. Oh Derek and your Currywurst comments. This game just uses the same engine as FIFA 2005 for GBA and menus as FIFA 2006 DS! 😛

  2. Football (or soccer, watever you want to call it) is actually 1000x better to watch and have fun as a real collective game, that baseball and american soccer, and some other sports that originate in the United States.

  3. FIFA 1000 will release to coincide with the release of the PS4. In the latest iteration your soccer player will be able to jump really high, do a midair double flip, then deliver a spinning kick to one of the defenders and then finally do a fireball kick thus sending the ball into the corner of the net.

  4. If you don't know anything about soccer you shouldn't make reviews about soccer games! FIFA 2006 is not "decent" on the GBA. It a mediocre soccer game that's fades away compared to the Winning Eleven series by Konami.

  5. y is the uploader so upset with football??!! i mean it's just as cool as any other spherical sport….. the rest of the world is an adoring,dying fan of football

  6. Not soccer…football! Not miles…kilometers! Why do americans want to be so different than anyone else in the world!!!!

  7. Other than the offside rule in soccer/fussball/futball/football, I don't see what is hard to understand about the sport.

  8. I gotta wonder..Not that there's anything wrong with the person doing the review.. but isn't there more than 1 person that does reviews for this channel and stuff? Couldn't someone that liked soccer a bit more have done the review instead? Just seems like a more accurate review would come from someone that actually plays soccer games.

    Also, before I get corrected that it's "football", I live in the US. Can't we all just agree to call it FootHockey and leave it at that?

    Honestly, my main problem with almost EVERY Soccer or Hockey game, is that it's such a pain in the ass to get the thing into the goal. The stupid goalies are always RIGHT THERE waiting. Like, I get that that's their job, but they're not attracted to the goddamn ball like they're magnets, fuck. I go to run the ball up to the goal to get a decent shot, and the guy's blocking everything. That's more frustrating than losing honestly. I'd rather lose and at least be able to GET A POINT. And my useless AI teammates are never anywhere useful for me to pass, so I can get the ball away from the goalie before shooting.

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