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  1. i like all the stupid people that complains animals matters too, i mean, yeah. have a pet dog, cat or mouse, but how did you people think your ancestors survived centuries ago? and what about fishes, huh? they're animals too. do they matter? of course not. we put them in cans and gut their organs and brain, and they overpopulated the whole ocean. so you people are saying that if one animal is overpopulating the earth or creatures that literally that cant go extinct we shouldnt hunt them? humanity at it's finest these days…

  2. he live the way he lives and you live not knowing were you meat come from or what thay do to it o whate yall are vigens you damn yeppy asses

  3. No different when an officer pulls over to shoot a deer in the head on a highway when the deer is still alive…you can even see his first shot that was up high if you pause the video.

  4. People are so stupid the man was taking out a wounded deer it’s
    Un humane of the people who lives in the neighborhood to get mad he took a wounded deer those people who lives in the neighborhood are so stupid!

  5. Sounds to me he did everything in his power put a bad shot into a better one yes he should have called dnr and they would have approved the kill in city limits or they would of taken care of it for him but he did try finish off a deer that was suffering in sted of letting it get sick and die in one of there yards

  6. By the laws of ethics , his responsibility as a hunter is to put the animal down . Nobody wants to make a bad shot, but it happens . The ethical thing to do is track the animal down and make a clean fatal shot . He owed that to the buck .

  7. Why aren't animal lovers not living with the animals? Just sit and make controversial about things that maybe don't mean nothing to them, if they're just sitting around posting things like these. Animal lovers, get the fuck out, and live with the animals and save them. 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. these people are stupid and they need to learn to accept mother nature and get over it and we need to stop this feminist reporter

  9. The reason why people hunt is so that they could feed their family. Any deer or Turkey I take, I respect and pray over it after I harvest it. If you shoot an animal and just wound it, you are going to feel bad.

  10. yall get more mad about a deer getting shot in a neighborhood "it dont Belong in" then yall get when a black person get shot in a Neighborhood he or dont belong

  11. In some cities in Arkansas in order to control the over-population of deer they have an annual "Urban" archery hunt whereby hunting within the certain City limits is allowed. A lot of the resident deer in our neighborhood limp with broken legs from slow speed auto collisions. Only 3% of the US population hunts, so most people don't understand that if an animal is shot on public land it can easily wonder onto private land before it dies. If he had discharged a fire arm that would be bad, but an archery kill within urban limits is a good way to put an animal out of its misery.

  12. He did the right thing and was found not guilty. Now if it was a gun he would have to call Fish and Game to come kill it due to the proximity of the house but using a bow is ok.

  13. tough call here….yes I am a hunter….always try to recover your harvest….maybe should have talked with locals first to explain what he was doing or…call DEC and ask for their help in dispatching the deer…

  14. them people man. I am a hunter my self if it is hurt shot it. people these days "oh don't hurt it " well if it is hurt all ready it needs to go so. man don't let them get you down you did the right thing to do.

  15. scru u and ur fucking neighborhood I believe the hunter because why is the hell would he shoot a 6 point buck in a resident area dumb ass city slickers

  16. 100% agree with what that guy did, but if he would’ve hit it in the spine, it would’ve dropped in its tracks and kicked for a couple minutes then died. Rich city snobs piss me off.

  17. Funny. I don't hear any PETA activists complaining about the fact that entire forests had to be chopped down and cleared for the housing developments they all live in. If you really cared about the animals, go live with them instead of destroying their homes to build your own.

  18. They need to chill that deer would of ran a lot faster if he wasn't wounded first cause if that was his first shot the deer would of took of running

  19. the police don’t know what they are talking about you can shoot a deer in city limits as long as it’s not with a gun

  20. On one side it's logically illegal to fire an arrow in a residential area. On the other side, the deer would have suffered in a unecessary way… I would be the judge, I would let it go

  21. Hold on .. he was still tracking the game … he had the right to shot a wounded deer but not in the city ….and risk hitting people , a poor shot placed the deer in this condition or this would not have taken place …sorry hunter I am the blind bowman and I know why you did this but your in the wrong …you can not fire a arrow in city limits,  that law is there for a good reason … you should have broken free from the tracking and reported the event to law enforcement …  bad judgment twice ….your going to lose in court ,sorry

  22. 100 years ago people would be happy and they would all share the meet and go on with their day, the future is looking quite soft

  23. Yeah he was just running around with a bow looking for deer to hunt in residential neighborhoods with no vehicle nearby… are you retarded, lady?

  24. So just because this guy is a hunter means he don’t care about animals. Sorry but hunting and fishing is how I feed my family it’s also heather then going to Walmart to buy meat that has other crap in it we don’t know about. No thanks I’ll kill my food because ANIMALS TASTE GOOD!

  25. Maybe I should be a vegan and really kill some animals or join peta and kill 89 percent of what I rescue or continue to buy meat from markets that slaughter millions of animals and then buy a home up in the mountains so I can destroy habitats. Seriously this world is fucked in the head .

  26. All you hear is complaining he got a bad shot in the woods he followed the deer the blood trail to there he finally took the shot on the deer and it ain't like it was a rifle the arrow slow down when it hitting hit the deer are you here at these liberals run their mouths fuckem

  27. The stupid libs don’t like hunting in general he took a legal shot and made the animal suffer any hunter with a heart would have done the same thing he did. We don’t hunt to kill or hunt to cause pain we hunt because it is a way of life. Sure it’s a thrill sure it’s fun but above all it’s out of respect. You should respect every animal you shoot at. If you make a bad shot it’s up to you too finish the job.

  28. its just a fucking bow, not like he's using a firearm. Fucking cuck snobs that think meat is made at the grocery store

  29. For all the ppl saying the hunter is a good man, I agree, they only made him look bad for a story and money. Just some desparate for money ppl.

  30. oh you city people carying about wild life, but once you live on the land, deer is the worst and you wish them die. fucking Bambies, cancer of the wild life. die please die.

  31. Is this really what makes the news? This is just disgusting. People who don’t understand a culture just hating on it. It’s like what early Christians did with “civilizing” people who did things differently. Let people live their lives, and if you have a problem with hunting, why not do something about it instead of sit there in your nice house in the hills and talk shit about hunters

  32. The hunter was right he did what was ethical and when that say we actually care about the animals “up” here so where do u think he lives “down there” and if u did care the house you are sitting it and the development used to be woods for deer to live in.

  33. i kill everything…deer,moose,wild hogs,fish…in afghanistan i killed people for the army so what maybe their have been civilizians and children i give a shit…this hole world is based on killings…kill or be killed… i kill them all

  34. I don't care what anyone says because if you shoot something and it doesn't die don't let it suffer take it out of its misery and take it home and eat it.

  35. Of course people would freak out about this in fucking California. I hate this state and I'm thrilled to move to Idaho

  36. Liberal People in our country would just as Quickly drive to fast food than to stop and think about where meet comes from

  37. It really confuses the shit out of me why in america the majority of the highclass population are a bunch of dumbfucks

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