Cara Buat Stand Target Panahan (How to make target stand Archery)
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Cara Buat Stand Target Panahan (How to make target stand Archery)

August 13, 2019

How To make target Stand Hai Buddy this time i am abuzulfikri will share with my friends how to make the archery target Stand the base material of PVC Pipe first of 1 meter PVC pipe for 4 pieces we find the center line on the pipe My pipe is one piece so the length is 96 cm 96 in the 2 is 48 we mark it with a marker then we mark the burning area Burn Area We mark with Markers 20 centimeters apart from Center now we try to burn it After we burn we bend this pipe in triangular shape we burn with medium fire if the excessive heat can be pressed-press to make good shape Shaped like a semicircle yes the oil is already in the heat we use oil because the heat is stable so the pipes do not burn on the connection this is a U-shaped pipe This is a temporary result we will make cross barrier we measure both sides before perforating the pipe The distance between end to end we mark we cut it with a hacksaw the tip of the pipe is flattened While it’s like this let the position stand the same We mark after we cut the pieces we use as a connector between pipes we heat the oil first can this pipe not be scissors? this time I will give you a trick how to cut PVC pipe with scissors let’s see The oil is hot and we dip the pipe after we form like this we make the connection again after the cold we input into the pipe for a while like this we can fold and open then we make a connection like this for the second connection pipe we form like a right angle for next we put the target hanger we drill both sides final result lake this.. let’s try the target stand that we make ourselves whether it is strong to hold the arrow shots let’s watch together yes my friend’s advantages of our target stand can be unloaded and installed let’s see .. this is the result after unpacked and we can put it back let’s plug it in so our video tutorial how to make the target stand archery hopefully useful bye do not forget to like, share, and subscribe

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