Capitan Fischnaller e una squadra di fenomeni dello Snowboard alpino | FISI Official
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Capitan Fischnaller e una squadra di fenomeni dello Snowboard alpino | FISI Official

November 20, 2019

I started to snowboard at 9. I had a lot of role models. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of Martin Frenademetz and Sigi Grabner I have given my all to try and become like them; a professional snowboarder Things all started a good few years ago now, it was the ’99 season, and I did pretty well at the Junior World Championships Soon afterwards, the Army Team Komier were happy to take me as a promising talent and from there things took-off and I was able to start turning my passion into a job Since the age of 20, I have been a pro In theory, performing a GS turn should be easy, in your mind you always know what it is, but the reality is far harder Roland has always been a sensational boarder. I meanwhile started this sport at 14 and when it has come to Italian athletes, he has always been my role model He’s the old guy in the team. But we always look to him I have learnt so much from him, not only during the race, but also how to act and behave away from the track He knows when to take his foot off the accelerator and when he needs to go full throttle I am lucky to be a role model, not only for my team-mates, but also for other aspiring athletes During the off season, I often visit schools and give talks on my life as a sportsman I get good feedback so I am happy to do it and be an example to follow I am proud to have all of this experience and help young athletes do their best.. It is the captain’s role. I learnt from my former captains and I am now doing the same For me he is a leader. He takes responsibility for others and leads the group The first aspect is to give everything. Our sport is not well known and winning is the only way to get noticed I always put in lots of effort, also during training I try and take the best from each of my team-mates. The men’s team at the moment is one of the best in the world Seeing as I have been Aaron’s room-mate now for 6 years, I have spent more time with him than my girlfriend! I’ve learnt so much from him about preparing physically and he is the number 1 in the team when it comes to the physical side Christoph has great abilities and I can see myself in him and in the way he rides the board Edwin goes well in training, but feels the pressure during the race, and needs to build up some more experience Mirko has already shown that he is a great talent. He is a machine in races, super-fast But every now and then, just like myself when I was young, he gets carried away with the emotion of it all He will keep us very entertained in the future Two years ago, he was very good to me, looking out for me, and he gave me a pair of boots, which I don’t have anymore But it’s thanks to him that I have come this far and with those boots that he gave me I was able to make the difference Maurizio has a similar technique to me. He’s always on the edge, he excels when carving on the board. I can see good things ahead Nadia has made a big step forward also because she made a few changes with her fitness training last season Together, we won a World Cup in what was the first team event in history I remember our great partnership from that event and it will always be special When she tells her children one day about that World Cup win, and they ask who she competed with, she will say it was me, and so she will always remember me! As for Corinna, we have been in the team for the same amount of time now. If the conditions suit her, she does very well But if the conditions go against her style then she struggles. Having said that, she came fourth at the Olympics and that’s something I haven’t yet achieved Training for us is always like a race. The idea of taking it easy does not exist! When the clock starts, it’s race time But it’s better this way I think and it’s what I want. We want to beat each other and that breeds competition and takes us to the next level And I really enjoy it. For this reason I am still here and I am having a whale of time! I have taken part at World Cups, and achieved nearly everything there is in the sport, but I am still yet to leave my mark at the Olympics The next one will be the fifth and I don’t know what to expect. If it goes well, great, otherwise I am happy all the same with my career The advice he has given me is to never give up

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