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August 27, 2019

Liquid ass farts. Dish number 10. Okay. What you gonna do? Keep. Hey guys, this is Karina. And it’s Ronald, and we
are from Sis versus Bro! And today, we are doing the
Candy versus Real Food Challenge! So one person gets the candy first, and one person– Exactly. So,one person gets real food,
and one person gets the candy food. But no switching! No, there’s switching. So bring on
the dish number one. Dish number one. You pick first. I’m gonna keep mine. Three, two, one! I love bacon! So, I got bacon flavored candy. And Karina got bacon. Oh, it smells so good. So here is the package. It has a pig on the picture
that means I’m gonna eat it. Let’s cut some cardboard.>>It smells so good.
>>Oh, it works! Mine smells so good
I want to eat it. Thre’s two, maybe
you could try one. Nah, it’s fine. I want my bacon. I have no clue
what’s coming for me. Three, two, one. A bit spicy? I love it. It’s so good. I love bacon. This is fine, I guess. Ew! Oh, the smell. It tastes like bacon but water, because it’s hard candy. That sounds disgusting. Ew. Ew. I kind of like it. I love mine, it’s so good. You’re so lucky. Next dish, please. Dish number two. I’m gonna keep. Three, two, one! Yay! Oh I got onions. I got garlic candy. What did I get? You got garlic. Alright. That’s spicy. Alright. So, this is the garlic candy box,
it has a garlic on it, and it looks super evil. So I don’t know about this. It might taste like garlic,
it might not. Who knows? Let’s find out. Alright. Let’s try.
>>Three, two, one. Tastes like garlic. Eww, it’s so disgusting. It has that garlic taste
and then the sweet taste. So it’s like, eew. Dish number three. Threeee! Dish number three. What do you pick? I’m gonna, no, keep. Keep for this one. Three, two, one! What did Karina get? Eww. I got– are these
Cheetos in this? I got vomit drops. Vomit drops. Is this really vomit? I see Fruit Loops in here. I see pasta, and I
see all like weird things. But what’s the actual sauce? Eh, I don’t know. Okay, let’s try it
the same time. I’m gonna try the Fruit Loops. Ew, this looks disgusting. Okay, let’s try
this vomit drops. And let’s try this vomit. Alright. Three, two, one. It’s so disgusting! It tastes like… It tastes like vomit. It tastes like a chunk
of the street. You know like those times when you vomit
and like, you taste the vomit when you’re throwing up it tastes like that. It’s so disgusting.>>Eww.
>>That’s gross. I rated this 0,
it’s so disgusting. Dish number four. Alright, Ronald. Alrighty.
>>What you gonna pick? I’m gonna keep it. Alright, there’s so many keeps. Alright. Three, two, one! Yay!>>No. Aw. No, I got fiery
and fun hot candy. I got peppers. Hot but harmless. Okay, that’s good to know. Alright. So there’s a lady up here
with fire coming out of the nose. So I don’t know about this. Come on open. Okay, there we go. I love how the wrapper is pink. That’s probably the only
good thing about the candy. Okay.
Three, two, one. It’s so hot! Try some milk. Hmm. Is that better? Oh, yeah.
It’s way better. Let me try some,
it’s really spicy. I don’t like it. Ew. Okay. I hope next dish is good,
this one has to be good. Yeah, it has to. It has to be like,
candy Cheetos or something. Dish number five. Okay, are you gonna switch? I’m going to switch this side. There’s so many keeps. I don’t know about this. Three, two, one! Yay! I got blueberries! Blue mouth candy. Ooh. His tongue is blue. There’s a dude
with a blue tongue. So I’m going to blue
tongue, I like blue, but I wish it was pink. Alright. Three, two, one. So good. Do I have a blue tongue? Delicious. Ronald, do I have
a blue tongue? No, a little. Mmm! So good. I love it.
>>I could eat this all day. Mmm! Delicious. Tastes
like blueberries. I used to love blueberries
and I love them now too. Is my tongue blue now? No. Are they blue? Is it blue? It’s so delicious though. Guys, is my tongue blue? Yes, but is mine blue? It just has like pieces
of blueberry on it but it’s not blue. Alright, time
for the next dish. Dish number six. Three, two– Wait! no you need to pick. Um, I’m keeping. Three, two, one! Oh! I got fish tasting candy.
>>Ew. I got tuna. I can feel it moving
when I shake it, eww. Ew, it smells horrible. Are you ready for this? I can’t get a good grip,
actually. That’s good. Alright.
This is good, I guess? Three, two, one. I never liked fish. Yeah, I never liked tuna. I’m just joking. I never like candy fish. Eww, so gross! My candy tastes like fish but not really, it’s like sweet and fish, but and then, your breath smells bad. Wait, wait, let me smell your breath. Ew! I don’t want to smell
my own breath. Smell mine. I don’t want no– Dish number seven. Alright. I’m gonna– wait,
is it your turn? It’s my turn. Oh. I’m gonna switch. Why?
You’re smelling it? You’re smelling it
in your bones? Maybe. Three, two, one! Yeah! Onions smell like nothing. No one likes these. I got an onion flavored candy. Why onions? I got onions. Why not ice cream? Yeah, why not ice cream? Why not ice cream? And now we need
to squish this part. We’re making progress
on just opening it. Three, two, one, go! It tastes like an onion. It tastes like onion
but sweet. It’s so gross, it likes. Oh!
Here’s the onion taste. It has like a spicy
flavor into it. Mine isn’t real– it’s not really spicy,
it’s replaced with sweetness? Eww. And then the onion taste
just comes in like a rocket. Sounds disgusting. Dish number eight. Okay. What are you gonna do? I’m gonna keep. Alright. Three two, one!>>Ew!
>>Oh! I got pepper chewing gum. I got peppers! The red ones. The red peppers. Nice and spicy. Oh, no. And mine is chewing gum
and this dude has a big tongue on fire, and it’s completely red, and he’s tearing. These are like
little evil fangs. Check this out. It’s like, I will kill you. I’m scared. Okay, here we go. I got my pepper
chewing gum out. We’re gonna rock
and roll in this but not really, cause I’m probably
going to spit it out. It’s like XO, look at that. Let me see. It’s like… It’s like, we’re very good
and then after, we will kill you. We will kill your taste buds. Oh, I see the evilness
already guys. I smell it. Three, two, one! It’s so spicy! Spicy. I think we expect. My tongue hurts. It hurts? Excuse me. Dish number nine coming up. Pretty please. Liquid ass farts. Dish number 10. Okay. What you gonna do? Keep. Three, two, one! Oh! Of course, out of all
the things, fart candy. Why?! It smells disgusting. Is that? What? Is that real fart? It stinks, it’s
like fart spray. Ew! What stinks? Is this some kind of poo
and then they cleaned it off? What’s this? Oh! It smells disgusting,
I don’t want to smell any of it in. It’s so gross! Okay, someone farted. Definitely, you farted. No, no, I swear. There’s something on that dish. It’s like fart spray, literally. So I got the farts,
while Ronald got the fart candy. Oh my god. This fart is disgusting. I don’t know who farted but this fart and this
dish is disgusting. All the evilness
in just one candy. Does it smell? Eh, a little bit. Okay. Three, two, one! Don’t do that? I’m gonna do what I want. This is for you. What is that smell? It’s farts. No, put that away. Put that away. Guys, you might want
to smell this. Ew! This fart is the worst
fart I ever smelled. It’s disgusting. It’s probably our dad’s farts. And I love my new accent, it’s so amazing. This fart is even
worse than mine. And keep in mind I
only have butterfly farts. This last dish was delicious. Okay, mine probably
still stinks but I’m gonna go check. So guys, we hope
you like this video. If you did, smash that
like button with your booty so you can fart on it. And we’ll see you all next time. Good bye.

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