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[CFS_Creators] Opinions About CFS

October 22, 2019

Hello mercenaries. This is Rafael Martinez, and today I’d like to talk about CROSSFIRE STARS CROSSFIRE STARS is a global e-sports tournament which had its first edition in 2013. The first team to represent Brazil in the tournament was Pain Razer, they ended in 15th place. We had Brazilian representatives in every edition of CFS, but we’ve never advanced to the Grand Finals. For us the CFS is kind of a FIFA World Cup, it’s the most anticipated event of our competitive scene. The strong points of the Brazilian teams are their enthusiasm and determination,
but on the other hand, their weak point is the lack of technique, which is a determining factor when you’re playing against competitive and strong teams
like the Chinese and American teams, who are the better teams of the scene. Until now INTZ Is the most remarkable Brazilian team on CFS,
they ended in 4th on CFS 2015. This year we have more competitive and well-established teams in comparison to the past years, like INTZ for an example, they’re leading the bracket of Brazil CFEL and have great chances to advance to CFS 2018. There is also Rude Game, who is having a great campaign. Both teams have renowned and experienced players who have played in international CROSSFIRE tournaments. I think that both players and the Community are very confident for 2018, we are looking forward to make history and to conquer the title for the first time ever.

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