Caroline Bisson – Biathlon Paralympic Athlete
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Caroline Bisson – Biathlon Paralympic Athlete

November 16, 2019

I’ve been playing sports since I was very young, different activities, but it was mostly recreational until I lost my arm. And, after my surgeries I had the good fortune of meeting some athletes who were just back from the 2010 games in Vancouver. Two athletes with visual disabilities, and I had just started cross-country cross-country skiing again for fun. So when I met them, I was a relative beginner and they had to guide me down the ski trail. It was an interesting process as they were the ones who had problems seeing. And they really gave me the competition bug. They took me to regional cups, provincial cups, and showed me how the sport was gradually opening up to athletes with physical differences. So that’s how I became interested and in December 2011, I met the national team coach who invited me to enter the Word Cup in January 2012 where I got Word Cup points. And that’s when I told myself: “OK, I think I can do this,” and I started a more intensive program that led me to the Sochi Games in March 2014. When I found out I would get funding for the months leading up to the Games, I let out a big sigh of relief. Because I could then take a few months of unpaid leave from work to train, and sleep; which is, actually, a very important fourth component of all training programs. And I have to admit that, before I knew I was getting this financial help, I was quite worried, just before Christmas, wondering how I was going to manage training in the months leading up to Sochi with work. How I was going to fit it all in. So really, that let me really it took a lot of pressure off me, let me focus on the sport and be ready for the Games, to give my best and represent Canada properly, in any case, as best I could at the games.

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