CANNOT GET OVER IT – Saiman Plays ‘Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy”
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CANNOT GET OVER IT – Saiman Plays ‘Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy”

December 9, 2019

Hello everybody! Welcome to Saiman Plays Yes, another gameplay video
because I’m running out of content… Today we are going to be playing this game
‘Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy’ This is one of the most popular rage games in the world And recently it has become very popular in India because of CarryMinati (CarryMinati cursing at the game
and breaking his monitor) I have attached lime and chillies
(an Indian tradition to be safe from danger) So the world record for this game is 2 minutes, people have completed the game in 2 minutes But Im going to break that record guys,
Im going to complete this game in one minute (Surprised CarryMinati face) How does this work? I’ve seen gameplays… I’ve seen Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Carryminati, Beastboy Shub play this game T-Series Owner – “He’s not still mature enough” Bennett Foddy, you think you are really smart??? Why isnt he going ahead? Nothing will happen by clicking right?
I just have to move the mouse There are actually no controls in this game,
you have to just move the cursor Damn! Damn !!! I think getting over this is going to be even tougher than getting over my… (*heartbreak*) Almost done! Almost done! Wow I din’t ask for your expert opinion Bennet Foddy! Ok Bennet, thank you for your kind advice I think I need a bigger mousepad for this game I have this Amazon Basics mousepad, its so small Yes! This is the furthest Ive been in this game Plis gaem, plis gaem, plis Don’t promote your other game when im already frustrated with this game, Bennett Fodi !!! (Fodi=pimple) Did I ask you about Sexy Hiking??? Im not losing my cool, everybody, Im just trying to be entertaining in front of camera Im just being energetic,
Im not losing my cool over a game Why is this so tough mouse sensitivity ? No I think its fine Okay !!! ( mic falls off ) Almost there… Almost there… We’ll just push a bit and jump, okay? 3-2-1- Lets go !!! Almost there…Almost there… I dare you to speak about Sexy hiking again,
Bennett Foddy 😡😡😡 I almost fell Im coming here for the 5th time… how to get to the top of that mountain guys ??? Where was my mic ??? When did my mic fall off ??? Dont tell me that I couldnt record audio till now! FFFFFFFFFF —————- Bennet Foddy pls 😢 Take 100 rupees more,
and make me reach to the top of the mountain Bennett Foddy …… I will feed you Toddy Chicken, Bennett Foddy This is supposed to be so easy… grab that one lamp and another lamp You have to hook-up with those lamps! (Saiman’s descent towards insanity begins) Im going to reach to the top of this
Manjhi the Mountain Man simulator What should i do now! Im stuck again Now you’ve to just push upwards okay Saiman? Its done! You’ve passed the toughest part… frick Bennett Foddy … I’ll fod (break) your face Dont interrupt my gameplay! This again ??? I cant do this lamp part again Im sorry guys today’s video is not PG You idiot! Im followed by a dog… that was nice Im going to find a youtube compilation of these quotes,
I really liked these quotes Can we just enter that
house/platform, whatever it is safely ? What should I do now Ohhh frick Ok Boomer Left or right ??? I think we’ve to go right I’ve a very bad feeling that if I fall through that,
Im going to quit this game Ok we’ve to jump to those boxes now Ok? Slowly What ? Just move the mouse in circles C’mon Saiman… Very bad Very bad…

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  1. Bhai honest suggestion dena chahta hu gaming chaalu mat kerna game khelna ka maza aata h dekhne vaale logo k liye bohot channel ban chuke h carryminatti bhi ab gaming per dyaan dene lag gaya h tu mat keriyo

  2. 2. Time I laughed so much when saiman do this ?????? sorry for this but
    Bennett Roddy tujhe today chicken khilaumga

  3. When I said I love you to my Crush
    Me in my mind try to being optimistic for her reply: 6:37
    And when she said yes: 8:55

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