Cat Toy Unboxing: Tumbler Toy with LED lights and cricket sounds
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Cat Toy Unboxing: Tumbler Toy with LED lights and cricket sounds

September 28, 2019

Hi Guys, Today we are unboxing another tumbler toy
for cats, as always, the initial setup is very easy
and straightforward. it has this nice purple feather attached to
a rod. also, it comes with the batteries inside and
when turned on it makes those nice cricket sounds. it also shows changing colorful lights. the toy does not move on its own, as you might
expect. but a nice feature they added is a movement
sensor that turn the sounds and lights on when the toy is touched. our cats really like those colorful feathers. also, we noticed that the cricket sounds attracts
them quite well. the lights also provide some visual stimuli. to
sum up, this toy is great for casual entertainment. if you liked the video please don’t forget
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  1. wow.. so nice and cats are adorable. I just joined your channel. #87.Let's stay connected. i love cats. 😀

  2. That's a great toy! Your cats really seem to enjoy it. I love that it makes cricket sounds. ?❤️

  3. Amazing and fun toy for the beautiful lovely kitty's they like it to Sensational video gorgeous cats We Subbed you Back thumbs up

    ★★★★★FANTASTIC ★★★★★EXCEPTIONAL★ ★★★★

  4. Hello♪♪♪
    This video is So funny?
    Nice item?
    So cute cat?❤️❤️
    I will stay connected???
    I was 107subscribe?‼️
    let's sharing?❤️

  5. Hi cute cats Ginny and Simba! Thank you for visiting our channel! We like your channel and gave you the thumbs up and, subscribed! : ) ???&?

  6. What beautiful kitties!! Their coats are so bright and shiny! Really cool toy!! Love it. Have a great day!

  7. Hi Ginny & Simba I subbed your channel Big like # 41 on your cute video so adorable Please support back and stay connected Madeline

  8. Hope you liked the video ❤
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