Cancelled SFM Video: TF2 90’s Games
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Cancelled SFM Video: TF2 90’s Games

September 5, 2019

AAah! Eugh… Oooh! Yes! Oh oh.. Spy! Aw, crap! Too slow! Oh, merde. Hahahaha! You play Red 64? Yes. It’s good. I will show you best game. It is called: Heavy-Scoutie! What? Shhhh! Look! Aaargh! Is that all you’ve got? ’cause Red 64 sucks! Here’s a game for ya! Huh? Huuuh? ‘ey! ‘ey! Awwh! Wait. What is this? It’s Game Speak™ Huh? It’s Ga- COME ON! GO, GO, GO! Alright, guys! I’m startin’ the freakin’ game. Follow me. Heeelp! Okay! Maggot! Mhm hahahahahe. Get with the program! Huhuhahaha. Hohoho! ‘ey! ‘ey! Follow me. Alright. *fart* Alert! Aw, crap… Huhuhahaha. Huhuhahaha. You play as Saxton Hale, and the point is to kill hippies! Saxton Hale. FIGHT! Let’s go kill some hippies. Now playing: ♫ Freestyler – Bomfunk MC’s ♫

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  1. To be honest, I think the animator is lazy and just doesn't bother to finish this video. Lol.

    1 like = 1 not lazy animator

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