Catch the Fox Game – Kid Game Review
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Catch the Fox Game – Kid Game Review

August 22, 2019

This product is sponsored by Goliath. Hi, my name is Anjali and today I’m gonna review Catch the Fox. What is Catch the Fox? It’s a great game that you have to rescue all the chickens from the flock and return them to your chicken coop. But be careful this greedy Fox is snapping up all the chicken. and stuffing them into his pockets. The Catch the Fox game is ages 4 and older and it could be played with 2 to 4 players. Here’s what’s inside. 21 chickens, 4 chicken coops, 1 die, 1 sticker sheet, the instructions and one Fox with his pants under his feet. Here is how to set up the game. First stick the stickers on his eye, tongue and his underpants. Then place the 6 stickers on the die. Then with the two parts put the chickens together. Once you are done with that raise the fox’s arms then turn him upside down and pull the string under feet. Then pull his pants up around his waist and adjust it so his pockets are easy to get to. Next, place lease all the chickens together near the fox and deal 1 chicken coop to each player. The player who makes the best clucking sound goes first. Coo coo roo coo roo. Now you are ready to play but wait how do you play? Glad you asked. First roll the die and place how many chickens as shown into the fox’s pants. Then before your turn ends, gentle push the fox down 1 time until it clicks. If nothing happens, then the next person continues the game. Make sure you continue to the left. If the greedy fox loses his pants you have to get all the chickens you can get. As fast as you can and put them back into the chicken coop. By the way you can only use 1 hand to rescue the chickens. Keep playing until the 1st player gets 5 chickens into the chicken coop. Once that happens you win. Here’s a little fun that my family and I had with Catch the Fox. Take a look. YES! What do you think of catch the fox game? Leave a comment below. Cock a doodle doo. Coo coo roo roo roo. Cock a doodle doo. COO COO ROO ROO!

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