[CFS_Creators] Vietnamese Teenagers with Game Online and Crossfire
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[CFS_Creators] Vietnamese Teenagers with Game Online and Crossfire

October 8, 2019

Do you know at the CFS 2017 world tournament, EVA Team from Vietnam has won second place with the reward value $200,000 This is also the peak rank that a Vietnamese E-sports can achieve in 2017. 4 billions? / That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? That’s just a lot. I wanna play CROSSFIRE, I wanna become the champion. That’s quite a lot. Actually, the prize is too huge to imagine. To my knowledge, some Vietnamese top gamers I know, they also own some internet rooms, but the amount of money is quite huge that I guess they probably could not earn within one year I’m quite surprised because as far as I known Vietnames gamers rarely win at shooting games just like CROSSFIRE. They came second place in an international tournament, Which means that they are really really good. How about you? what do you think?

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